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Author has written 2 stories for Vampire, and Kindred: The Embraced.

I am The Deb of Night, the author of the original Chronicles of a Former Cammy Do Girl. For those of you that have followed me, read, reviewed and enjoyed my story don't worry I haven't abandoned it. I've had a lot to take place between the original publishing and now that had changed, shaped, and molded me into a new person and a different author. I'm back now though and have plans to launch an all new Vampire the Masquerade series as well as several other stories. I can't promise daily updates however I do plan on updating every Saturday as I work 3rd shifts and am up at odd times. For those of you that have stuck by me and waited for an update I love you guys you are amazing and awesome and this is for you, for those of you that are new to my stories I hope that you enjoy them.



White Wolf
World of Darkness
Kindred: the Embraced
Masquerade Bloodlines
Any of the characters that are involved.

THESE are the sole property of their creators.
With my Vampire Bloodlines story please understand that I have taken elements from both the show, the game, and the rpg series and meshed them all together. So if you haven't seen one or don't think it's something that would happen, be assured that I have researched and plotted out how to make things work and have a flow to them.

I do own the characters of Shayne Emerson and Elizabeth Emerson. They are my own creation and Shayne has a special place in my heart, as crazy and insane as what she is. If for any reason you would like to use my character, please message me and ask before doing so. I don't bite, much, however if you use my character without my expressed permission it will probably bring about Gehenna.


Saints Row
Saints Row 2
Saints Row the Third
Any of the character's involved.

THESE are the sole property of their creators (and I love them for it. Johnny Gat nuff said)
My Saints Row FanFic is set in AU, why, because I did not like the death of Johnny Gat and therefore decided to change that. If you don't like it than I apologize now, but Gat dying after surviving so much in the first 2 games just seemed to be too much. After all I already hated the Syndicate without that happening. I do hope however that you enjoy the story.

I do own the characters, Aidan Buchanan, Melini, and Talia Acosta. Like Shayne, Talia is a special character that I've spent a lot of time fleshing out and working on. Aidan is my baby and I love him in any verse that he's been in (and he's been in a lot) while I will give permission for Melini and possibly Talia to be used, Aidan on the other hand I do not share at all. If you would like to use the other two please message me and ask.


Fable II
Fable III
Any of the characters that are involved.

THESE are the sole property of their creators. (Lionhead I love you guys so much, after all you gave the world Reaver)
My Fable fanfiction is a bit AU though not much, but since Fable is such an open universe that's alright.

I do own the character of Amira, The Pirate Queen of Bloodstone. Althena Hatch is the shared creation between myself and my partner in crime, EternalWonderland. If you would like to use any of these characters please message me and ask, I don't bite, however failure to do so will result in The Darkness leaving Albion and coming to attack you.

Dedicated to Sophie Lancaster and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation
Stamp Out Predjudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere

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