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Flying Sword

Name: Flying Sword

Age: 18

Height: Very small

Skin: Very pale

My username is an amalgamation of two names from my favourite ever movie, Hero! Broken Sword and Flying Snow, but both those names were taken ='[ so I made this one up!!

I also use the English names of the Yugioh characters I write about - so Jounouchi becomes Joey etc, just so more people can feel like they're able to read their stories!

Stuff About Me!!!!

I just turned 18! I love love LOVE fairylights =D I also adore cookies, and have had three this evening! I love sports, which is good otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to eat so much junk =P I enjoy running - ITS FUN I TELL YOU! - and martial arts =]

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail." =D



Paradise Kiss
Battle Royale
Immortal Rain
Dragonball Z
Lady Snow Blood


Cowboy Bebop
Dragonball Z
Card Captor Sakura
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Fullmetal Alchemist


Yu-Gi-Oh!- RyouxBakura.. obviously. I never get enough of these two, I LOVE THIS PAIRING! MalikxBakura, because they are a lovely couple. SetoxJoey, SetoxRyou, YamixRyou (they're always really interesting). MarikxMalik, YamixYugi, JoeyxRyou - this is really interesting, does anyone else like this couple? I'd usually write them in a specific style though. If anyone has a story which incorporates this pairing, please let me know :D RyouxKisara, ThiefKingBakuraxKisara, ThiefKingBakuraxRyou, ThiefKingBakuraxMalik/Marik

Non-Yaoi: SetoxKisara, SetoxTea... zomj SetoxEVERYONE, he makes everything so much cooler xD ThiefKingBakuraxKisara, RyouxKisara, BakuraxTea, JoeyxTea (again done in a certain way), TristanxTea, BakuraxSerenity

D.N.Angel- DaisukexSatoshi, DaisukexDark, DarkxSatoshi, SatoshixKrad

Inuyasha- InuyashaxKagome, MirokuxSango, SesshoumaruxKagome, SesshoumaruxKagura, Sesshoumaru and most people to be honest. InuyashaxKagomexKagura (Love Triangles like this are always entralling)

Paradise Kiss- GeorgexYukari, YukarixTokumori, MiwakoxArashi, YukarixArashi, MiwakoxTokumori, MiwakoxYukari. That couple's never done, again, does anyone else like these? Let me know! =]

Harry Potter: LunaxCedric, JamesxLily, YoungSnapexLily, DracoxHermione (DRAMIONE!!!), SiriusxSinestra (young), SiriusxLily, LunaxRon, LuciusxBellatrix, SnapexNarcissa, LuciusxTonks, RemusxTonks, BellatrixxFleur, LuciusxFleur

Those are the main characters that I write about, but if anyone has any other pairings, or any couplings from any of the other listed mangas, please tell me :D

Note: Reviews make me happy. You know... just in case XD


24/3/2010 - ZOMG, it's so weird seeing all my updates from 2008 =O anyway... big long apology time TAH-DAH!! I was just so busy with exams that I had no time to work on this! D'= but my redeeming feature to me, and also I hope, to you is that I stayed up until 5.30 in the morning completing chapter 5! I'm decided, this will be one of my priorities now!! I missed my writing, well, my storywriting, because essays are NOT the same! xD anyways, really hope you like the new chapter, please read and review if you can! P.S. 18 in July, OH BABY!

20/08/2008 - AH! This is Story Hell. I'm so sorry I haven't updated in so long, but my computer has really been on the fritz, it's logging me out and not letting me on pages, etc. Anyway, Chapter 4 is definitely on it's way, and it will be uploaded as soon as I can :D Thanks for the support!

5/07/2008 - Chapter 4, in the works. I now have my entire summer break off to work on this story. I have so many ideas spinning in my head, I hope you're all prepared for this story to be seriously, seriously long! xD By the way, thankyou for all your awesome reviews, they're what encourages me to write more! I appreciate every nice thing that is said about The Moon Thief =

19/05/2008 - Yay, starting rough draft on Chapter 3. Apologies if at later times some chapters take longer to post, in the middle of EXAMS, ARGH, damn you thorns in my side which keep me from writing.

14/05/2008 - Updating notebook for Chapter 2 of The Moon Thief, plus Chapter 3. Chapter 2 coming very soon. Also New story, remaining unrevealed until later date.

To TimeAndRhythmDoesIndeedSleep: Hi!! Thanks for your questions! =D In response to question One, I will say that they are not vampires!! xD And in response to question Two, that would be telling! But I hope you keep reading and enjoy the story!! =D

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Ryou is new in school. When he sets eyes on the Beautiful Bakura, he doesn't know what to make of it. But Bakura isn't what he seems to be, and just knowing him could be enough to send Ryou's world into pieces around him. Rated T. Pairings unrevealed.
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