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Hi my names Tayla, i guess you could say im an obsessed twilight fan, i have in my lifetime written tons of books and poem, one of which is published.

I'm not your average 19 year old, i guess u could say, i was different, my idea of fun is a day at the library.

I have strong characteristics, and with a knack for writing i can go far.

I have to thank my aunt, if it weren't for her, i think i would have quit writing a long time ago, due to that fact almost all of my works, including my first fan-fiction novel is dedicated to her. without her support, i would have been a totally different person.



Edward: why on earth is my vamperisum so amusing to read about!!

Me: well to be honest i think it has to do with how flipping hilarious Emmett is, i mean come on, hes like super man without the tights!!

Bella: Edward is my superman, Emmetts a trouble maker, but who could not love him, he's so damn lovable. in a brotherly way.

Me: I think hes HOT ok, seriously he has to be on some type of drug theres no way he can be that...i dont know...hes just...god...hes EMMETT!!

Edward: Taylor you need serious control issues, Emmett is in no way as perfect and undersanding as i am.

Me: Bite me... god damn it Edward!, you made Bella sad shes crying you ass!

Bella: Youll bite her but not me...ughhhh...Edward how could you!

Me: yahh how could you Eddie!!...(laughing histericaly)

Edward: No love i will never bite her you know how i fell about that...its inhuman.

Bella: its romantic...

Me: its Better than Freaken Sex...god its like the saying bite me in actual terms.

Edward: Taylor please compose yourself...god who raised you a pack of wild animals...its not human...its monsterous.

Me: not crazy...maybee a little vampire obsessed...but im working on it ...ok.

Bella: tell me in ten years how that worked out for you!

Edward: my sweet Bella, what have you done to her...!

Me: ive made an evil Taylor clone, no you can be Twin 1: evil side, and i can be Twin 2: Good girl: goes to school, is nice to teacher, but at night evil vampire slayer. muahhhhhaaaaaaa...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the evil we could do...on unsuspecting humans.

Edward: sorry to burst your bubble, but thats not going to happen.

Bella: and why not?

Edward: you could get hurt, trip on air for gods sake!

Me: aww come pooper.

Bella: screw that, come on taylor...evil vampires rule the world lets start teepeeing houses at dawn.

Edward: im a faliure as a boyfriend!

Me: i call Scobby doo for a code name!!

Bella: ohhhhhhhhhhh im going to be...Draculas bride!!

Edward: very original love!

Me: i got one for Eddie!!

Bella: tell me, tell me ,tell me!!=)

Edward: ohhh god please noooooooooooooooooooooo

Me: get out of my brain!!

Edward: anything but that!!

Bella: WHAT!!

Me: he could be Buffy the vampire slayer!!


Edward: im going to die!

Me: your already dead!

Bella: how bout comstumes!

Me: assume! Edward, Edward...wait come back, please we wont make you wear the wig, ohh come on CHICKEN!!

Bella: hes gone with the wind!

Me: i have a plan!

Bella: yahhhh! and>...

Me: how do you feel about fake fangs?...






Alice: so how did your fang theory go?

Me: as well as to be expected

Alice: Edwards gaurding Bella from your influence isnt he

Me: yup, hes being a party popper!

Emmett: well that Edward for you

Alice: so do you guys wanna get her bak?

Me: no

Emmett: Not really

Alice: ahhh you will eventually, ive seen it, ill go get ready!(leaves to fetch duct tape)

Me: she scares me

Emmett: you dont live with her

Me: hahaha rubber ducky

Emmett: orange potatoes

Me: blue strawberries

Emmett: At last, someone who understands

Me: yay i have a friennd now!


Emmett: sorry Tay duty calls

Me: its ok im going to go get my baby cousins and bring them over there

Emmett: Why?

Me: so i can show Rosalie what ill have in a few years, and rub it in her face

Alice: Taylor why do i see you 6 years from now, coming over with a little boy you let everyone but Rosalie hold

Me: paybacks a bitch

Emmett: no paybacks a Rosalie

Me: nice

Emmett:gotta go my wife is calling

Me: yup

Edward: now have you learned your lesson

Me: yes please can i talk to bella now

Edward: nope just making sure you learned your lesson

Me: Bastard!

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