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Real name: Em

Birthday: June 1989

I'm Em, and I'm 23 years old.

I've always been interested in writing and literature, and would have taken a journalism course in college had it not been for my father's persuasion that I take up a course in healthcare instead. Anyway, out of boredom and lack of productivity over the summer holidays of 2008, I've decided to join in on the fun here at FanFiction.Net, where I've been lurking around since the boom of Harry Potter during the early 2000s.

Among the hundreds of thousands of fanfiction here, I've browsed the Harry Potter series the most. In recent years, I've also gone through works in TV, including Lost, Smallville, and Supernatural. Among movies, I often check in on Superman.

After finishing "A Father, First," I've attempted to write a sequel--as well as a few other Superman stories--but unfortunately, most of these have never been completed. College had become too demanding of my time, and writing had taken second priority because of this. I've FINALLY graduated college (HOORAY FOR ME!), though the next big challenge is finding a good job.

With real life catching up with me, I doubt whether I'd have time to write another story. I still hold much hope, though, that I would one day post another story here on FF dot net again. Writing may not be the path I had chosen to take, but it will always be my greatest love. - 29 July 2010

About "A Father, First"

"A Father, First" is my first venture into the realm of fanfiction. I began writing my first draft of the story in December 2006, a few months after the premiere of the film Superman Returns. As college got demanding of my time, I set aside my little ideas for the story and focused on school. I pretty much abandoned the story until April 2008, when I caught an airing of Superman Returns on cable. Immediately, I picked up my draft, turned on my laptop and began typing what I had planned as a 25-chaptered story.

The story deals with the unlikely friendship that has been formed between Richard and Superman, the relationship the two men have with a son they now share, and the love story of Lois and Clark.

As the reviews and suggestions started coming, I continued to write additional chapters to the story until I came up with nine more chapters for the story. Four other chapters, which I collectively entitled PERSPECTIVES, provided the conclusion to "A Father, First." I wrote PERSPECTIVES around the time I was only finished writing Chapter 30. PERSPECTIVES focuses on the lives of the characters eight years after the story began.

"A Father, First" reached its completion on October 23, 2008.

UPDATE: (19 JULY 2009)
"A Father, First" was awarded Best Jason-Oriented/Father-Son story in the recently held Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards 2009!
I would like to take this time to give a big THANK YOU to whoever nominated this story, and to everyone who voted! I will forever be grateful to all of you.

I'd type up an entire speech, but I think a hundred sentences or so would not be enough to express how happy I am at this moment. It is not simply about getting the most number of votes or winning an award. To me, it's about you (yes, YOU!) taking the time to read and appreciate my work. Any aspiring writer will tell you, it means the world to us when people read our stories. So thank you. This one's for you. :)

My other hobbies/interests include blogging and playing around with Photoshop.

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