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Randy Orton... yum.

Randy Orton in HD... yum yum.

Randy Orton in HD with designer stubble... yum yum yum!

I've been writing for years but have never had the guts to let people read my work. I found this place by accident and think it's amazing! I have a number of interests, but my obvious favourites are writing, reading, music and wrestling. My favourite wrestlers at the moment are Randy Orton, Edge, John Cena, Batista, Shawn, HHH, Jeff, Matt, Kennedy, Taker, Kane (you heard!) and all the Divas for trying to make it in this sexist world.

Jeff Hardy... I can so tatally see the sex rays coming from his body... So Jeff is gone up to joint number one with Orton. Yes, Orton is still there at the top. You just can't beat that man with his tshirt and underpants...

Anyway, I'm a stay-at-home mom at the moment and I just love this place. I love that people actually read my work and a few have even told me my stories are good. That was very motivating for me, thank you very much.

I don't know yet the type of stories I will write, you might like some and hate some, but I know I'm going to keep at it. Well, at least till I have to return to work.

Thanks again for the interest.

Completed stories:

1) Broken, Randy/OC (first story after many many years, makes me cringe when I read it, but I keep it here to remind me I should do better)

2) The Bucket List, Randy/OC/Jeff

Thank you all for reading and reviewing. Like I said, I'm here to stay. Maybe when I finally get that first book on the shelves you'll have a special page in there for keeping me goin' (first book... lol.)

I'm so sorry I'm taking so long with my next story. My first excuse was Guitar Hero. Yeah. I kinda got lost in all my awesomeness as a freakin' ROCKSTAR!! Then I got pregnant and lazy. Obviously this state will last 9 months, but I promise I'll try to post soon. It's just that I'm tired... all the time... sigh. And confused. I have at least ten stories with about ten to fifteen chapters each. Then about a million others which are all mixed up and copied and pasted... I don't know what to post. And when I think about it too long I fall asleep.

And morning sickness is a bitch, especially when it lasts all day.

Eddie “Umaga” Fatu

Watched TNA because of Jeff. SIGH. Still as yummy as ever.

Edge, Edge, Edge. Whatever will we do without you?

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Best friends John Cena and Bree Giovanni are the biggest nymphomaniacs in the WWE. They'll sleep with anyone, anywhere, anytime - but they won't sleep with each other. Until Randy and Ashley Orton make bets with them that will change their lives.
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PAIRING: Matt/ Jeff Hardy RATING: NC-17 WARNING: angst, incest, mental and physical cruelty, non consensual sex, blasphemy SUMMARY Our wrongs remain unrectified and our souls won't be exhumed. Jeff’s POV NOTES: Lyrics by Muse “Sing for Absolution”.
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I'm pregnant." "Well what did you expect? You take your clothes off for a living," he snapped, running his fingers through his coloured hair. "You disgust me, Keri." "You don't understand. As far as I know, I've never...I'm a virgin," she whispered.
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She was his best friend and a sex addict. When situations force her to evalute herself, she decides she needs to find some meaning to her life before she has to say goodbye. Rated for sex, language and drugs. Randy,OC, John, Jeff, Maria, Taker, etc R&R
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Shawn's sister, Danielle, has come back from her self-imposed exile but she is still broken. She decides the only way to heal herself is to get real close to one Mr. Randy Orton. Will Randy heal her or destroy her already broken heart?
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