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A girl with brown hair brown eyes and pretty tall. Not that this is very important. I recently turned 16 and am 1/4 Irish and 3/4 Canadian (or should I say Mattewian?).

I live in Montreal, which is a wonderful city, by the way.

You can call me Gen. Or Yuki. Or however you want to call me, really.

I love cats, sushi, and Japanese stuff in general. Usually. Winter is my favourite season, and I don't really like summer. Or sand.

My favourite colours would be dark blue, silver and green (I wonder why this is relevant?).

Oh, and TvTropes kinda took over my life.

And I'm a follower of CLAMP. Seriously, they're geniuses.

I'm pretty much a Yaoi Fangirl too. But don't worry, not a rabid one.

English's not my first language (hence the weird syntax), but I like to think I can at least write properly. It's French, in case you were wondering. My first language, that is. As for why I write in English, it's because French is too damn complicated. Not that I can't write it, because I'm something of a grammar nazi, but it really takes the fun out of writing. So yeah.

I'm very, very lazy. And tend to just... leave stuff unfinished. So don't believe me if I say I'm going to update something soon.

Currently obsessed by...

Kuroshitsuji: I didn't like the first season of the anime much, but the second season has been great so far. And ohh boy, the fanservice. Not that it isn't appreciated :D. And I now seriously ship SebastianClaude. Just... episode 6. I'm still unable to choose which team I should root for, so Team Phancyhive for now. The manga is also lovely.

Hetalia: It's insane. And full of bishies you can ship together. What else can a fangirl ask for?

xxxHOLiC: My favourite manga. Ever.

Artemis Fowl: I must buy The Atlantis Complex. Soon. (ArtemisHolly is my OTP for this fandom. And for novels in general)

Favourite pairings (see lower for everything I ship)

LaviLena (Ultimate OTP)






I read/watch...

Pretty much anything that catches my attention, no matter the genre. I usually like manga better than anime, unless the anime is the original. I'm rather fond of supernatural stuff, and I the most important thing for me in a series is the characters.

Currently reading: xxxHOLiC, Kobato, Katekyo Hitman REBORN!, Bakuman, D.Gray-Man, Pandora Hearts, Kuroshitsuji, Fullmetal Alchemist, Liar Game, Shinobi Life... And loads of other stuff...

Finished: Tsubasa, Fruits Basket, Lovely Complex, Junjou Romantica, Black Cat, Cat Street, Higurashi & Umineko (the animes), Special A, Code Geass, Wild Ones, Inuyasha, Durarara... Etc. And then there's a load of series I've dropped halfway through. Like Bloody Monday. It's good though, I'll have to get back to it eventually.

And then of course there's the novels. A few of my favourites are the Hunger Games series and The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy "trilogy in six parts"

As for movies, I recently saw Inception. It. Is. Awesome. Kill Bill, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Shutter Island happen to be some of my favourites too (I know, my tastes kinda clash XD).

I ship...

Loads and loads of pairings. Usually at least vaguely supported by canon. And I ship most characters with a few different people, so I'm really not the aggressive kind of fangirl.

Potential spoilers!

xxxHolic being my favourite manga, and being full of ambiguous relationships (it is CLAMP), I ship pretty much Anyone/Watanuki (Really. Canonically speaking, I'd say he loves Yuuko and Doumeki loves him, but he'd go well with pretty much everyone, from Haruka to Kohane (well, older Kohane). DoumekiKohane is pretty awesome too, and I have an insane theory as to why it might be canon later.

Moving on to Tsubasa, KuroFai is the most perfectly balanced pairing I've ever seen. Seriously, these two alone are a good enough reason to worship CLAMP. And then there's AshuraFai, which is kinda creepy, but they did seem awfully close in the flashbacks. I can't say I'm a huge fan of SyaoranSakura (no matter which ones), but they're a sweet couple.

It's pretty clear that LaviLenalee is my OTP (well, Ex-OTP. Maybe), I think. But I also like either of them with Kanda. Or both. (LaviKanda actually converted me to BL.). Oh, and on the topic of Kanda, the recent chapters give interesting possibilities to AlmaKanda and KandaWhoeverThatWomanIs. I can't really see Allen with anyone, though. Maybe Link, if I must. But not Lenalee. Never Lenalee. Oh, and as far as obscure pairings go, I have a thing for LinkLenalee.

As for Fruits Basket, I am extremely fond of ShigureAkito. Even though it awfully twisted and they're both childish bastards. I love YukiMachi, too. it shows Yuki's mean side XD and the perfect/imperfect theme only makes it more adorable. KakeruYuki is also pretty sweet, though not cannon at all. (I just had to throw BL in there :P). In a non-romantic way, the whole student council is awesome.

And now Code Geass...Starting with Suzaku. I ship him with Euphie first of all, because there is so much hope in their relationship. It's terribly cliché (I mean, the pink-haired princess and her knight in shining armour?), but their deep characters give it an interesting twist, and their story is really like a fairytale gone wrong... Then there's GinoZaku (It's so cute), and LelouchSuzaku (yes, in that order), which might or might not be canon. Moving on to Lelouch... I don't really care. He has such a huge harem it's not even funny. I guess C.C. would be the best choice, though. Since she's pretty much the only one who knows what's going on in his head

In the last chapter of Fullmetal Alchemist, the EdWin moments are soooo sweet. And pretty hilarious. Gotta love LinRanFan too. And Royai, of course

Loving Kuroshitsuji, I must admit to liking CielSebastian (I know, I'm ashamed of myself). And AloisCiel could be interesting...

Oddly, I don't like any pairings in Pandora Heart. I've tried OzGil, but... meh. I do love the Nightrays though (well, Gilbert, Vincent and Elliott anyway)

I'm also very fond of D18 (DinoHibari), even though it's kind of a terribly abusive relationship if they're anywhere near IC. Oh, well. 8059 is awesome too. And 1859. Oh, how I love 1859. Too bad it's such a rare pairing.

There are quite a few interesting pairings in Durarara!, and I admit to having a thing for CeltyShinra, even though it's really, really uh... unusual. It's so sweet! Then there's ShizuoIzaya, which is more hate than love... And KidaSaki too, it's sooo adorable.

I've recently ventured into the rather odd fandom that is Hetalia... PrussiaCanada is not as cracky as it sounds, and can be really sweet. And SpainRomano is love, that is all. Romano's character song makes me giggle every time, 'cause he actually asks Spain to save him. Twice. :D FranceEngland is totally canon is my head, and PrussiaRomano is surprisingly good. GreeceJapan is really, really cute (and canon). SpainRomanoPrussia would be my OT3 and um... FranceAmericaCanadaEngland my... OT4?

As for Harry Potter (I'm not overly fond of the novels, but with the amount of fanfics...), I ship SnapeLily, DracoHermione (okay, not canon. At all. But some fics are so well-written they can make you forget that :P), ScorpiusAlbus and TeddyVictoire for the next gen.

Inception is awesome. And so is EamesArthur.

And the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie made me a HolmesWatson fangirl. You can't not see the rampant Ho Yay.

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Je t'observe, cachée, alors que tu t'entraînes seul sous le regard de la lune. Tu ne sais pas que je te regarde et que mes pensées suivent le rythme de tes attaques et de tes parades." Un one-shot centré sur Kanda, tel que l'imagine Lenalee.
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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