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I don't have any stories up on this site. I'm hoping to one day. I've kind of ended up more of an idea person for fan fiction. (Maybe that's what I'll write. A small collection of "what if" one shots from all the various stories I read when I come across a scene that I wonder what if she/he/they had done this instead?
I love good fanfictions and I'm always offering ideas to make them better. (there's so many stories that have turned out the exact same way, you start to be able to see it from the first 3 chapters.)
Anyway, the only thing I've ever published (on these grand internets) is a one shot story I wrote that nearly mirrored a day I had in every aspect. I was going to put it here, but it's not a fanfiction. So if anyone is interested in reading it, it's over on and it's titled "17th of Never" ()

If the link doesn't work, look for a profile named jovian-mako, and it's in my gallery (the random folder). Or even easier in the site's search engine, type in "Jem chibis set 1" and you can get to my profile from there.*

If you read my one shot wonder (because I haven't shared any of my other writings yet), let me know what you think of it. I might just write some more.

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