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Name: Jinsokuichi (if you can get my real name from this, then I'll give you a great idea for a Naruto fic.)

Age: Lets keep that a secret.

Hobbies and interests: not sure, but judo is fun and i recently started archery

Goal: To have my stories inducted into my three favorite communities. So far Son of whirlpool has already been inducted into two of them, and the final is only a matter of time. Thank you Lady-Silvanas, I don't know if I could have done it without you.

Favorite pairings for Naruto: Naruhina of course (From the first time I saw her and the way Naruto acted all protective of her it was a fated union)
The only suitable alternative, is Naruino (what can I say, she turned into a hot blond with a banging body)

Favorite Anime/manga: Tengen Toppa Guren Lagan, Naruto, Bleach, Psyren, Gantz, Kandaichime, Soul eater, deadman wonderland, Bakuman (great story), Claymore, rappi rangai, Sengoku youko, Historie's strongest disciple Kenichi, Kekaishi, Fairytale, Aflame inferno, Zero, Zero no tsukaima, Onihime, Immortal regis, Wolf guy: Wolfen crest, Dance in the vampire bund, Evangelion, Samurai X, Teknoman (the second series is too damn frilly and girly, they completely lost what teknoman was and fluffed it up), sekirei, Veritas, Girl saurus (too funny not to read), Code: breaker, The breaker.

Likes (mostly about fics and other things):

- When you are righting and the ideas just flow from your mind like water from a tap and your fingers are the mouth of that tap which it flows.
- Poetry, good poetry that do not look like they depend on rymes. If the words are beautiful, then they do not need to ryme.
- Swords.
- Naruhina fics

- Even though he does not learn like Sakura or Sasuke (two different kinds of smart), Naruto is actually smart (how else would he be able come up with a plan to free Kakashi from zabuza). I like to see a fic that can bring this out and exploit it in a way that makes Naruto stronger.

- A fic that is written with a plan.

- A fic that shows Naruto develop.

- Jiraiya. He is the ultimate ninja and totally awesome, yes he is a pervert, but we're not talking about that.

- People who give helpful advice when they review.

- Being complemented on my fic, it makes writing it more worthwhile than just writing it for fun.

- A fic written with a pairing that i dont like. If you can write a fic with narusaku pairing and i like it, you immediately go on my favourite authors list, if you can write one where hinata and kiba are pair and the fic is really good, and i dont hate it, then you go to the top of that list.

Dislikes (mostly about fics and other things):

- Angst. I really dont like angst fics, they portray naruto as nothing but a person who complains about his misfortune rather than do something about it.

- Flamers. Who needs a flame, it is neither helpful to the flamer nor the flamed. If you dont like somethign about it or the whole thing, say why, dont just call it shit, and if you do, at least submit from an account that the person you are flaming can explain themselves.

- Yaoi. Nuff said.

- Hinakiba pairing. For some reason, it completely deters me.

- Narusaku pairing, unless it is really good, like "Naruto captured".

- Romance. I dont hate it, its just not my preferance.

- A fic that shows unneccesary bashing, Sakura or otherwise. I dont like her much either, she is completely blind, does some things so stupid that makes you wonder why she call naruto an idiot, she is the typical anime female (the one that causes the hero to almost get killed), however, if Naruto is going to waste so much time with a lengthy emotional bashing session, then he obviously hasn't gotten over her and might as well be emotionally damaged himself and should make a long story short and turn into sasuke.

- Sasuke. Honestly, you trained under a legendary sannin for three years, and only come back with a bunch of Raikiri/chidor knock offs? And to make matters worse, Sasuke seems to be everybody's bitch, Itachi wanted to die by his hands so he can feel some sort of retribution for his action, so he manipulated him, Orochimaru wanted his body (no comment), and madara wants his eyes, and everytime he barely gets out of his mess alive, come one, Sasuke, who is the real loser and idiot here?

- Fics that has too many author's notes littered through out the fic. It gets annoying after a while and makes the fic disjointed, like commercial during your favorite programmes. Its especially annoying if the fic is good.

- Fics that seem to change into something else from what it starts or otherwise seem as if the writer himself does not know what he/she is doing.

- Fics where the writer put alot of personal 'by the ways' in. At first you ignore it or you dont mind it, then after a while it is as if the writer is making a memo or diary rather than a story.

- Excessive gramatical errors. I make them too and it pisses me off when I miss one or two when I check over my work. But the ones that are really annoying are the ones that make you have to interpret what the writer is trying to say from the rest of the content.

- One thing that really annoys me is that lots of writers put that sasuke has two natural elemental affinities, let us get this straight, he only has one. So do Naruto, Kakashi, Sandaime and as far as we know the Nidaime. The only person that has more than one natural elemental affinities, as far as we know are Haku (water and wind), the shodaime (water and earth), yamato (water and earth) and the mizukage (i think). Yes, Sasuke has two elements, but not two affinities, that would be a kekkei genkai other than his sharingan. If you dont believe me, go read chapters 315 and 316. In other words, please stop making it look like he was born with a lightning and fire affinity, that is not the case, like all uchiha, sasuke is a natural fire user, just as kakashi said.

