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Forget about it. Go back and reread Bahamut; that story is trash. I've been rereading and rewriting a lot of things and that story was one of them. 7 chapters have been rewritten. However, if you really want an update without waiting for the original, feel free to take the story and rewrite it like you want it. Please PM me (PRIVATE MESSAGE PEOPLE, NOT REVIEW IT) and I'll post a link for your story on my account page. Also, I can give you the details of Bahamut's outline; I always make an outline for a story before writing it. Most of the story is already written down, including who the Aeons is, who is going to die, and the end is already written, as well as a few parts of the middle. All questions pertaining to wanting to write your own version of my stories should be PM-ED. Reviews will be ignored!

"I don't want to go to heaven; I'm afraid of heights!!"

Note to all of my readers: If you are a follower of my other account, then you already know this, but here I go;

One: I haven't been on for one to two years, that's because I brought an HP (one of the first buyers) which black screened me. All of my data is officially lost.

Two: I just went through a Child Custody battle. I also just won.

Three: I have a new computer, but...I have to start from scratch.

Four: I want to thank everyone for the support they've sent.

Five: Do not despair about my fics, I'm working on every last single one of them. However, this account will take some time as I still get choked up remembering how many chapters I lost to Bahamut (I had twenty eight Bahamut chapters and twelve chapters to the sequel plus the ending).

Six: Don't look at me like that! I did back up my stories; unfortunately, I was backing them up on the same day my computer went on the fritz. It hasn't been on since.

Be Patient With Me!

February is the month for my yaoi. (All updates are happening now.)

March is the month for my het. (All updates pending after March 1st but guaranteed.)

March is also the month of my birthday; YAAAY! Weee!! March 14th, WOO!

Okay then, let's get something straight from the get go. I am a very open minded person, however, I will accept no yaoi or yuri fics on this account. This is all for hetero. Yes, Mars, I'm talking to you. Stop that shuddering young lady and listen up:

1.) None of my stories or, if any, favorites, will have yaoi/yuri/slash/femslash/mpreg or even hints of it in them.

2.) If you're interested in reading those fics from me, you can find me here http://www.fanfiction.net/u/961267/YaoiCookie.

3.) I don't like racist or prejudice, and would love to have any conversations with mature people on why I have my views.

4.) I am polytheistic, so if I offend someone's religion with anything I do or write, I will laugh because I happen to believe in all religion and don't understand how I can offend myself.

5.) All stories in this account will be Het and/or no pairings.

6.) I don't mind reading peoples fics, really. However, if you PM me asking and I read it, and your story turns out to be utter crap, please accept any criticism I give you. Don't take it as a, "oh, does she think she's better than me?" type of thing. Take it as the advice it is. (sorry if that comes off rude, but you won't believe how pissy some people get when I say I didn't like something.)

Want to talk? I'm currently unresponsive as most of the time I'm simply too depressed.

Music I Like: Deep Forest, Dir en Grey, L'arc~en~Ciel, Gackt, Luna Sea, Mika Nakashima, Game Soundtracks (FF Series, Chocobo Racing, Dreamcast's Toy Commander (I found this soundtrack on YT :D), Dark Cloud, DDR, etc), 80s, etc...

Games I Like (and some Fics I Read): Dark Cloud, FFIV-10, Tekken Series, Zelda Series, Resident Evil Series, Threads of Fate, Toy Commander, Animal Crossing, Tenchu Series, Jade Cocoon, Spyro 1-2, Sonic Series, Amplitude, GTA Series, Silent Hill Series, Fatal Frame Series, Obscure, Juggernaut (an old, horror PS1 puzzle game), Pokemon Puzzle League, Pokemon Stadium, Pocket Fighters, Dark Stalkers, Tomba (old games, what ya'll know about that?), Bujingai, Bomberman Series, Bushido Blade, Battle Arena Toshinden, Pac Man, etc...

Books: Harry Potter (not so much books as FF. The books suck.), LoTR, To Kill a Mockingbird, Hush...

