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Hi! I'm Angie, though I've gone by a lot of other names in the past. I wrote a lot of fanfiction about 10 years ago, and posted a little of it. Since then I've mostly read fanfiction and written other stuff, but recently I was inspired to pick up one of the stories I left for dead after a single chapter. Hopefully I can stick with it, I already have a few more pages of stuff written. Maybe eventually I'll figure out how to fix the damage FF.N does to my scene breaks, too!

Anyway, on a more personal level, I am 31, married with 5 kids, and transitioning. Yes, I am MTF transsexual, which is part of what spurred me to pick up A Different Path again. I will be posting chapters in draft state, and hope for some helpful feedback from people as I go, it really does help keep me on task.

Some of my prior influences include Nicholas Leifker and Ichinohei Hitomi's "Clothes Make The..." (which is not only the best Ranma-explores-his-feminine-side stories ever, but is also complete! Yay!), Nicholas Leifker's "Iris Tales" (heartbreaking and beautiful), "Queen Rat" and "Couch Trips" by Sarge (Awesome stories and YUMMY YUMMY POLYAMORY!) and Donny Cheng's "Lesbian 1/2" (a hilarious parody, and very naughty to boot!), as well as just about every Ranma-chan fanfic ever written.

If you'd like to read more of my work, it can be found at and

Please, send comments and criticisms, I can handle hearing what you think I did wrong and how you think I can do better, in fact it really helps!

UPDATE 12/8/08: I'm struggling with severe writer's block, but I have not forgotten about my stories!

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Sequel to "So Be It" and "Mark in the Lace." Final arc. A story that begins with a pair of reunited lovers, and ends with a battle that will wrack world with memories for all eternity. Tarmon Gai'don comes. O Light. The Last Day comes...
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Just when they thought there was no challenge left they hadn't faced. A cursed item seems like nothing at first, but when it becomes clear that its not like any other hes seen Ranma finds sometimes fighting won't solve his problems, if its even a problem.
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In a world without magical transformations, Ranma is still half boy and half girl.
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Swirling Colors reviews
A look at something mentioned in passing in the BDM, from a slightly skewed viewpoint. Pre-BDM. A drabble.
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Ranma always felt different, and Genma's attempts to mold him into a "Man among men" only made things worse. At least, until the spring we all know of and love changed everything... for the better? What if Ranma were MTF transsexual before the curse?
Ranma - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 7,106 - Reviews: 50 - Favs: 93 - Follows: 130 - Updated: 8/28/2009 - Published: 9/17/2008 - Ranma, Akane