- Using Kage bunshin no jutsu as a 'measuring stick' for the amount of chakra a person has. The very nature of this jutsu prevents this since the technique literally splits the user's chakra in equal parts depending on the amount of clones the user wants to use, for example, if the user wanted to make one then his chakra will be split into two parts, two clones, the chakra is then split into three parts. This is the reason why the byakugan cannot tell the difference between the original and the clones. The only time when more chakra is used is wen the user has sub par chakra control, in this case, it still does not affect the jutsu because the excess chakra is lost. In my opinion, this technique is forbidden because of this very fact, if you imagine the amount of chakra needed for a person to live is 5 units, and that person has a capacity of 8 units then blindly creating a shadow clone will leave the user dead. Another reason may simply be the fact that using it in battle may be counter productive since you are literally dividing your chakra into small chunks- the largest being a half if you only make one- leaving you weakened without directly hurting the opponent.

- Inconsistent characters. How annoying is it to start reading a fic where a character is introduced with a certain set of attributes (personalty and style), yet for some reason, as the story progressed, the character deviates from what it started as, for example, Naruto may start up as a silent dangerous type, we all love that, yet as the story continues, he becomes talkative, sarcastic, and eventually he is running his mouth off far too much, even more than canon. Please, consistency is much more appealing than a few witty yet unneeded remarks.

- Lee does not have a chakra disease, he does not have extremely small reserves or none at all other than enough to allow him to live, and he does not have poorly functional or underdeveloped chakra coils. Why do people try to make these kinds of excuses for lee's deficiency. The manga never said anything about any of those things, not even a slight indication. A chakra disease? That doesn't even sound as if the writer was trying very hard. Barely enough chakra for him to live? If that was true, then after using the hachimon he would have died, simply because, he would have spent the chakra that he had to live. And, my personal favorite, poorly formed chakra coils. If this was the case, then from the time lee opened the first gate then that would have been the end of his chakra coils, after all, that's what would happen to something that is poorly formed. The fact of the matter is, Lee completely sucks royal ass in ninjutsu and genjutsu, that is what was said in the manga, that Rock Lee has no talent in ninjutsu or taijutsu. For this reason, lee uses only taijutsu, and when you start 'fixing the problem,' you are essentially destroying the whole essence and greatness of Rock Lee. Even if there was some truth to some kind of disorder, then fixing it is still going to destroy everything tat rocklee stands for, and that is perseverance through hard work and making the most of an unfavorable situation, two things that true shinobi must know and understand.

- Unneccessary details. Unless it plays some important role sooner or later, we do not need to know what naruto eats for breakfast or how long he showered. These are just pointless little details that makes me want to stop reading the fic.

- Writers who ask their readers what to write. To me, that is just hopelessness. How can you say you are writing a fic you cant even use your own ideas. If a person does that in a fic to his readers, then he should stop immediately because that story is going to be a jumble up of ideas with no kind of coherency or trend. There is no shame in asking for help from someone specifically, however, using your fic as some kind of suggestion never ends well and only does more harm than good. If you are running out of ideas, then look back at your fic and see how it is going, see if it is going how you want it, and if not see how you can fix it, and finally reaffirm why you are writing that fic in the first place

- Another thing that bothers me, probably more than anything else, is writers who misuse reality. This may sound ridiculous, but it is really annoying when someone tries to give an explanation for something using science. This makes the item in question appear ordinary and not very appealing. In fact, science and reality only limit things. For example, trying to explain the workings of the byakugan by trying to subdivide its functions and mechanisms. For god's sake, stop doing these kinds of things, if people really cared how it worked, then they would not be watching anime in the first place, especially ones like Naruto. Please remember, this is Fanfiction, NOT SCIENCE FICTION. Just say the ability, and what it can or cannot do, we dont need a lesson in biochemistry, since it really makes no damn sense in a fictional world where people can see behind them, produce weapons stronger than steel with their bones, control the very elements, and seal sixty foot demons in something barely one foot. Reality should only be used to limit something and/or to keep a storyline within certain parameters and not get to far fetched and outlandish.

- Trying too hard to not do a certain pairing. It appears to me that authors who dont like NaruHina pairings go out of their way to prevent it from happening. If that author doesn't want the pairing and dont like it, then why should the author explain all her faults and why it wont work, thats just wasting time and space? Just dont do the pairing and pair with who you want, if you had to explain, in your fic, why the pairing wont happen, then doesnt that mean you have considered it as a possibility? The author that does this, despite saying how much he/she hates this pairing has already acknowledged that naruhina is the way to go. ;P

- I love super Naruto. In my opinion, because of who he is as well as his heritage and his burden, a super naruto is pretty much what he is supposed to become sooner or later. however, what i dont like is authors who, along with making a super naruto make him super arrogant along with it. I find this to be very hypocritical, since these are the same authors that bash sasuke for being arrogant (or some variation of it).

