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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto.

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Hobbies: Watching Anime, Reading, Playing Video games, and Playing D&D. I also hang out with my girlfriend of 5 years turned fiancee.

Animes Seen/Watch: Naruto, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball Z, Macross Plus

Naruto Pairings:
Naruto/Hinata: I know some people would say its overdone, but I believe that they balance each other out well.
Naruto/Tenten: Don't ask, I really don't know. I've read a few of these and really like the pairing and how it turns out in the stories.
Naruto/FemKyuubi: I'm not sure why I first read one, but, if handled with care, I really like how some of these turn out.

Naruto Pairings I Can't Stand:
-Note- I can really read just about any pairings as long as they are handled well in the story I've discovered. However, there are a few that I just can't get over and dislike with a passion. Those I've listed here.
Male/Male: Good grief, I refuse to read any of those, enough said.
Neji/Hina: Their fathers were twins. They are the same as being half-bother and sister. Come on, I know the time period and all, but even they would have to understand that.
Kiba/Hina: For whatever reason I don't see Kiba treating Hinata right. Some might argue that he would be loyal like a dog, but I think that the opposite would be true. He would treat her as his 'mate' but would have others too.
Sasu/Hina: I don't like Sasuke, enough said. Also, the same as Kiba.

Listing of My Stories

Master of Ice: A fiction that I've started to try and overcome my writers block on the other two.
-Rated M for Violence, Language, and Adult Content (eventually). Naruto successfully saves Tsunami and Inari but is delayed to the bridge by Tsunami breaking down in fear. Naruto finally arrives late and is just in time to see the accidental death of Sasuke at the hand of Haku. This causes a new power to be awakened in Naruto thats not the Kyuubi. What are these strange new abilities of his and what will this mean for him when the get back to Konoha. A slight Bleach cross-over that will be explained in story and I hope be believable. Naru/Ten/Hina

A Break In Time: My "less serious" fic that I'm working on. This is also my main project and will have longer chapter than the other.
-Rated M for possible Violence, Language, and Adult Content. Naruto has successfully retrieved Sasuke and returned him only for him to escape again anyway. While in the hospital though he learns serveral important facts about himself before leaving to train with Jiriya. And whats this? Hinata is now Tsunade's apprentice, not Sakura? Open ended fiction, may contain lemons later. Naru/Hina

New Chance: Its supposed to be a more "serious"fic that I've been working on. However, this is my secondary fiction that is taking a back seat to "A Break In Time" until I get it completed (which will probably be a while).
-Rated M, What if Tsunade had adopted Naruto the night of the Kyuubi attack? What if Hiashi had sworn to protect him that very night in front of the council? This is would could have happened had Naruto grown up with Tsunade and Shizune for the first 8 years of his life. Naru/Hina, Possible Violence and Language later.

(With Full Summaries if possible)

Untitled Project 1:
-At the battle for the bridge in wave country, Sasuke, instead of just being injured, is killed by Haku. After the battle is thru Team 7, minus Sasuke, have to return to Konoha. What will this change in events lead to next? Now that they are a man short will Team 7 compete in the Chunnin Exams? Will they find someone to replace Sasuke? Naru/Hina, Rated M: Violence, Suggestive Themes, (later) Lemons.

Untitled Project 2:
-When Naruto finally contacts the Kyuubi inside his head is he ever in for a surprise. First, the great Kyuubi no Kitsune is a female who apparently likes to mess with poor Naruto's mind. Second, she is friendly towards Naruto and more than willing to help him out and give him knowledge. Why is the Kyuubi so nice? Why did she attack Konoha if she's so kind? Pairings Not Decided, Rated M: Violence, Suggestive Themes.

Untitled Project 3:
-Star Wars Cross Over. Naru/Hina. Rate M. Not sure yet, as I have a few idea's on how to do this in a believable/acceptable way. However, this one is by far the one that I most want to do. Reason? I like Star Wars and have yet to find a cross over fiction that I actually like.

