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Hello, and welcome to my profile page.

I go by micman on here, as this is an old-ass account, but around the web you can find me under the name MrMallard. I've been writing on and off all my life, and I've been writing fanfiction specifically since I was 12. I'm not a very driven person, so a lot of fanfiction ideas fall by the wayside or I stop updating or writing for months on end - but despite that, writing has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I look back on a lot of my work and cringe, but I'm always very proud of the most recent thing I'm writing.

My main fandoms, in the past and to this day, have been Pokemon, Tekken, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Franchises I'm interested in writing about include Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid.

This was my second profile on a fanfiction-posting site, and it's been my main - and until recently, sole - posting account for 9 years. A lot of my earliest work has been deleted, and there are no back-ups - thank god - but a few early fanfics are still here because regardless of how cringy and awful/mediocre they might be, a lot of it is pretty good for the time that I wrote it, and I consider them milestones for better or for worse.

I like a lot of my stuff from around 2014 and beyond - pretty much anything I've made recently is in my good books. Outside of that, the stories I really like are Professor Layton And The End Of The World and Orochimort. The stories I don't really like are Scenes, Kingdom Hearts: The Outtakes and Fried Eggs Over Nantucket (why did I think that was a good name). I think everything else is somewhere in the middle.

I was updating A Shared Existence monthly, but eventually I just burned out. Right now it's "on hiatus", which in fanfic terms means you might as well take it out back and shoot it. I've been in the mood to write the next planned chapter for a while now, but I haven't really been in the mood for writing, period. And while I still like Evangelion, I wasn't the biggest fan of 3.33 and I'm just self-conscious about the ship in a way that I wasn't before. And it might make me conceited to feel like this, but the story doesn't get reviews like it used to and that bums me out. A new review is a little pick-me-up that feels good to read and lets me know that people like what they're reading. When I updated last after a long pause in updates, there wasn't any indication that people were enjoying the story, and that bummed me out. Then I abandoned a half-written chapter on my desktop, and when I got into a really good mood a few months later and went to add to it, I found out my computer desk had mold on it, and I had to rearrange my room and pack away my desktop PC. I've been feeling pretty blocked ever since.

I dunno. I have an end in mind for A Shared Existence, and I wanted to fulfil my vision for the story. It might be too tame, overly sappy and sentimental, but that's the mood I was in when I started the story. I wanted a feel-good story that would give the right reader warm fuzzies, and thinking about it all definitely worked for me - in that way, it's a very masturbatory fanfic. I've said this in the past about a fanfiction that I ended up dropping, but this is a story that I want to take to its end, and I plan to pick it back up in the future and get to that point. I'm not in the sort of place where the story comes from right now, but if I can get back to that place in the future I'd love to return and add on to what I've already written.

Thanks for checking out my profile, and thank you for reading my stories. Please consider checking out my Favorite Stories list and giving those some love if you enjoy them - I recommend checking Mccorkle's stuff out specifically, their writing puts me in an amazing mood. They're really good. Most of the stories in my favorites are either very sweet or stupidly funny - outside of a few dramatic picks, they're very feel-good. Thanks for reading.

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Forever Afterwards reviews
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Crossover - Evangelion & Professor Layton - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,120 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 9/22/2012 - Rei A., H. Layton
Fried Eggs Over Nantucket
A collection of oneshots I thought I should have gotten around to making. From Rollercoaster Tycoon H scenes to Captain Falcon exterminating the last megacluster of platypi in Australia, this thing is a real mixed bag. Enter if you dare.
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Marley and Me: A Pokemon Based Porno reviews
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