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Hi There! I'm a 30ish SAHM, my boys are 10 & 9...yes 13 months apart LOL. But I wouldn't have it any other way. DH and I are going on 14 years of marriage. Ever since my sister gave me Twilight to read (Nov 07), I've been hooked. And now that the movie is out on DVD, I can watch that and droll over Rob P's portrayal of Edward. But when I read fanfic, its not him, but my Edward that I conjured in my head when I first read Twilight. I tend to stick with the m stories cause I love me some hot smutty lemons LOL

Speaking of fanfic, for some reason, the only stories I like to read are Twilight related. I tried to read Harry Potter, and it just felt wrong. IDK why??

Lets see...what else about me... I'm also a huge sports fan. Football - my home team New Orleans Saints. Basketball - NO Hornets. Baseball - Chicago Cubs. Why the Cubs? Well, growing up, in the early days of cable, we got WGN (home of Chicago) & TBS (home of the Braves). Both me and my sis thought the Cubs had the cuter players (mark grace, greg maddox come to mind). I still follow them and one day, they WILL win the World Series. DH loves football, and we always bet on games. that makes for some exciting bedroom bets!! Not so much of a baseball fan, says its too slow on tv, better to watch in person. Not much of a basketball fan either, but will tolerate when I have the game on. Musicwise, I listen to just about anything. But I grew up in the 80's, and music then was awsome (of course, my parents say that about 60's music LOL) My 2 fav bands are still Duran Duran & Def Lepard.

Well, I think that about covers it. If I think of anything else, I'll update.

TaTa for now, Melissa

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