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Who is she, you ask?
Well, read and find out!

FIRST OF ALL, I would like to point out that this is a sister account to KAYLEETAM! If you like my stories, YOU WILL LIKE HERS!
Except for the undeniable fact that none of her stories are about Doctor Who.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: This is a new account, hardly formed. So, if you were a fan of Kayleetam's, you WILL see some old stories appearing here. This is the sister account for Kayleetam, and all of her Doctor Who stories will be posted here.


IMPORTANT: "O fpm'y pem Fpvypt Ejp" means "I don't own Doctor Who".

Now that that's over with, you can get to know me.

Name: Call me Rose.

Age: That depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm five, sometimes I'm ten, sometimes I'm twenty, sometimes I'm thirty-five. Whenever I'm in any way 'associated with' Doctor Who (watching the show, making a vid, writing/reading a fic, thinking about it) I become somewhere between 14 and 18 and I get fangirl slobber all over my friends.

Location: I'm only putting this in case someone gets mad at me for bad British slang. I am American, and only know British stuff through various movies and tv show. (Yes, that was singular.) I am, however, an available beta for American (West Coast) slang.

Style: My sister account, KayleeTam, has a notorious tendency to leave stories 'to rot.' This is a term I will use frequently, and it means that the story was given up halfway through writing, and is not marked as complete but has not nor will not be updated. So, Kaylee has stopped putting fics up until they're finished. I, however, am going to try a different angle; I'll put them up ANYWAY!! If I remember them, care enough about them, and/or get some reviews about them, I might update.

Appearence: Have you ever seen a Dalek...?

Personal Quotes:

"In a world of Cheerios, dare to be a Fruit Loop." - One of my sayings.

"Would YOU trust a kid named Squiggly?" - Derived from a line in the movie "Mammoth."

"I wish you many evil clams!" - An exiting line I use a lot.

"Ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon..." - A greeting line I use after hearing it in the Doctor Who episode "Midnight."

"OMD." - A chatspeak term that I use. Derived from OMG. Acronym for "Oh My Doctor."

"Tua mai!" - "Your mom!" in Brazilian.

"Me." - In response to the opening phrase "You know what's weird?"

"Have safe lunch. Use condiments." - A saying my sister told me. I think it's hilarious.

" 'We're going to see the London Bridge. Sound like fun?' 'Daddy, is it going to fall down?' 'If you want it to.' " - Quote from 'Gone With the Wind' that my friends and I think is hilarious.

" 'You're drunk. You should go to bed.' 'I'm very drunk.' " - Another quote from 'Gone With the Wind' that my friends and I think is hilarious, and by the same guy. 'Cept it's his wife and not his daughter.

"I'm craving plot bunny." - True story.

"Men love women, women love children, children love pets and pets love food. Ipso facto, men love food." - A quote I partially made up after reading a 'Thing to Ponder' on my iGoogle page.

"When it comes to bundles of floating water particles, I don't pretend to understand." - A quote I made up while talking to my mom about fog and clouds.

" 'If Earth is so full of death and disease, why do you want to return so badly?' 'You guys don't have chocolate.' " - Aeryn Sun and John Chricton from Farscape (Anyone know how to spell his name?)

"Oh, you're so scared of squishy fruit. Call the paramedics, someone threw ketchup at her!" - Quote from one of my fanfictions.

"Here's a tip: When someone throws a punch at you, don't block it with your face." - Quote from 'Dead Zone'.

"Junior Assistant Vice Under Secretary: 'I work for everyone.' " - Job description in my classic film club. Aside from that specific job, JAVUS, there's DLOTLS (Dark Lord of the Light Switch), MAC (Popcorn Colonel), GOTMS (Guru of the Magical Screen), and SOOTUAATIC (Supreme Overlord of the Universe and All That It Contains).

Reflections by azriona reviews
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