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Author has written 23 stories for CSI, Harry Potter, Tomb Raider, Dragon Ball Z, Prince of Persia, and Dragon Age.

Like so many of you out there, my dream is to become a published writer, preferably a filthy rich best-seller writer, but I'll accept simply published for now ;). And this is the main reason for me having this account: getting my stuff out there, getting others opinions on it, trying out stuff. The fact that this enables me to practice my English - I'm not a native speaker - is a nice bonus.

I'll be using this account mostly to 'try' my writing. I have some finished stories out there already, which will definitely be posted here, but I registered here so I could also post all my unfinished stuff to 'test' it, gauge peoples reactions, see if I should continue the story or just drop it, feel out which direction is best for certain story lines and/or characters, try out different writing styles. So this will be kind of my experimental page. Maybe I'll hit the jackpot somewhere, I'll probably write a lot of garbage on the way and you can read everything that comes in between.

I should also warn you that, because this is my 'story laboratory' and English is not my native tongue, there will be mistakes. Finished stories will be beta'd and so will stories of which I'm certain they will be finished, but 'experiments' are not. My English is not so bad they won't be readable, but there are bound to be some awkward phrasings, word mix-ups and of course spelling errors and grammatical no-no's. I do try very hard though and of course you are welcome to point out any mistakes found. You are even more welcome to become my beta, proofreader, wall to bounce ideas off on, or anything else you think might be helpful. Just let me know.

As I don't have much time and am the type of writer that keeps getting hit by new ideas, progress will be slow. I apologize in advance. Reviews do help to improve the pace though, wink, wink. Also, subjects may vary from HP, CSI and Tomb Raider fan fiction to original stories to even poetry. I'm not the shy type: I'll write sex with and without consent, yaoi, het, lemon, lime, violence of all types and I will use swear words. Not that everything I write will be vulgar, violent and bound by a string of curses, but R and NC-17 ratings will definitely be part of the list.

Help me improve, please leave any and all reviews, comments or ideas, but most importantly: have fun.


I saw this on someone else's profile and thought it was a good idea. So here's a list of all my finished stories, the works in progress and ideas I haven't started on. Not so much for readers as for myself: all my stories are on my hard drive and my computer has crashed before. I know I should make back ups, but I'm way to lazy to do that. All my ideas are on paper, which can be lost just as easily and I know putting them on here isn't any guaranty either, but at least it's an extra safety. So, here goes.

Completed stories:
You Left Me (HP), H/D
People Change (HP), H/D
Mistake (TR), L/K
Lost and Found (HP), H/D
Healing a Broken Man (HP), H/D
Desperate (HP), H/D
Battle Scars (HP), H/D
Auror Training (HP)
Damage Control (DA2) femHawke/Anders
Even (HP) H/D

Works in progress:
Who's Gonna Stop the Rain? (HP), H/D
War (HP), H/D
Untitled CSI fanfic (CSI), G/OC
The White Hunter (HP), H/D
The Eternity You Desire (TR), L/K
Songfic Series
Purgatory (HP), H/D
Match (HP), H/D
Exile in Egypt (HP), H/D
Kaleidoscope (HP), H/D
Dragon Seekers (HP) H/C
Shades of Grey (PoP), P/E