Untitled Project 4:
-Uchiha Sasuke didn't survive the clan massacre. Konoha is now without its Sharingan eyes and the future Team 7 missing a member. What effect will this have? Rated T, Violence, Language, Adult Themes. Naru/Hina or Naru/Saku or Naru/Ino?

Untitled Project 5:
-Kyuubi never attacks Konoha. Instead she moves to Konoha with her mother at the age of 8 and befriends Naruto. Only Minato and Kushina know of her and her mothers true nature as Kitsune demons. Rated T, Violence, Language, Adult Themes Naru/FemKyuubi, Shino/Hina or Shika/Hina.


Master of Ice
has been updated with a new chapter. This chapter isn't as good as the first but thats ok. I'm hoping that this one will answer some questions from the first chapter. Also, if you read it you might have noticed that its "Part 1", this is a 2, maybe 3 part chapter dealing with the background of his new powers and the outcome of it. However these chapters whill not be back to back, they will be spaced apart as I don't want to completely bore people to death. The next chapter dealing with his powers will probably take place back in Konoha with the Hokage and maybe the council thus giving 1 to 2 chapters of other stuff that people should enjoy more.

Master of Ice
is out and I've already got the second chapter almost done. Also, I feel the block starting to fade and started working again on A Break in Time and its coming much easier than it was. I don't know when it will be ready and out but hopefully soon.

Well I'm about half way thru a new chapter for A Break in Time and I'm still having horrible writers block so progress is very slow. To help allievate this I'm going to be posting a new story that will have far shorter chapters. Hopefully this will allow me to loosen back up and regain my inspiration for my other stories. You can read above for the full summary of my new story Master of Ice. It should be posted in the next day or so.

Believe it or not I haven't forgotten this site. I've just run into a horrible block on almost all my idea's and especially my current stories. I am currently trying to overcome this so that I can get a chapter out for A Break in Time because I know its popular and I have always hated when people start a story but never finish thus I don't wish to do that. I hope that you readers can understand my problem and continue to be patient.

I always feel nervous when I update a story. Oh well I guess. A Break in Time is updated, albiet very late. I have a plan for when I wish to have the first part of the story done so hopefully I can keep to my schedule now. For now I will keep working on it and my other idea's (when the mood hits for them) until I get it done.

Till a later time.

First, everyone that has voted (if I saw right) seems to like the first of my untitled projects. Just to let everyone know, it appears that that will be the next one that I start after I finish up at least one of my current stories. Second, I apologize for how long its been since I've updated. I am currently working on the next chapter of A Break in Time and hope to have it out in the next couple of days. I realized recently that I've become, you might say, addicted to reading Fan-Fictions here on and thus don't write often or much at a time. So, since I have the chance to read at work, I've made my goal to only read at work and try to type and do other activites at home. So, thirdly, I hope to be able to update a little more frequently now.

I now have a goal for completing A Break in Time by a certain date and a better idea of where that story is heading. With that in mind, I would like to mention that the story might, just might, end up upseting people with the last chapter or two (which are a ways off) but, if enough people at the time demand it, it will also get a sequel that would please everyone. I already have an idea for that sequel too, but it just depends on exactly what I do in the end of the story and how people react to it.

Till a later time.

No story updates. I'm steadily working on A Break in Time (about 1/3 done) but progess is slow. Its not that I don't know what I want to say, I just have to get it all said in a manner that makes sense in the story and to the read. Also, I've changed the poll as I've decided that, instead of starting Untitled Project 2, I would ask what my visitors thought. I'm not saying thats the one I'll do next but I will think on it.

One or two people might notice that Untitled Project 5 is similar to another stories concept on here. Thats because thats where I got the idea. However, I didn't like the way the story was turning out (no offense meant to the writer) and would like to take a hand at writting a story like that with my own idea's. Untitled 3 would also be a small cross over (one of them, probably Naruto) becoming a Jedi and beating Akasuki. After that I MIGHT make a sequel that would go more to the Star Wars side of things.

All for now, peace out.

