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Well, how do I start this? I guess i would say, I'm 18, in college, I have a job, and i live with my roommate Taka-san!

My youtube chanel says enough about me! go check it out!!

Oh, yes, and to let everyone know...i live in Japan, so my roommate, Taka, translates, (helps, I can do some of it) my stories, so we apologize for any English errors!

Well I can say with dignity and pride, I Love Australia!! Wink Wink

I guess I am hyper most of the time, I really can't stand going more than a day without visiting the gym, I HATE my computer (it's ridiculous).

I love my Kangaroo Lawliet...:)

I guess Taka and I could put a few random facts up here...

Favorite color: Taka: Blue Kori: Green, Black and White

Animal: Taka: Dogs Kori: KANGAROOOOOOS!

Food: Taka: Most anything that's edible... Kori: looks at Taka with disgust Alot! (Candy...)

Ethnicity(?): Taka: I'm Japanese. Kori: 100 Japanese!!

Short Life Story (SLS): Taka: I was raised in Tokyo, right outside the naval base. My best friend was half American, half Japanese and he spoke English so I picked up some English that way...Anyway, after taking a few English intensive classes, I lived in America for a few years. Glad to be back in Tokyo though!!

Kori: Well, I am no where near as impressive as Taka, but I am picking up English from him!! I am (and have) studied English, my grammer is horrid though...but I live the life of a student...

Taka: Kori! We forgot!! Kori and I have known one another for around...What is it...?

Kori: Almost two years.

Taka: Laughs nervously Y-Yeah!! I was gonna say that!!

Interests: Taka: Lots... Kori: Descriptive...Writing, A bit of drawing (not so good), and...I don't know...lots...

Taka: Hypocrite... Kori: What was that, Taka..?

Taka: Nothing... Kori: That's what I thought...

Love Life: Taka:... Kori: ...

Employment: Taka:A bit out of a job now...but hopefully a store clerk soon...

Kori: Well...clears throat This is a bit cliche but...I work in a store reminisent of a porn shop...Ironic for writing lemons, no?

Afflictions: Taka: My...nevermind... Kori: Lots...Insomnia, hyperactivity, a father that does NOT accept who I am and how I want to live, over active imagination...smirks

Enjoyment/Entertainment: Taka: Dating, eating, walks, swimming, traveling, talking, translating, alot of things...

Kori: Ha Ha!! Dating, eating, walks, swimming, talking and writing! But alot more, I'm not that boring..! ;)

TV: Taka: MTV, random game shows, whatever is on when I turn on the TV Kori: Same as Taka just alot more Anime!

Manga/Anime: Taka: Usually whatever Kori brings in the house or whatever she writes... Kori: Death Note, A bit of Bleach, and some odd manga that no one knows about. (Support the indipendant artists!!)

Additional Thoughts: Taka:...Thanks...? Kori: I love kangaroos...Thank you all too! I know we are a little uninteresting but...

It's just the same as this account, addiktingcake15

hee hee the videos aren't the best, i never really learned how to make them...

The videos give a little insight as to what I like to listen to music wise, so hope you check it out! Thats really it...


Ha Ha Ha! I will gladly write some shorter stories if anyone will give me their idea, if anyone is lazy like me!!

But I need to remind you all, if you do have a story you might want to get written, it most likely WILL take a few days or so. (Cause of all the homework)

Thank You!!

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