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1. I am an obsessive. I frequently spend long periods of time with my feet not touching the ground out of sheer obsessiveness and fangirl glee.

2. You have been warned.

I DO BELIEVE IN AUBREY, I DO, I DO. It is said. End.

Okay. SO I'm going to do the "Your Time Starts Now" bit from the Good Weekend. Cos I've always wanted to do that. Steel yourselves...

1. My earliest memory is... looking at the clock in a bank and trying to figure out the time. I still have trouble with that.

2. I don't like talking about... anything I know the other person in the conversation is sensitive about. Or boys.

3. My most treasured posession is... impossible to choose.

4.My mother and father always told me... I was just as important as everyone else.

5.In the movie of my life, I'd be played by... an unknown, who I hope would get riches and fame out of it.

6.I wish I had... a dog, and the answer to the world's problems. Wouldn't it be great if they were the same thing?

7.I wish I hadn't... read the first few pages of Ghost Girl, which rotted my brain...or picked up playing piano, which means I can't paint my nails. Not much.

8.My most humiliating moment was... Another impossible. Sorry. There are far too many options, and probably some more I've forgotten.

9.I was happiest when... I woke up last night and realised my life may just be the best on the planet. If anyone else wants this title, the more the merrier.

10.My last meal would be... pasta. Lots of it. And pizza, and maybe licorice for dessert. Also sherbet! Isn't it the best thing!

11.I'm very bad at... music. All my top rateds are songs I know are terrible, but I love 'em anyway.

12.When I was a child I wanted to... have friends, go to Hogwarts and be Mary Poppins. YES, all three at the same time. Oh, and be a marine biologist.

13.If I could change one moment of my life, it would be... being snarky when I started high school because I was scared people would think bad stuff about me. I've since decided that whatever's inside people's skulls ain't worth worrying about. Or I like to think I've decided that anyway.

14.It's not fashionable, but I love... music by all kinds of scorned people, and, well...just about anything fashion doesn't dictate. I go in heavily for the 'style, not fashion' philosophy. My friends find this amusing, as they should.

15.If I could live anywhere, I'd choose... Upper Boat Studios, Cardiff. Albion. The TARDIS. The Northern Hemisphere.

16.My worst trait is... being critical and easily angered.

17.My best trait is... generosity. or I like to think so.

18.My greatest fear is... the world blowing up.

19.If only I could... become ruler of the world and sort it out.

20.The hardest thing I've ever done was... exams? Naaaaah. Actually, I don't fluster about exams. Which I really should. Oh dear.

21.I relax by... painting my nails, dressing up, buying cheap lipstick and running on the ski machines at the gym...all to the sound of rock music. Also by re-reading my favourite bits of the Laws of Magic series. I've stopped bothering to put the books back on the shelves because I get them out so much.

22.What I don't find amusing is... people making me laugh when I'm mad at them. Racism. Chauvinism, in particular chauvinist husbands of brainwashed women. It's the one thing I get really pinged off about.

23.I'm always being asked... "what's your number?" Kidding! I'm kidding. Mostly "Parle moi un peu de toi" by my French teacher.

24. I often wonder... how the illegitimus got to the top. If you'll pardon my Latin.

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