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Author has written 7 stories for Death Note, Harry Potter, and Inuyasha.

I hate my real age. I act much younger when I'm happy, and way older when it's a bad day, but considering how old I really am, it could just be age appropriate.

In my spare time I would like to start re-writing my sex stories at my website. Sorry just normal girl x boy ones, and I blog and read. As of September 2009 I'm in college. So my free time is fighting my homework. I also started to write yaoi. A mix of OC stories and Fanfiction. I have graduated as of June 2013, I have officially graduated with my associated degree in architecture along with getting a certificate for highest GPA in my graduating class of 3.74.

What do I read? Yaoi manga mostly, and anything by Terry Pratchett. I'm still looking for ones I haven't read yet. My other books now consists of math, blueprint reading and construction materials. *grin*. But honestly I have other books. Most are newly acquired, as in 2 or so years before and around the start of first year of college. I physically own a few erotica books. One story about the path to being a doctor back in 1123 or so. I also have most of the Clan Bear saga.

My playlist is all over the place. I added music to my mp3 player almost a year ago 'today's date is Sep 26th 2009' and I've barely changed the files since then. I have "Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack songs", "Chipmunk soundtrack", and I have the "Macarena". I have songs from the 80's, 90's, and early 2000 with some songs from the 70's tossed in. I like Nana's anime opening song, and "Black Horse in a Cherry Tree" by that girl. I'll get her name later. I didn't find her, my sister did. I have updated. I like "Rolling In The Deep" so much that I have two versions. The first is the first, and the second is from Glee. Yes, I do like their version. I love Sing and Madness. :)

My movies are far reaching also. A few from my list are "Stardust", "MI-1", "I Am Legion" and "As You Like It", "3iron" and almost anything with Chow Young Fat in it. That was until I saw "Dragon Ball Z". I like Asian and British movies too. During this past summer (2009) I lived in the Asian import section of the library DVD movie section.

A little after I first joined FF I aspired to become a beta for this site, but when I found out that I had be post work first, I wondered if I would ever become a beta. I didn't have any fanfics at the time to post. I may make it a challenge for myself later down the road. So for now, I'll be living in Inuyasha in the yaoi section reviewing. :) As you can see I did get around to writing a few fanfics after all. First I did "DeathNote" I feel like going back there, but I'm looking for some kind of opening where it would be accepted or be a very likely. I'm also thinking of making it a yaoi one also, but that isn't set in stone. Next I did something for "Harry Potter". That was risky since I didn't know much outside of the movies and I haven't seen this last one yet. So I researched alot to write that one once I was asked to turn my one shot into something longer. Now I've living through my own Inuyasha Yaoi fanfic novel.

I seem to have lost a few readers for my Inuyasha story because I made a couple with someone that very few people seem to like. I should have seen it coming, but I didn't.

If anyone wouldn't mind an unregistered beta for their Inuyasha yaoi stories, feel free to call me up. I've learned a bit more since I've started to write my own so I think I would do a good job. Pairings that I like are Miroku with either Inuyasha, Kouga or Sesshomaru and Inuyasha with Kouga. I'm starting to be ok with reading Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. I have nothing against straight couples. OC's I do like. They expand on the fanfiction world. My fav couple out of this mess is Sesshomaru with Miroku, but I think that is just because of a story I read here. She did a very good job. :) I like Harry Potter stories and I'm going to be getting into DeathNote soon. As you saw in my Inuyasha fanfic, the couples I wrote about are a bit different from the ones I listed above. I do indeed have Miroku with Inuyasha, but Sesshomaru I paired up with Kagome. That was where I lost some readers. She isn't a brat. Not the way I see her. Sango is now with Kouga. And so they will stay for all my stories. I will read about, like and even beta other couples, but as far as I can see right now, I will only write of them in these pairings. Now that I'm in school any beta-ing jobs will have to be done during my school breaks. School is out as you read up there, but work is hard to come by, so I'm free to beta unless stated otherwise.


Confucius Connections by piratesbabe123 = Completed

I Love You - Followthedarke = Completed

One More Chance - Dr4c0n1s = Completed

My Hands Are A Shiver - Followthedarke = Completed

Ch Ch Changes - Followthedarke = In Progress

From Within - Followthedarke = In Progress

It All Started One Christmas - Dr4c0n1s = Future Project

More Than Artificial - Followthedarke = Future Project


(March 15 2014)

I have been editing and slightly re-formating my Inuyasha story 'Together' lately. I will be taking down past copies and posting this 'new' one in a few days to a week, maybe 2 weeks, from now. I will miss all the comments, but this, I think, is a better version if not a cleaner version. I didn't do anything major, other than combine a few of the shorter chapters together to make them a more decent length. But I found some slightly distressing errors and messed up sentences that I fixed or deleted outright since I couldn't remember what I wanted or it was written in total error.

