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Its Megan, Bby x3

What's Happening;




You can call me;

Megan, Meg, M-dawg xD, Anything else you want

Years Young;

Guess :p


October 18th, Don't forget to wish me a virtual happy birthday xD


Blue, Black, Red, Green, Anything Neon, Yellow, White, Hot Pink, Silver, Gold, Anything really :D


Mountain Dew, Cream Soda, Diet Coke, Pizza, Ice Cream, Cookies, Boys, Old Friends, New Friends, Mean Girls, Bratz, Newsies, Cute is What We Aim For, Forever the Sickest KidsMayday Parade, Twilight Saga, Clique, Gossip Girl, Chris Plovert, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, More.


Root Beer, Fruit Punch, Red Bull, Vegetables, Mayonnaise, Tomatoes, Mean people, Know-it-all's, Backstabber's, Bee Movie, Wall-e, Journey to the center of the earth, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, Not any more:)


Cute is What we Aim For, All Time Low, Anberlin, Breaking Benjamn, Cartel, A Change Of Pace, Coldplay, Emery, Family Force 5, Fall Out Boy, Five Second Rule, FM Static, Forever The Sickest Kids, The Friday Night Boys,Good Charlotte, Greenday, Hit The Lights, Kerli, Linkin Park, Metro Station, Mayday Parade, Motion City Sound Track, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Simple Plan, Soulja Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Thee Armada, Three Days Grace, The Used, We The Kings, Weezer, MORE! Trust me.

Pairings I like;

Massington, Mosh, Plossie, DylanxCam, Clam, AliciaxOC, Criffan, (Clique) BellaxEdward, JasperxAlice, EmmetxRosalie, Anything from the book really (Twilight)

Pairings I hate;

Derrick with anyone besides Massie, Jolica(They seem like brother and sister), Closh, More (Clique) BellaxJacob(Even though I like Jacob:), EmmetxAlice, JasperxRosalie, Porbably more.

My theory is if it's welll written it can probably be loved, But until someone writes one of these that I like, I don't like them :)

Why am I telling you all this;

I have nothing Better to do :), And your reading it aren't you?, Haha Apperantly you have nothing better to do either.

Any questions? Ask.