Movies: The Dark Crystal (Gelfling!), Akira (A classic), Moon Child (It's amusing), PoTC (Captain Jack Sparrow FTW!), V for Vendetta (Damn this movie was good!), Sweeny Todd (He was a real man)

Random facts about me: I'm a BDSM freak and Master in Training. I love chicken. I hate girly things and children (but I love my niece and nephew). I'm a Loz fan. I'm a minor character fan. I hate hetero fics/fics that bash characters. I hate yaoi fics/fics that bash characters. I hate yuri fics/fics that bash characters. I write all types of fics and use to bash character. I read all types of fics including character bashing ones. I hate fics that focus on relationships and have written some in the past. I hate when people complain about a pairing that was in the warnings or that shows up. I hate when het authors put "No Slash!!" in a summary. It's offensive, and idiotic. How's about you just put down het? I hate when people ask me to put warnings in my stories if I write a slash or femslash story but don't put warnings about het in theirs. I refuse to put down things that are not in my story unless it's to warn hopeful people that what they're expecting will not happen.

I. Love. Crossovers. And. Time. Travel. /dies/ //revives//

I hate it when people say: "Yaoi/Yuri would never happen in that story!" Or: "They're not gay!" It seems some people don't notice that the pairings they read, het or otherwise, are not likely to happen either.

Case in point? (An HP example/no offense...okay, I take that back. Do take offense! You don't know what I ship for this!)

Harry Potter's; Pairings Not Likely to Ever Happen: HarryBellatrix (Good Bella? Don't care. She killed his godfather and served the DL. No chance in hell!)

HarryNarcissa (Not likely. In fact, not at all!)

HarryCho (I'm in tears like Cho was now. Not gonna happen folks!)

HarryDraco (laughs hysterically)

HarrySnape (chokes on tongue)

HarryVolde (dies repeatedly "Goodbye cruel world!" stabs self) /taken from Xander from Drawn Together/

So as you can see, no pairing, except what the real author writes, would likely happen. HOWEVER, it's called fiction for a reason! You all need to pull your heads from out of your asses and realize that we've all got our own views on things. I, for one, despise nearly every pairing to exist. However, I don't go bashing people who do like them. To each their own. Besides, some people do make some really good fics with out of the way pairings. They even take the time to make them believable!

I've read a good HarryBella fic where the two were in Azkaban together, mistakenly got married and became some sort of Lord and Lady of the north star or something. (It hasn't been updated in a while.) I haven't read any HarryNarci though. There was this really insane HarryCho that I read a bit ago, something like The Joker. Harry became an insane Dark Lord, took over Hogwarts, Ginny was a necromancer and Neville was actually cool...Ah! Good times. Good times.

And, though I'm loathe to admit it, HD has some good fics (after you skip the over abused plot-lines). Don't even ask me to name one though. HarrySnape also has some good, never before seen in het fiction as far as I know, plot-lines that some het writers can benefit from. And HarryVolde does as well. Seriously though, if I read one more story of Voldemort being good I might just vomit. He's bad girls! Bad! Quit making him disgustingly sweet! /vomits anyway/

Ah. If only writers could broaden their horizons and read all types of fics; Fanfiction would be a better Haven from life. T.T Damn you bigots! Damn you!

Go ahead; tell me what you like and why! Convert me, send me your own fiction; I don't mind! I haven't read any good fanfiction for awhile now and I'm tired of going through the BS that most stories are becoming.

Big note for people!! If you send me a fic and it involves an OC, girl or not, it had better be well written! Not just by your standards either! I don't mind OCs sometime, but, really, get your own story. I'm tired of flawed, normal and perfect OCs. High chance is that I won't even bother with an OC fic. Especially if it's centered around the OCs beauty, talents, high skills, short comings, sorrow, yadda yadda. And I hate Death Note and Harry Potter OCs. Completely out of the question. Send me one and I'll laugh in your face. (I take an exception to my herd's fics; take a chance and read the first, non-pairing chapters; THAT IS MY DEFINITION OF A GOOD, WELL ROUNDED OC.)

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