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It's been so long! I've been out of the anime loop for a few years, but I don't think I can leave these outdated fics undone. I bet a lot has changed! I feel like I'm returning home after years of travel!

Well, I hope to at least finish one or two fics in the next few weeks.

The Writer:

I have a lot of enthusiasm but it fades rather quickly. I don't stick with any one thing for long. I have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. My biggest problem is making sure I finish the projects I start. I also have a very active imagination. I often get carried away with my thoughts. In general, no promises on when I'll be updating! I'm a very irregular updater, but I have a crazy life. It gets in my way a lot.

One of my goals in writing is to make ORIGINAL plots for my fics, a.k.a. not being Mary Sue (Except in Mary Sue-per Powers, it is a plot point!) and trying not to copy other people's ideas too much. You'd be surprised how hard that is!

My other goal is to write fics featuring the 'Unlovables,' as I call them. If you feel I am missing a Naruto character on this list (male please) please feel free to drop me a PM! This list of characters includes:

Kakuzu (Currently writing The Game)

Zetsu (Currently writing A Fear of Windows)

About my stories: Current works –

Eien Wo Mita Shoujo: Also known as The Girl Who Saw Eternity (translation of Japanese title) this fiction is a Madara x OC fic. The story will be stretched over two different periods in the Naruto universe, aka pre Konoha’s formation, and during the beginning of the Akatsuk’s introduction in the series. Likely to be angsty and similar in writing style to A Fear of Windows.

The Game: Satsu is the embodiment of my inner prankster and gambler. All reactions are what I would consider doing and chicken out. She’s what I want to be as well; experienced, cunning, talented, sexy, and vivacious… I could go on and on. I thought that picking such a strong and ‘Out-there’ character to torment/love Kakuzu was pure genius, and it seems my readers agree! I feel like a successful writer because of the response to this story, and thank all of you for reading! EDIT: The Game is ALMOST OVER! There will be NO SEQUEL! Stop asking! This story will be finished at ten chapters!

A Fear of Windows: based on the many mysteries I devour for breakfast, and my ideas behind what kind of political turmoil I imagined the rain village would be in, this is one hell of a creepy fic. I decided to toss a normal, shy girl into a dangerous situation involving murders and corrupted politicians, and would like to think I based her on myself. I’m working on suspense and detail in this one, bare with me as I branch out of the humor fics I am currently hiding behind. I wanted to experiment with another little-loved character in this one too, so I picked Zetsu!

To Be Labeled: My first (mostly) OC-less multi chapter work, the story line is based on the concept of a challenge. Basically, the Akatsuki and Team Hebi (or Hawk…) are integrated into Konoha by various means, and are working as leaf nin/captives in the village. During the integration’s first few months, a challenge between kunoichi and shinobi arises, and the stakes are high! Which team will gather the most positive labels? In this story, my mission is to write about the weirdest pairings possible in a humorous way, with the above as their tying point. I WILL DO NON-EXPLICIT YAOI AND YURI PAIRINGS! Don’t expect smut. Feel free to drop me a review or PM regarding what pairings you’d like to see! I’ll likely turn it into a hate, rivalry, friendship, or awkward situation if it is of the Y or Y variety.

Lilium: I would like you all to consider Lilium my first trip towards horror, but not my last. The name Lilium means Lily, and Lilies are the flower of death. I gave Hidan a little publicity, and am ashamed of how it turned out. Read at your own risk!

Sasuke’s New Jutsu: This is pure crack, based on a script I wrote when I thought I was going to a con… the story features Naruto and Sasuke, and is the worst fic I’ve ever written…. But, I think it’s funny, so…. (Shifts uneasily) Read and beware! This story is due for a re-vamp anyway, so… yeah. 3 years is a little long to ignore a fic’s obvious flaws.

About my stories: Future works –

Shudders and Lace: A new evil plot of mine, consisting of Madara Uchiha and Hinata Hyuuga. (I just like to torture my second favorite Naruto character...) Basically, it involves runing away, being captured, an in-depth look at Uchiha-Hyuuga family relations/history, falling in love with a madman, and some flashbacks on Madara's part. I'm pretty sure it will be in first person from Hinata's perspective, as that is how my writing style works best. I want to write it in a story-telling, rememberance format but... un.

Flashovers and Backdrafts: a Deidara x OC fic, based on what my imaginings has reproduced as Deidara’s past. I mean, he has to have one, right? Semi humorous, semi angsty, also going to be a while before I finish it. Needs some more plot in between the end and beginning, un. It does have an ending, so it will get finished eventually!

