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Author has written 13 stories for One Tree Hill, 21 Jump Street, House of Wax, Twilight, and Gilmore Girls.

Hi! My name is Brooke and I'm a sixteen year old junior in high school. When I grow up I want to be a journalist or an author (or a photographer) so as you can see I like to write. I live in Celebration, Florida. I'm a very opinionated person and I speak what is on my mind. I mostly write One Tree Hill fanfics because that is my all time favorite show ever! But occasionally I might switch over to Gilmore Girls, Degrassi, or some movies that I really enjoy. Now I'm a nice person so you can come to me about anything really. The only thing I do not tolerate is Leyton. I will seriously get pissed if you talk to me about them. I just don't like them. Now when I write I try to capture every person as they are on the show but sometimes I might get a little to over exaggerated but I have good reasons for it. But I'm going to tell you I will not make Peyton suicidal (even though sometimes I think she is). And I will not make Rachel a bad guy because I love her.

Tom Hanks is the greatest actor ever to me. I love all of his movies and I have watched pretty much every movie he’s in. He does a great job of capturing the role he’s playing and really bringing it to life and making it believable. I can honestly say in almost every movie I have watched from him I have cried because he’s is just such a great actor that you feel the pain or joy that his character is feeling.

Johnny Depp is another great actor and also the hottest one out there! Right now I’m on what I like to call my Johnny Depp crazed obsession. For pretty much the last month I have done nothing but watch Johnny Depp because well he’s a major hottie. I’m mad about his girlfriend because to me she is not that cute but I understand the fact he has two children to her so I accept it. But yeah Johnny Depp is hot!

Sophia Bush is the greatest actress alive. I love her to death. She’s so funny and at the same time heartbreaking. She has the ability to switch the roles she plays so well and to really capture every emotion the person is feeling and she shows it on screen well. Plus she is amazingly gorgeous! To me is she is the most gorgeous woman in show biz right now but that’s just my opinion.

Johnny Depp/ Sophia Bush - I think they are both the greatest actors and actresses. And I think they are both gorgeous and they would make such a great couple. In a movie, story or in real life I don't really care. The two of them are so funny yet serious at the same time and its great. I think they would be awesome together and it would really work and flow.

What I Like:

BRUCAS- I love Brucas the most. They are my all time favorite couple in any show’s history! I love Brucas for many reasons. One being Chad and Sophia. (Sad they didn’t last.) But I have to say their chemistry is real. And their love no matter how much they deny it is always going to be there. I love Brucas because it wasn’t all about Brooke in the relationship. Both people had their share of problems and both people helped eachother out. Also, I love how Brooke went out of her way to really connect with the ones that Lucas loved and who he was close to. It showed that she was going to love him no matter who was in his life. And I think no matter how much Lucas may love Peyton who says he does. Brooke is always going to be his first love and no matter how hard Peyton tried to take the place of that it is never going to happen. Because you only have one first love and Brooke was Lucas’ first love. And this couple was sort of the underdogs of the show. No one really expected this romance to go far. Not even Brooke or Lucas. Everyone at first thought it was all just fun for Brooke and Lucas trying to get over his crush on Peyton. But it turned into something more and something real. Also, this couple is just so damn sexy together!

Naley- For obvious reasons. They are so adorable together! And plus they give everyone a sense of hope for their relationships. Naley made it through so much together and look six years later their still as strong as ever. If not stronger. I know they are going through their share of problems or whatever but we all know that there going to make it out together.

BRUCAS There are only three options when it comes to love. Give up, Give in, Or Give it your all. You decide.

I love James Lucas Scott!

Angie is so cute!

Johnny Depp is so HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!

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