Death Eater Retrieval Squad (The Death Eaters have invaded the Muggle world and are causing mayhem. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco are the Ministry's Death Eater Retrieval Squad and go after them to bring them in. Ginny is the head of their department at the Ministry and is in contact with the group. When they start rounding up all of Draco's old friends, incidents and accidents raises suspicions of a traitor in their midst.)
Harry Potter and the Sacred Seven (Harry Potter, Tomb Raider style. Harry is after seven artifacts that can help him destroy Voldemort. Draco Malfoy also wants them, but for different reasons he won't tell Harry. They make an awkward truce and go after the Sacred Seven together, but there's someone else after the artifacts. Someone who's willing to kill, to get them.)
Unleash the Dragon (Think The Fast and the Furious. The war is over, the Wizarding world is safe. The trio decides to escape the Wizarding world, each for there own reason. Harry misses the excitement of being in constant danger and drags them all into the world of street racing. He conquers the street racing world as The-Boy-Who-Lived. There's only one name just as famous as his: The Dragon.)
Two Sides (We follow both Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter as they march onto the battle field for the final confrontation between the Death Eaters and The Order of the Phoenix. The idea is they both explain why they fight on the side their on and we find out their both right: there's no good or bad side in war, only the one that wins and the one that loses.)
Breaking Down the Walls (After Bulma dies, Vegeta completely draws in on himself. Goku is the only one who can break down Vegeta's walls. As he gets to know more about Vegeta and his live, Goku falls in love.)
I'm Bad (Songfic to Michael Jacksons I'm Bad, Vegeta's POV.)
Until it Sleeps (Songfic to Metallica's Until it Sleeps, Vegeta's POV.)
Died in Your Arms (Songfic to Cutting Crews Died in Your Arms, Draco's POV.)
Inside My Head (Songfic to Di-Rects Inside My Head, Draco's POV.)
Let Me Go (Songfic to Di-Rects Let Me Go, H/D.)
Someday (Songfic to Nickelbacks Someday, Vegeta's POV.)
Behind Blue Eyes (Songfic to Limp Bizkits/The Who's Behind Blue Eyes, Draco's POV.)
Searching for Forgiveness (It's after the war. Voldemort is dead and Harry Potter has disappeared. Draco Malfoy travels the world with nothing but a photograph and his memories to try and find Harry, so he can find forgiveness.)
Runnin' in the Family (Songfic to Runnin' in the Family, Weasley family.)
Planet Hell (Songfic to Nightwish's Planet Hell, H/D.)
Dead Gardens (Songfic to Nightwish's Dead Gardens, Harry's POV.)
Romanticide (Songfic to Nightwish's Romanticide, Vegeta's POV.)
Ghost Love Score (Songfic to Nightwish's Ghost Love Score, Harry's POV about Draco.)
Higher than Hope (Songfic to Nightwish's Higher than Hope, Draco's POV about the two deaths in his live that affected him most: his mothers and Harry's.)
200 km/h In the Wrong Direction (Series of eight fics inspired by the eight songs on t.A.T.u.'s cd. H/D relationship. 1.How Soon is Now? Draco realizes his life is an empty soap bubble after another fight with Harry. Harry tries to kill himself. 2.Clowns (Can You See Me Now?) Harry cracks under the pressure and attempts suicide again and Draco saves him again. 3. Show Me Love Draco realizes he's attracted to Harry and goes after him. Harry gives in and they make love, but Draco regrets it and runs away. 4. Malchik Gay Harry recognizes his love for Draco, but knows he can never have him. 5. 30 Minutes Draco has thirty minutes to decide whether or not to take the Dark Mark. Harry watches from across the lake and lets Draco decide for himself. 6. All the Things She Said Pansy convinces Draco that his relationship with Harry will never work, but Draco decides to pretend he doesn't realize. 7. Not Gonna Get Us Harry and Draco's relationship accidentally comes out in the open. They run away together. 8. Stars Draco realizes what he's doing is wrong, that Harry needs to fight his war. And even though it'll most likely be the end of their relationship, they both go back to Hogwarts.)
Carbon Copy (Years after Hogwarts, Harry finds out Draco has a son that looks exactly like him. What's the story?)
Consequences (Sequel to Because of Me (songfic). Ginny shows up at Draco's doorstep, telling him she's pregnant with his child. Draco does the right thing for once and ultimately helps her to tell Harry, who takes his girl back. Because of his own father issues, Harry refuses to let his child grow up without knowing his biological father, and keeps in touch with Draco. Draco learns to adore his unborn daughter and he and Harry slowly make their peace. Ginny dies during childbirth, leaving both Harry and Draco heartbroken and with a little girl to care for.)
Kaiya (Harry and Draco wrestle with taking care of their daughter Kaiya (Japanese for 'forgiveness') while coping with Ginny's death and each other. H/D)
Don't Turn Around (Songfic to Ace of Base's Don't Turn Around, Harry's POV. Harry watches Draco walk away on graduation day, after Draco ended their relationship the night before.)
Fade to Black (Songfic to Metallica's Fade to Black. Draco commits suicide after Harry's death.)
Falling (Songfic to Julee Cruise's Falling. Ron and Hermione get together fic.)
Falling (Songfic to Julee Cruise's Falling. Bulma and Vegeta get together fic.)
Did My Time (Songfic to Korn's Did My Time, Draco's POV.)
One Step Closer (Songfic to Linkin Park's One Step Closer, Draco's POV.)
We Will Remember Them (After the war, Harry and Draco attend several memorial services for people that died during the war against Voldemort.)
A Place for My Head (Songfic to Linkin Parks A Place for My Head, Harry's POV, H/D.)
Beauty and the Beast (Songfic to Nightwish's Beauty and the Beast, B/V.)
Angels Fall First (Songfic to Nightwish's Angels Fall First, Harry and Draco centric.)
Away From Me (Songfic to Evanessence's Away From Me, H/D.)
Exodus (Songfic to Evanessence's Exodus, Draco's POV.)
So Close (Songfic to Evanessence's So Close, H/D.)
Just Hold Me (Songfic to Maria Mena's Just Hold Me, H/D.)

Whoa! That's a lot of ideas!

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