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Author has written 2 stories for El Tigre, Saw, and Kappa Mikey.

NAME:AdelDer D. Treue(Not really, but sounds cool!)



Bylase:Crossover master



MeisterVerstand:A crossover manga only on DeviantART. The story centers around Tre and his friends as they attend KAA(Kombiniterte Arten Academy). So far the series has had run ins with shows such as THE SECRET SATURDAYS and HELLSING as well as references from NARUTO, BLEACH, ONE PIECE and so on.

Adelder D. Treue:The main character. Tre is an 18 year old KAA Freshman with powers of the Dosa Dosa No Mi (Rocky Rocky Fruit). He is kind and very protective of his friends. Tre is the MeisterVerstand, or MASTER MIND. The duties of one are yet to be revealed. his powers include life engery blasts, alchemy, transformation, regeneration, and healing.

Kigödanchö D. Tözainanoboku: Tre's perverted partner, commonly known as Kigo, is a shinigami. He can fuse his powers with Tre's. He has a habit of fliriting with large-chested women with perverted remarks. Treu states he is his opposite.

Lan Fleur:Tre's 'sister' who he grew up with in Germany. She can run at high speeds, it is unknown how though.

Mark Kelbarker:A sophomore KAA student who has powers of the Hie Hie no Mi. He has the ability of ice-based alchemy and regeneration.

Nae Nae Shussan:An extremly busty 21 year old girl who Saves Lan in the begining chapters. However, her own life is saved soon by Tre. She has powers of the Seishin Seishin no mi(or Psyche Psyche fruit). Her powers include so far Psychic energy manipulation, future sight, and body morph(she states she got her large , G-cup breast when she first ate the fruit). She has fallen for Tre.

Zac Tiwan:Treu's 'brother' who sports a similiar look to Duncan of Total Drama series. except his Mohawk is yellow. However, despit his tough as nails look, he is always caring, especially towards his 'family'. He has powers of the Doa Doa No Mi(Door Door Fruit) and his powers include teleportation and body manipulation.

Kourtni Bing:Zac's girlfriend who eats the Kikia Kikia no mi(Mecha Mecha fruit). She is kind of unstable but a very sweet girl. But will snap if anything happens to her friends. Her powers include body manipulation.

Fortune "Misfortune/Eagle Eye" Kreuz:A Junior human at KAA. he is an amazing gun slinger and some how knows Tre from before the series.

Izumi "Izzi" Hitomi Akano:An old friend of Zac and Kourtni's who can manipulate fire. She is constantly hitting Kigo(literally) for his perverted antic, when in fact she might have feelings for him. She hasn't actually shown her abilities yet.

Alice K. Clarke:A KAA Sophomore who is an excellent Ninja.

Lily Clarke:Alice's 13 year old little sister who can use ninjutsu. She hates Max, due to his Gummy worm addiction or something else. She can use Flower based jutsu and has healing properties.

Max Mainatire:Another Sophomore who has the ability to shape shift due to the Kopï Kopï no Mi(or Copy Copy Fruit), which has earned him the nick name Mix-max. He is commonly seen as lazy and constantly eats gummy worms.

Marcus van Finsterniss:A vampiric elf who is a student at KAA. He is stated to of taken part of something known as the 'Millennium Funeral', which may link to the Meisterverstand. Due to being part elf, he has no weakness in sunlight, but is still nocturnal. Due to being part vampire, Marcus can levitate, go through walls, hynoptsis and regenerate.

IO Nebula:A Blue fire pixie who is the first one the group befriends. She can summon a sword with a star-like guard.

Kairi Namikaze: A Jinchuriki who hosts a Four tailed Demon cat. She is an excelent swordsman and can use Fire, water and Earth attacks. Her sword has a hilt made of Gauze.

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