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So I'm the biggest Twilight freak ever! Who isn't? My favorite thing about Edward Cullen is his love for music. lalalalalalalasol fa mi re do. Okay thats enough solfege.

The Feud Between Twilight and Harry Potter and How I Internally Solved it

So I grew up reading Harry Potter all the way through High School and then my best friend Lucy, who I love so very much because of other reasons including this, turned me on to Twilight at the end of Freshman Year. So yeah ive been totaly obsessed with it and I just cant stop thinking Twilight, but do some of you like me feel like once you've blossomed into the romantic essence of Stephanie Meyers almost real world that you turned your back on the Magical Wizarding story that kept you up all those nights in Junior High? Well this is how I see it, harry Potter holds a very special place in my heart but I'm sorry JKR your very well thought out, in depth, extraordinary, irreplacable, how the hell did you come up with this shit, world is not enough for the worlds population of horny teenage girls. So we have Stephnie Meyer to satisfy or literary needs. Yet withought you, JKR, we would not be the same. So my fellow readers think of your Twilight obsession as a graduation from cute wizards with sticks to hot vampires with...stuff.

My Life: Read it, you might Laugh or Cry, Sorry and No Don't send me E-mail Crazy Pills I've Got my Own Already.

So yeah my top ten song list was totally lacking some great hits so since Im fuckin lazy (can I say that) oh who the fuck cares, im not writing all my favorite songs on this page itll take forever. Some cool people I've worked with, lets see... Elton John, John Legend, Sting, Natasha Bedingfield, Peter Yarrow (from Peter Paul and Mary ) (METinspired remind me who else.) I'm also writting an origonal work of my own, but its not a vampire love story or a wizarding school wanna be story. You just cant top Twilight or Harry Potter. I'm an aquarius so I'm kinda crazy, then again who isnt? I need inspiration to come from other peoples lives, not because mine isnt interesting, but its just that mine just isn't that interesting. Especially those of you who live like in the west cuz for me yous guys are on a different level or something. Not in a bad way, in like tell me what its like to drive five miles to the nearest super market...Wait that's Jersey. So write to me about your small towns, your western cities anything but Brooklyn NY cuz I live here and I fukin hate you all. Just kiddin I love BK...dont shoot me. hahaha.

I'm greek right so when I tell people that there always " do you have like a thousand cousins?" and I say " I have one cousin...on my Sicilian side." So life for me isn't like my Big Fat Greek Wedding, its more like My Big Fat Greek... well its the same withought the wedding, and no my parents dont own a dinner.

The highschool in Brooklyn NY that the Cullens go to in Crimson Secrets is based on Brooklyn Technical High school pics of outside of school here.

The neighboor hood in Brooklyn called Bay Ridge exsists

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