Well, looks like I've done what I never wanted to do. I've left everyone hanging waiting for new chapters. I am deeply regetful for that and will try to make it up to those who read my stories somehow. For now know that I intend to have the new chapter of A Break in Time up sometime this weekend. In all honesty I've hit a small road block on the story and the plot I am currently trying to develope for it. As for New Chance, I should have a new chapter sometime before Thanksgiving as long as my beta is able to do his read through realitively quickly once I get the chapter finished.

On another note, I plan on starting Untitled Project 2 here soon (within the next month) and I am still uncertain as to the pairings for it. I will say that it probably won't be a Naru/Hina like my other two stories as I would like to try something else. I will not be featuring any other pairings in it though so there is no need for people to be upset about who Hinata or someone else might end up with. I need to start a non-Naru/Hina story to get my mind working right again. Also, I know that some readers are thinking that if I don't have time to update already how will I be able to write another story. Simply put, I have the time, but, I've run out of steam these last few months. I am in need of something jump start my mind again so that I can resume writing.

I've also updated my favorites sections. Instead of listing all the ones that I enjoy seeing, I'm listing the ones that I look for. I only read Naruto centered stories, so these are the ones that I look the most for. Also, under the dislike, I've listed the ones that I won't read unless there is some outside influence. Those are the pairings that I have an extremely hard time standing.

Well, I got New Chance updated and it was the one that I was least worried about. Oh well. I also have the first 1/3 of the next New Chance chapter written and just have to finish it. As to A Break In Time, I've started the new chapter, and have it partially done, but I can make no promises. I will try to get it out later tonight like I said I would, but it might be tomorrow or Monday before it is completed. I think that it is worth the wait myself. I am trying to get these done faster, but since I'm not really a writer, it is tough. Also, it doesn't help that I have the work ethic of Shikamaru, but oh well. For those reading New Chance, enjoy the chapter, and for A Break In Time, I promise I'm working on it. After all, the chapters for New Chance are, on average, not nearly as long as A Break's chapters are.

Ok, so here's the plan. I should have the next chapters of BOTH, yes, BOTH, stories ready by Sept 20 (next Saturday) at the latest. Now, the priority is of course A Break In Time but New Chance's next chapter is also close to being complete. I really am trying to update faster (for those that care) but keep in mind that I am doing this for fun. As such, I won't promise weekly or even monthly updates. Do know though that I WON'T stop writting either story until they are done. Also, I am updating my Idea's section so that you can see what I might start writting as soon as the current stories are done/very close to being done. I just can't muli-task enough to write more than 2, maybe 3, stories at a time.

Well, technically I got it up on 8-31 according to But, it was already the new day by my local clock, dang. I've had some formatting problems with on both stories so I plan on going back and, when I update agian, reloading the chapters with a few corrections (mostly formatting, no need to re-read or anything) so that they all follow the same style.

Good grief. I suck at this whole updating thing. Ok, I'm like 80 done with the new chapter for "A Break In Time" and I'm working on it right now. I hope to have it up either later tonight or tomorrow. Also, I've posted another chapter for my other story. This was a chapter that I actually had written quiet some time ago, just never posted it.

Views on Crossovers
(This is mainly written so if anyone questions why new new story isn't listed as a crossover.)

Personally I don't dislike crossovers as long as they are done tastefully and tactfully. However I, unlike some, do not view a story as a crossover for just having one or two elements of another mixed in. A Break In Time is an example of this as, while it does have elements of Kenshin in it, they are integrated into the story and the Naruto world with changes made were necessary to make them fit. The same is true for my new story Master of Ice. While his abilities do come from the anime Bleach the worlds themselves are seperate and he and possibly his family will be the only ones with those abilities. In the future I might be tempted (depending on how that story ends) to do a follow up of Master of Ice then it would be a crossover because it would have Naruto going to the Bleach world. Now if I was to include a lot of different abilities, people, or concepts in the story and Naruto world then I would change it to a crossover. But I won't, and I'm not. He will only ever have Shinigami abilities and never have to fight Hollows or do Konso. Why? Read the story and find out. It will all be explained.

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