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I'm InkDragoness, but please just call me Inky. It's shorter and a lot easier to remember. :)

About me

I'm just an 18 year old girl from a small town in Alberta, Canada. I speak English and French, though English is by far my most comfortable language. I'm quiet in real life (well, not around my friends unfortunately). Sometimes that quietness comes across online. I have a bad tendency to not reply to things. For that, I'm sorry. :( Life gets the best of me sometimes, and by the time I get back to online life I feel that it has been too long for me to actually make a decent reply. So sorry about that!

My interests include reading manga and novels, playing video games, and writing, of course. My current favourite games are Gods Eater Burst, Pokemon, and League of Legends. I won't list my favourite manga or novels because I've read so many and they change often (but One Piece is always on the list!). XD When high school's done I'll be attending GPRC in Computing Science with the intention of transferring to U of A after 2 years and then taking their game design certificate! I also like to take pictures and I draw sometimes. One day I hope to get published, or at least work on a popular video game!

Well, I'm kind of a boring person, really.

About My Stories

I'm just an aspiring author submitting to the little fantasies that go on in my head as I read or watch something. A lot of the time my little imaginings are OC insertion stories, but the only story like that on is Learning to Speak, written in the Gods Eater Burst universe. I don't want to let myself write every little OC story that comes to mind. A lot of them fizzle out before I even have a chance to write a couple words, and I'm notorious for giving up on my stories. That's why Learning to Speak is my only ongoing story. I'm trying my best to just keep writing it!

I occasionally write one-shots, as you can see. Those never have OCs, unless they are minor, unimportant characters. I like to focus on inner thoughts of characters because that's always what I wonder about when I read. Although I do have a little romance piece, haha.

And that's it! I hope to keep building my repertoire of stories, but it will be slow going as one story keeps getting longer and longer!

About My Reviewing

I try my best to review every story I like, and I try my best to make each and every review count. I want to give constructive criticism, not demand that you update soon, because I believe that it is only fair to you who put so much effort into writing it! I try my best to be fair but if I notice something wrong I won't hesitate to point it out. It's not meant to be rude - I just want to help you. But I always try to be fair. I'll point out flaws, but I'll also point out what I think you did well, because everyone's always good at something and everyone's always bad at another. In my reviews I want to recognize the effort you've made instead of just criticizing. I try to also suggest ways to improve or eliminate this flaw. Pure crit is unfair, because then it's no longer an honest effort to help someone improve, it's just preaching faults. Please keep that in mind when you read my reviews. :)

Also I will NOT follow a story, mostly because I just have a folder of bookmarks with all the stories I'm currently reading. So if you see me like your story, I'm also waiting for it to update (assuming it still is, of course ;) ).

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Learning to Speak reviews
Silence. Fragile, shattered by the merest sound. But the silence after the sound is always stronger. A mute girl is taken to become the Far-East branch's first New-Type. Song wanted to become stronger to protect the ones she loves, but she has to surmount her personal fears to get there. It doesn't help that she grew closer to someone who doesn't want anyone to be close. SomaxOC
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