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Author has written 2 stories for Hellboy, and Alphas.

Hello, I'm Elizabeth ArStrange, a seventeen year old writer (on the days that I actually write) and an author of fanfiction and original stories alike. I get most of my fanfic ideas while daydreaming on my swingset--which I think is about the most relaxing thing in the world to do, even if it may be a little 'young' or creepy of me-- and listening to my iPod.

Admittedly, I sometimes struggle with writing... Not so much for ideas, but with timeframes, procrastination, and general anxiety when other people come into the picture. I'm working on that now, because writing is something I love and I don't want to box myself into hating it, so I'll just have to see what comes of that... Of writing for myself, without worry of what others will think!

Fandoms I follow: Alphas and Fullmetal Alchemist, along with the occasional Harry Potter, Avatar the Last Airbender, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, House, and Hunger Games bringe.

The songs that move me are from: RED, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Hayley Taylor, Seether, Linkin Park, Regina Spektor, Avril Lavigne, Five for Fighting, 30 Seconds to Mars, Taylor Swift, 3 Doors Down, Death Cab for Cutie, Rammstein, and various anime and movie soundtracks.

Shows that glue me to the screen: Alphas, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, House, Futurama, Avatar the Last Airbender, Stargate Enterprise, Dexter, and Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

The Anime and Manga of which my only real cross-cultural life experience consist of (unless you count spanish class, which I don't because I'm never taking it again!): Fullmetal Alchemist (A&M), Eden of the East (A) Fruits Basket (A), Deathnote (A), Code Geass (A), Obon Star-Racers (the anime that started it all, at least for me!), Inuyasha (A), Ouran High School Host Club (A), D. Gray Man (A), Girl Friends (M), and Confidential Confessions (M).

And a couple of Graphic Novels: V for Vendetta and Watchmen (and I've just ordered From Hell and Black Hole!).

The Movies on my silver screen: V for Vendetta, Hellboy (my top two!), Moonrise Kingdom, K-Pax, Zombieland, X-Men 1-3, Toystory 1-3, Where the Heart is, Beauty and the Beast, the Green Mile, Inception, PUSH, Easy A, Grave of the Fireflies, and Moon.

The Books in my back pocket (it's a big pocket): Anything by Stephen King or Jodi Picoult, the Hunger Games, Warriors, Harry Potter series.

I'm currently reading: a Steven Spielburg biography, the Color Purple, Stalking Irish Madness (yay summer reading...).

Other pursuits: Screenwriting (hence, I tend to slip into present tense at times), Stage Managing, zine making.

Emerson College Emmanuel College in Boston is my goal! I hope to major in psychology or English (or screenwriting!) and become a published author! I also aspire to write for a television series or graphic novel (which I may be doing in an independent study next year!).

Feel free to PM me, I love chatting with other authors!

Elizabeth ArStrange

Current Works/Works in Progress: Please Read and Review!

Transbiotic: Across Life: A medical emergency radiates across the team’s lives, shaping new love, reconciling old, and uncovering past wrongs. It's a Rosen x OC piece, cus' I've got a thing for him, and I intend it to go through the last three episodes of Season One, including a few others pairings and every character's POV. I haven't had this much fun writing this much in my life! As of 23/7/12, Chapter 2 is up!

GaryxRachel: Rachel says, at some point in the Alphas series, that she was once unable to eat with her family because her alpha allowed her to see germs on the food. What if she had a relapse, one that forced her not only to reconfront this, but the thousands of microscopic organisms that make their home on a person's face? How might Gary, who also sees the world in a way others simply can't process, help her deal with this?

Monster: 'Families are meant to stay together. When they don’t, monsters are created.' A Hellboy fanfiction drawing from the barebones plot of Hellboy III; focus on the Bruttenholm-Sherman twins. On Semi-Perminent Hiatus (Until HB3 hits theaters or spontaneous re-obsession occures)

AlphonsexHohenheim Piece: An untimely Father's Day piece in progress, although I don't know when or if I'll post it (although I'm fairly certain all I have to do is edit it at this point).

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