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Hello everyone, my name is justformusic and yes, I recently joined FF to see what kinds of shenanigans go on here :)

Favorite Movies: All the Star Wars movies, Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler on the Roof, X-Men, Spirited Away, Space Jam, Schindler's List, Looney Tunes Back in Action, Thumbelina, Enchanted, The Prince of Egypt, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Singin' in the Rain, Pride and Prejudice, Mulan and probably a million more that I can't think of now!...geeze that's a long list.

Favorite TV Shows: Heroes and Duck Dodgers - to be honest I don't have as much time for TV as I used to. But those are some good shows!

Favorite Music: Classical by far takes the cake, but in close second is music from basically any musical. I personally love: Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Fiddler on the Roof, Singin' in the Rain and again, probably a bunch more that I can't remember. Then of course there's Techno. Who dosen't like techno? And basically anything sung by Burl Ives.

Favorite Books: Many of the Star Wars books (yes I admit it I read them since I was 12, don't judge me ;P), The Arm of the Starfish, The Moonstone, The Historian, Out of the Silent Planet, Sophie's World...I guess you could sum it up by saying I'll read just about anything, really 8/

What kind of stuff do you write about?

I tend to be a bit picky and overly-cautious when writing fanfiction - I sometimes get nervous about stepping too far out of canon (I know, I'm a wimp ok? I ADMIT IT 8C ) and going crazy with other people's characters. So my stories usually revolve around the stories of either my OCs or else minor characters in various fandoms and their interactions with the main characters. I feel better using/abusing my own OCs than mutilating other people's characters 8/ Characters can be very personal to many people and I respect that, which is why I like to mix both my OCs and already established characters to try to bring a happy medium for everyone.

To actually answer the question - I really like to write sci-fi so I generally stay within Star Wars, Duck Dodgers, Heroes and X-Men-ish stories.

So here quickly is a brief bio-type-thing of the main OCs you will generally see me use (the list will grow as stories are written and added):

Looney Tunes - Martians (Note: there are also many other minor Martian OCs who appear in most of my LT stories, since there are not many Martians we actually get to meet in the official LT or Duck Dodgers shows, so out of necessity I had to create a few more, but these are basically the only ones you care about):

-Meg: my main LT OC (ha, I love abbreviations) who is, obviously, a Martian. She is older, around 28 (Earth) years old and currently splits her time between being a Lieutenant in the military and working as an Earth Specialist/Advocate. She was originally trained as a botanist but, fueled by her interest in studying Earth flora, she eventually delved into specialization of all aspects of Earth-life. She does not enjoy her military work, so as a result she comes across as haughty and hostile to other officials, though she is actually quite friendly and open in other social situations. She is almost always in the company of her genetically modified 'Instant Martian' named Marshall or else being pestered by her younger sister Miranda.
-Marshall: a genetically modified 'Instant Martian' who was rejected from the Biological Weapons Lab and brought home by Meg's father years ago. He took a liking to Meg when both of them were young and the pair have been all but inseperable ever since. Marshall is very protective of Meg and Miranda and will become rather savage and fierce if either are in danger, but otherwise he is very tame and gentle. Word to the wise: Always let the Instant Martian win.
-Miranda: Meg's younger sister who is 15 (Earth) years old, the large age gap between them hasn't put a damper on their relationship with eachother, as they are actually very close - although Meg can fall into a 'mothering' mode occasionally, which irriates Miranda to no end. Spunky, adventurous and possessing a quick wit, Miranda secretly hopes to follow in her big sister's footsteps (but don't ever tell Meg she said that) and always keeps an eye out for opportunities to tag along on her sister's missions. Her hobbies include: Annoying her sister, taking her mother's transport vehicle for a ride behind her back, annoying her sister and...annoying her sister.

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