Please, Vermillion: A really old fic of mine, remade and with some changes to plotlines. Riddled with teen angst and the need for acceptance, this one will be coming along shortly after A Fear of Windows is closer to wrapped up (meaning The Game will be old news). Some of my older friends will recognize it, and I hope they are excited! I’ll make it a bazillion time’s better, and it will be dedicated to Kenna, my original inspiration! For now, go show her some support for her Itachi fic, In The End We’ll Both Rot Together. It is in my favorites, and all you have to do is click on Korosuhito in my fave authors list to reach her profile!

Fathers and Daughters: I want to know how Kakashi would react to living with a girl! Seriously, would he freak or be really understanding about teenage female issues? So, in order to explore this concept, I’m throwing Sakura into the role as his adopted daughter! Sakura is my mega-neo-twin, so I’ll be taking the easy way out and writing most of it in her perspective (but from third person…). I STILL NEED AN ENDING! I’m not sure whether or not to add some form of romance (not with Kakashi) into it, but for now it is humor. You guys will have to hold your horses and wait for this one till my ending materializes.

The Almost Princess: WILL BE REDONE! I love the concept of Otogakure, and Orochimaru having a daughter! I want to throw a character into the Sound ‘s politics and see how twisted she’ll become! I’m evil like that. Another old fic that I took down from the site, you can read the original on my quizilla account Purpleyuki. The story starts as a romance between two OC’s, shifts to romantic confusion with the OC and Kabuto, Sakon, and Kimimaro, and will end up being a romance between Iruka and the OC in the end. The story will end in the Sasuke Retrieval arc. I hope to get this rewritten soon! The story is heavily based on the events of the Chuunin exams and Sound invasion. This story will likely have three arcs, the Otogakure arc, the Konoha arc, and the Sound Invasion/Sasuke Retrieval arc.

P.s. I LOOOVE IRUKA! He gets too much Yaoi press… (Hisses at the copious amounts of KakaIru.)

The Ocean Room: Renamed, this is a Kankuro OC fic.Used to be called Namida. This one is about an insecure prodigy medic who is sent to Suna as help during the rebuilding of the Suna border, when Gaara has his big personality 180. Anrui is a medic from a broken family with a very big secret to hide, and Kankuro (as well as Gaara and Temari) want to welcome her into their family and uncover the mystery behind her. A little slow in coming.

Anata no Oto: A Kisame OC fic, this one doesn't have a concrete ending yet either, but I'm making the OC cross over into A Fear of Windows. Kotone, a geisha in Kiri, is told that her music could soothe the soul of a savage beast, so she tries her luck in bet to win Kisame's heart. Too bad he won hers first... I REALLY want an ending, so towards the end of A Fear, I'll be plotting.

Mary Sue-per Powers: A (semi) romance-less crack fic, featuring Marissa Susan Moonlight-Brightman, the epitome of all things Mary Sue. Thing is, she realises that she is a Mary Sue, and then gets sucked into her favorite Manga/Anime series, Naruto! How will she fight her true nature and keep her super powers and beauty from destroying the world we know and love? Shameless screwing with plotlines ensues! Mwuhahahaha! Did I mention Deidara is in it?

Hush: Another Hidan OC fic, this one multichaptered. I'm not going to say much yet, but... Ok. I'll get there.

Wednesday: A plot trade with the awesome Amnerine! Summary: Sakura didn’t know what to think about Wednesdays. After all, they are the beginning of an end and an end to a beginning. ItaSakuDei

Kings of the Undeground: Hinata, a fledgling reporter in a dark, crime-filled city is assigned to interveiw a foul-mouthed medic who witnessed crime lord Orochimaru's murder. Together with ace detective Kakashi and the curious, persistant medic Hidan, they delve into the underground to find out whodunnit. Co-writing with Amnerine! Hope you all are excited for this!

Eyesore: Itachi X Karin. Setting off her own and leaving team Hebi behind, Karin decides it’s time to make a new name for herself. She meets Kisame and Itachi on her journey, and joins them (against her better judgement) and tries her hardest to prove that she is more than just an eyesore. Sarcastic, slightly serious crack fic!

VIXI: A quick telling of the life of a Nobody named Rixan. Kingdom Hearts fandom. In this I explore what it would be like to have no emotions, and the longing each Nobody has for their missing hearts. Featuring Riku and Saix.

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