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Hey everyone!

I suppose the whole idea of you clicking the link to this page is so you can learn more about me, so, here's some info for you, about me!

Name: Sally

Nationality: Australian

Age: I'm still in high school, that's all your gonna get due to the increasing awareness of stranger danger

Will you ever post a picture of you for your display picture? No, I will not, because of the reason above, and because, also, i always manage to look extremely drunk in every picture after the age of 10.

Are you that self conscious? Yes, yes I am.

Oh, okay. Mhm...

What should i do if you haven't added a new chapter to a story? Well, you can email me, if you'd like, and ask me nicely. Or you can be patient and wait. :D However, sometimes i may forget and need to be reminded. And maybe if enough people bug me, then i'll get my lazy butt into action and post a new chapter.

I Love...: My little beagle friends

I Like...: the

I Dislike...: People who butt in when other people are talking...people who are cruel to animals and humans...snobby people...bubblegum on my shoe...bird poo

I Fear...: Climbing to great heights...sharks...venomous snakes...needles...the bogeyman

I Enjoy...: Writing... horse-riding...guitar...having fun generally... spending time with family and friends :)

Do you have a Myspace, Facebook, etc? Yes, but no way are you having it. You could be a bad person, or a pervert. So, no.

Ouch. Uh, so, can we know anything at all?? Yep, you can! This is my public email: if you want to contact me, you can email me directly, or you could just message me through fanfiction, which is a bit easier for everyone.

What will you do if you discover anyone stealing your story/plot/unique characters without your permission? I'll cry. ... Uh, i mean, i'll be very angry! please don't!

What do you do fanfics on? Microsoft Word... :D ... haha. I enjoy writing fanfics. When I really love a book or movie, but I think something should be different (usually the ending) or if I just want to play around with the amazing characters and worlds, I'll try to create a little story.
So far, I've written about Transformers, Alice In Wonderland, Coraline, Twilight, Harry Potter
Although, I do have floating pieces of paper that hold a general outline or idea for stories.

Fave Movie? I have A LOT. I watch a lot of movies...
Spirited Away. I fell in love the first time i watched it when i was about ten. (Anime)
Spirit, that one about the horse in America (Animation Movie)
Alice In Wonderland, Tim Burton's
Get Him To The Greek (Russell Brand is amazing.)
Transformers (BUMBLEBEEEEEE!)

Eh, thats enough for now.

Fave Book? Too many to list.

Fave TV Show? Gossip Girl! Chuck/Blair is the bestest pairing ever and i really hope that when GG ends, they'll be together. They deserve it after all the drama they go through.

Fave Colour? Red, with Yellow following closely.

Fave Quote? Promise me you won't forget me, because if i thought you would, I'd never leave - Winnie the Pooh
It's only impossible if you believe it is - Alice In Wonderland

Fave Music? I have a wide variety of favourite music, everything from popular to unheard of.

Fave Food? Ooh, that's a hard one... I gotta say...chocolate! Chinese is my fave take-away...and pizza...and i like pasta too.

Fave Drink? Pepsi-Max and Coke and milkshakes! Not all together though- ... ooh thats an idea!

Fave Inspiration? You know when you hear about the people who conquer life? Not as in, being rich, or owning a good business, but in those really inspiring kind of ways? Like being blind and conquering mountains? Having a disease, or health problem, which means death, but they continue to live life to the fullest? Thats who inspires me. These people are truly inspirational; amazing.

Are you on any other sites? Yes I am. Im on Gaia (CammoGAL), DeviantArt (CameoRuby), HarryPotterFanFiction (Cameo Ruby).

And last but not least, do you have any obsessions? Huh! Who doesn't? Right now, im obsessed with Manga/Anime, The Sims 3 and not getting out of bed until the afternoon.

Fave Couples = I'll name a few now, but will add them once i write a story on them.

Chuck/Blair (Gossip Girl)
Misaki/Usui (Kaichou wa maid-sama)

Tarzan/Jane ( :P )
Alice/Hatter (AiW)
Sam/Bumblebee (Transformers)

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