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Hmm...Lesse, I am 14 years old! It feels good to write that! Whoo-hoo! I am 14! I can go to a PG-13 movie now! :sniff, sniff: Actually I could do that before. That really sux. :ponders at what more rights she might have: Okay, forget that. I also go to BRMS, now BRHS thank-you-very-much! Wow! Whoopee..yeah. I also have an invisible Niffler named Saurkraut. I also hate the smell of horses. I have very loose disconnected thoughts and a conversation with me is like a road trip through the deep recesses of the Florida bayou (which I also hate, no offense to anyone). I'm a brunette with a big mouth. Need I say more? Of course! I warned you I had a big mouth. My mouth is really, really big!:begins measuring smile: Wow thats like 3 1/4 inches. As I writer I mainly operate on raging inspirations and those tiny sugar packets that you get in most restaurants.

I am currently writing my first Harry Potter fanfiction with my friend Fiona Chan- she's more like editing, but I don't mind. Chapter 7 is up for the Shadows of His Past. Chapter 8 is on its way! R/R Please! I have an urge to quit Shadows of His Past since no one is reviewing nowadays :sigh: I also wrote a sad poem, romantic poem, and a very poem-y poem but I like them, so please review that too! As for my story "The Winter of The Red Snow" Im very disspointed to find out that the title is IN FACT the title of a Dear America Book. :sigh: Now I have to search for another one, :fumbles in her messy room: -but the reviews have been encouraging! I LIVE for reviews. Any questions? Or you just wanna talk Harry Potter you can go ahead and email me or IM me. Nothing obscene please.

Shoutouts: Morgan Le Fay (the one who wrote only one thing), Fiona chan (when are you gonna edit that last chappie?), Meggers (I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound offensive!), KitKat (you should really continue posting) and The Jew In Gryffindor (kudos to you, TV Girl). Okay, hello also to Sophia C. (I know your penname Lieutenant Miko!) and Jessamyn L. (CTY 4EVA), who won't tell me her penname (I won't be mean!) but I WILL find out! Hey to Olivia K. also, I know you don't write FanFiction, but I gave you my penname os hey! Since I'm saying 'hi' to everyone, I might as well say 'hi' to random moonbeam (my very first reviewer!) who was kind enough to respond and send me a list of ways to be craaazy and to "Archangela" who write the BEST D/Hr fics imaginable. She was also very kind to let me use some of her her ideas... thank you very much! Also, HUGE thanks to Morrighan, who really really has that special something that makes her a really excellent author (is she EVER going to finish "A Long Road to Damascus"?)

Inside Jokes: Its the Iowan Pyramids! (M.S, S.B, & J.P) OMG- there's a lady in the girls bathroom!(K.H & E.M) Green M&M's rock! (A.L,C.C,E.F,E.L,P.T, & M.Z)Draco Malfoy is SUCH a HOTTIE!(A.B, E.F, A.L, & E.F)Did you just say I was fat? (M.K) It's hot fire! (Y-Y.Z) HAAAH! You should say Ai-ya! (E.L)Chippymunk! Chippymunk! (B.K)Scottish kilts and dancing the hula! (C.C & A.L) No LEPER! (A.B) Pervert! (C.C)

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