I will be trying to secure a 'proper' cover for this story, but it may be a while in coming. They have a lot on their plate at the moment.

So I will be back. :)

Oh, I would like to take this moment to thank all my new watchers and anyone else that faved something of mine recently. I'm very happy knowing that people still like what I wrote.

Oh, the next installment of the story 'Together' is getting closer. I haven't started yet, but I have started to work somethings out. At least the titles. The next one will be named 'Together Again' and the last one, yes there will be a third, will be named 'Together Forever'. See how that works out? :D


(September 06 2014)

"Wish" is the other Inuyasha story and it has been posted. I got it up for New Years, I think. I'll double check. I have also updated and fixed "Together", that's my Inuyasha fanfic. I have combined most the chapters so there are no short ones anymore. I've changed the way I worded a few things. I might have filled in few gaps and of course I've corrected the typos that I saw. I was very happy to have saved all my comments when I updated the chapters and had to delete the ones that were no longer needed. I'm just about finished with "House Boys". I know. I take forever, but I managed to get a job or two, that didn't last long, but interrupted my writing flow.

(September 21 2013)

I have started to post a new OC story over at Scribd. It's called "House Boys". So that is what I'm up to these days. The Last OC story that I wrote was "Daddy's Acceptance" which was a while ago. I'm thinking of doing a dark Inuyasha piece, but I haven't given it much time since I'm tiring to finish that other Inuyasha story first. Keep your fingers crossed and you may get it for New Years. :)

(April 08 2013)

Name Change

Now - JemGirl 77

I realize that being this honest may hurt my attempts at getting a job, so I'm nicknaming out all my accounts. I don't think that having an interesting sex life, or view of sex, makes a person incapable of holding down a normal, if not good job. But I may be one of the few people who thinks that.

(February 12 2013)

I've started to create pdf versions of all my stories and have them posted over at Scribd. My big Inuyasha story is one pdf book and my newest Inuyasha story 'Wish' is already posted also. My Harry Potter stories and my OC stories are already there. This weekend I'm going to check to make sure that I have all my stories from FF and DA posted there.

You can download the stories there, which is one of the selling points I think it has along with all the other benefits of seeing/reading a pdf on line. Stop by and check it out.

(July 11 2011)

I'm not dead. I've had my classes and living over at DA where I can post my OC stories. They are also half the reason why I haven't finished "Together" yet. When I'm not writing my OC stories, I'm reading and when I do try to write, I got blocked. I have started to make myself write on the story again. Mostly that is due to the fact that I started going over the past chapters and fixing them up a bit before posting them over at DA.

So I'm thinking that when I'm ready to come back to FF to post more chapters, if not a chapter, I'll be updating the past chapters first, then add on the new stuff.

So don't count me out yet. :)

If you will like to read my OC, I have link to my story website where you can find them.

Also, The story "From Within" is mostly on delay due to conflicts with both our school studies. I'm going to try and see about getting that story going again before the year is out.

(October 18 2010)

I'm co-writing a Harry/Draco yaoi story with someone else here on FF. It's named From Within and it's being posted under her name. followthedarke

Do stop by and let us know how you like it. :) It's being written and posted almost at the same time, so when we are done writing and editing each chapter, it will be posted. Chapter 2 now up!

BTW, I have beta-ed some of followthedarke stories. That is how she come up with asking me to co-write this with her. :) I get to help come up with the plot and details. Fun.

(August 23 2010)

I now have an Adultfanfiction . net profile. I wish the site looked as clean as this one, but hopefully that will come soon. Either way, I didn't really know that it was there and why it was made. It's for all the fanfictions that have really hardcore sex that isn't officially allowed here. So I'm moving my really 'hair raising' stories over there and will be posted my new none fiction work there two since they say I could. :) They are also not so 'kid friendly'.

I have moved "Luna's Fairies" there and made a copy of "Couple's Conflict" there also since it was kinda mentioned in the other story.

I'm thinking of moving "Together" over there also, but I'm not sure. Some of the chapters get up there, but it will be a pain to format all of that over there and it will take a while since I have so many chapters.

Oh, I have the same name over there too. Jemgirl77. I don't hide well. :)

Update - I have posted two OC stories over there. They seemed to have been well received, but still very, very lacking in comments and reviews.

(Jan 04 2010)

I'm a beta. I've become Dr4c0n1s' beta here on Fanfiction. I've also beta-ed for someone else, but they haven't continued with their story sadly.

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