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NAME: I'm not gonna tell you... I'll give a clue: My name is composed of the letters in 'Aizen' except one. and the name 'Aizen' and my name have the same amount of letters. haha no I don't like Aizen, well actually I kinda, but I don't like him cause, he betrayed soul society and stabbed Momo and almost killed Toushirou... haha...

Age: 12? haha you'll never know... well, I'm 12 but I only put curse words in stories, I don't use them myself XD no... I'm not 12 if i was i would be too mature... reminds me of a certain taichou... fine I'm 12... or not... U decide! Hahaha! ...I'm hyper...

Location: I'm currently at and, I won't tell where I am exactly, I'm too young to be assassinated... joke! Well, I'll tell you that I live in the Phils.

Fav. Anime: Bleach, Ouran, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The 'Yamato' part of the title reminds me of Yamamoto), Naruto? (I was never that fond of the anime but I guess I can say I like it.) Kyou Kara Maou, Death Note (Slight)

I like: Hot chocolate! I like it when it's pure chocolate (so it's bitter) then I put 1 tsp. sugar, a tablespoon of milk (not milk powder, as in liquid milk) and that's it! sorry for sharing my recipe XD haha got carried away...

I have this feeling that people think "We did What?" is a one-shot... sob

Chapter 8 in!... I'll update tomorrow if I can...

New story: Exchange (title changed); Hitsugaya and Hinamori have to exchange zanpakutous. How will they live with this? Or will their bond help them and, become closer? read to find out! T for swearing, none in the first chapter though...

Chapter 2 (very very soon)

please check them out!

Adding a new story: has no title yet

Toshiro Hitsugaya loves Bed-Wetter Momo_H.H.F.M.: HitsuHinaFanMovement_Momo Hinamori loves Shiro-chan

Fav. X's:

Ichigo x Rukia- I like them together... though, I'm not a fan of romantic stuff and pairings etc. I should say I like this pairing...

Hitsugaya x Hinamori- what's not to like? I mean, they obviously like each other... and they look cute together~ haha...

Naruto x Hinata- I think I like that pairing... they're cute!

Ishida x Inoue- I kinda like the thought of them being together...

Kyouya x Haruhi- I like this because Haruhi will probably end up with Tamaki... so just to like what's not probably going to happen! but who knows...

Yuk ix Sunako (From yamato nadeshiki shichi henge)-Yuki looks too much like a... girl... and Sunako's just... (Shivers)

Not so fond of X's

Hinata x Neji- O.o people don't usually date their cousins... but, I've heard that in other countries, there are such things as 1st cousin marriage, but, I don't like this pairing, I made a fic about them once, but, that was because I was in such a good mood my mind kinda whacked so, I didn't post it. but, it was still my work so I didn't delete it... I can post it if people want me to... but... I doubt that...

Hitsugaya x Karin- I like Karin, as a char. but not with Hitsugaya, I like him better with Momo, but yeah... I like Karin...

Ichigo x Orihime- I like Inoue with Ishida and I like Ichigo with Rukia so... yeah...

Aizen x Hinamori- Hinamori's case might be being 'loved to death' by Aizen, but, it's like father dating daughter and that's wrong... besides the point the Aizen dating Hinamori is already wrong... and screwed...

Matsumoto x Hitsugaya- oh, come on! it's too weird!

About Me:'

I was once scouting fanfiction and saw something that said 'Lemon' I got curious and read it, not knowing what a lemon is... As I read it, I started to freak out and exit the page. Then saw that the rating was M. I was like why the heck did you not check the freakin rating you moron?!. It was too much for me... lol. I'm not a fan of those things. So I thought I'd stay away from lemons... haha so I did... It was scary...

I have tasted stringed beans dipped in chocolate ice-cream. I'm not screwing you... and I have eliminated the memory if it's taste since it will forever haunt me if I don't...

I don't hate people.

I don't hold grudges against people.

I don't get angry that often, I don't thing I get angry at all... i did once, that guy was a disrespectful jerk, he deserved it... So I unleashed my wrath, and never, after that did he pick me to piss off... I don't physically harm people I get mad at... I hate people who abuse others... I mean... I hate people who physically abuse people when they're angry and it isn't necessary... I emotionally hurt them and stab my point into their heads through words, and I don't get angry unless someone really did something wrong...

I can be cold when I'm in a very bad mood, and, I'm a very energetic person when in a light mood. I think I make friends with every one I meet who is not a jerk. heck, I'm even friends with the jerk from earlier... no, just acquaintances I guess... never really talked to him, as in, have a real conversation with...

If ever I were to publish more than two stories, I wouldn't publish the others until the first two are complete. I don't like being burdened and all that...

I freaked out when I saw how thick my algebra book for this year was...

If I were to be a captain... I would like to be the 5th squad''s captain and go "Ha Aizen! I'm better than you! Even if our names are alike (No, my name is not Aizen! it's close though,) I AM BETTER THAN YOU!" Then I will help Toushirou make Hinamori realize Aizen is a retarded traitor. And be her Best friend~ and help her and Toushirou get together~! (I will probably get along with Rangiku... but, I can't stand alcohol... I've smelt it (no I haven't drank) and I was going to faint...) And then I will Kill my crush and make him the 9th squad's captain (he can do better than Tousen) so that we'll be in touch! And if I ever get the thought of betraying my vice-captain, I would go to the 10th squad and ask Hitsugaya to stab me using Tobiume... YAY! err... I kno... I'm weird...

put it this way- I can be very crazy at times... XD



I am a person, whom, if you get along with... life is beautiful...

And if you don't... I'm callin' back up...

Ninety-five percent of kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. if you are part of the five percent who aren't, then copy this, put ti in you're profile, and add you're name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivly Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, IwuvMyKenshyPoo, Heidiplease, iNsOmNiAc, BiLlIe JoE lOvEr, Black Panter Warrior, bright black stars, StormDragon666, Sasuke's 2 Child Sayuri Uchiha, silver cherryblossom, SakuraHaruno64,triela45, Death' Host o.T,

92 percent of American teens would die if Abercombie and Fitch told them it was uncool to breathe. Copy this in your profile if you would be the 8 percent that would be laughing your ass off.


1. You accidently enter your password on a microwave.

2. You haven't played solitare with real cards for years.

3. The reason you don't keep in touch with your friends is because they don't have a screenname or a myspace.

4. You'd rather search the house for the T.V. remote instead of just pushing the buttons on the T.V.

6. Your boss hires you then lectures you, yet they can't even do it themselves.

7. As you read this list, you keep nodding and smiling.

8. As you read this list, you think about sending it to all your friends.

9. And you were to busy to notice number 5.

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11. Now your laughing at yourself stupidly.

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