- This is a disturbing trend which I really hope stops and writers get wise to. Its the 2 worst mistakes people make in writing fanfictions. 1- making shadow clones with more chakra. Oh come on, how many times do they have to say it, the technique splits the chakra evenly between the clones and the original. Its forbidden because if you dont have much chakra to spare you might use up all your chakra and die. thats why even though many people seem to know the technique, its not favoured since it would be more wasteful in the long run, unless your a rare a chakra battery like naruto. 2- the use of kawarimi no jutsu as if its a switching technique. It is not, its a replacement technique, you put something in you original position to fool and escape from an opponent. the user of the technique does not reappear in the place of the object that replaced him. that would be a completely different technique, and frankly, it would be a kick ass space-time ninjutsu. To further drive this point home, if you REPLACE your broken tv with a new one from the store, does that mean you broken tv is now for sale in the store you bought your new tv?

Thoughts (mostly about Naruto and other things):

- Madara is a sad power hungry madman driven by nothing more than some foolish notion of revenge. He hated the senju clan for a long time, and when the Uchiha clan formed an alliance with the Senju, he lost his entire purpose, and losing his own brother and when that happened, the fact that he sacrificed his best friend and brother for power to fight the senju probably made him snap. I think he is probably still looking to blame his mistakes on someone else and taking out his vengeance on the entire world with Konoha as the main focus. For such a reason, he is the greatest fool, but a fool with nothing to lose.

- If hashirama wanted to conquer the entire shinobi world, he could have done it with barely any effort by konoha. The steps were simple and he actually did the first part, that is, to distribute the Bijuu among the other villages. Since he could control them like pets, it posed no personal threat to Konoha, especially since he had the Kyuubi sealed into his wife. The next step would be to insight strife among the other villages without them knowing konoha had any thing to do with it. Since they would most likely use the Bijuu as weapons, they would simply destroy each other. The next step is to one by one capture the weakened nations. Finally, he would defeat the victor of all the fights and since using Bijuu or Jinchuriki against Konoha at that time was a complete waste of time (because of Hashirama himself and the Uchiha clan), he could easily capture them and finally the entire elemental nations would be under one banner and he would have lost very few ninja and at the same time get his pets back.

- The byakugan is probably the most poorly used bloodline in all of Naruto. Why is it that, they have the ability to see for miles, yet there is not a single hyuuga sniper? As a matter of fact, the long range jutsu the hyuga have are really limited and they almost only rely on taijutsu. Even though the taijutsu is deadly, it is still useless if you cant reach your opponent. In my opinion, the hyuga should be a clan that can take down there enemy before they even get too close, but if the enemy does get close, then they have and unstoppable taijutsu so there should really be no place for their enemies to have an advantage.

-What is all this crap about dressing like a ninja. If there was a real way to "dress like a ninja" or "clothes suitable for a ninja" then wouldnt that make all ninja useless at what they do since they would stand out and anywhere they go someone could easily point them out in a crowd as being the one wearing too much dark and muted colours? I say let Naruto where his orange, no one will take him to be a ninja, that in turn will make them underestimate him and immediately give him the advantage. Of course, on a mission that requires a certain level of stealth, then the dark and muted clothes is neccessary. After all, what is the sense of going on a scouting mission if you are the only one wearing black in a crowd. A kid wearing orange would not in any way send of any alarms since that is what normal children would most likely wear.

- Have you ever read a fic where, during the chunin exams that the writer has a character or he himself mentions that an individual is using skills that is not of genin level? Well, here is the thing...OF COURSE THE CHARACTER IS NOT OF GENIN LEVEL, ITS THE CHUUNIN EXAMS. What sense is there in sending a genin to a chunin exams if he is actually a genin in skill level, that would be a waste, utterly and completely. I always thought that you would send someone to a chuunin exams because they are genin in name only and is at least chuunin level in strength, or so the individual, sensei or village would think, I guess I dont know what I'm talking about.

I started writing Fanfic for one reason, Naruto is such a great character with such a great foundation, that it almost seems that he is not as great as he could have been. So I write thinking of the kind of person Naruto is (both physically and mentally) and write him in a light that shows how truly powerful he could be as a result of being a host. A person who heals quickly can become super strong in a short amount of time. Even though my fic may resemble the canon, it is not, as I have put together a version of Naruto that is truly smart (I don't actually have to try hard to do that if the first meeting with Zabuza is any indication) and as powerful as his mind and body allows him, which is quite alot seeing as he can heal quickly, has massive stores of chakra and a rediculous amount of stamina.

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The difference between Love and True Love isn't much... except for that 'Even Unto Death' part. Naruto, caught between love, death and his team, can't decide which is the most vexing. Not yaoi.
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