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Author has written 36 stories for Crash Bandicoot, Super Smash Brothers, Mario, Kirby, Pokémon, Invader Zim, Soul Eater, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bastion, Pucca, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, My Little Pony, Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Legend of Zelda, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, and Sonic Underground.

C.T.K: Hi yah, Readers! Wow, been a long time since I updated this thing.

Ghost: Uh, Cody? What am I doing here?

C.T.K: Oh, Ghostwriter. Glad you're here.

Ghost: Okay? But, why?

C.T.K: Well, in the past, I used to do this with 3 of my other O.C's. Now, I have since sent most of them to the fires of hell.

(Ghost glances nervously to the incinerator door.)

C.T.K: But, I feel I should bring it back. So that's why your here.

Ghost: Should I be worried that I'll end up in that incinerator?

C.T.K: No, no. You've already been in there.

Ghost: Wait, wha?

C.T.K: Well your not the same Ghostwriter that's in 'A Scribe's Work'. That Ghost was sent through the fires of Ponychan's /fic/ board. And... well... he didn't make it.

Ghost: So... you killed me?

C.T.K: Oh, yeah. And I'm glad I did it, too. It was through that haven of well-meaning shredder beast, that I was beaten, battered, bruised, and burned, so that I could climb out of the pit of bad writing skill to rise like a phoenix, BORN ANEW! IT WAS BECAUSE OF THIS THAT I WAS MOLDED AND FORGED INTO A NEW CODY THE KIRBY, ONE WHO STRIVES TO NOT JUST BRING MY IDEAS TO LIFE, BUT TO IMPROVE MY CRAFT! WAHHA! (Starts panting.) Anyway, you didn't make it. The 'A Scribe's Work' seen here is all that is left of the former Ghost, who was unfortunately a Gary-Stu. There was nothing left, except a couple bones and a strangely surviving brain.

Ghost: Oh, please don't tell me...

C.T.K: Yep. Using the brain, some ashes, and the bones, I created a new Ghostwriter the Scribe. One who would be portrayed as a realistic character. And thus you were born, better, faster, stronger... err... not exactly stronger... Point is, I have refined you.

Ghost: Great... I'm apparently a product of a mad science experiment. Anyway, as fun as my existential crisis is, shouldn't you tell people a little about yourself.

C.T.K: Yep. Anyway, The name's Cody The Kirby. I'm a gray puffball with shaggy brown hair and a blue fisherman's cape. I'm the representation of the real Cody's creativity and insanity. Oh, and Ghost is my O.C for my MLP story. Yes I'm a Brony, I admit it. Oh and for Ghost's description, if you actually care it's in the story. Anyway, Ghost, the black board with some of my info on it.

(Ghost pushes a black board in)

Name: Cody

Class: Gamer/ Brony (This dual class option comes with fiery, friendship rainbows of destruction!)

Age: 21

Gender: male

Bio: Aright there are a few things you should know. 1 I love romance (go figure) so there will always be some in almost every thing I write. 2 I only do parings based on evidence (with a few exceptions like if there are no pairings (I make one) or if there are multiple ones (there has got to be evidence to support it) then I chose my favorite.) And 3 I don’t, Repeat, DON’T do gay pairings. Just not my preference.

Thing that I’ll probably write about: Crash Bandicoot, Kirby (that’s a big one), Super Smash Bros, Poke’mon, Ape Escape, MLP.

Pairings: (KirbyXRibbon) (YoshiXBirdo) (AshXMisty) (NarutoXHinata) (SpikeXHelga) More to come these are just my favorites


Ghost: Uh, Cody, there's nothing written here.

C.T.K: Oh, right. Here's some important things people. I am currently working on doing MASSIVE edits to most of my stories. I've got a list of stories I'll be doing these massive overhauls on.


Be His Brother

What's In A Name

Nanaki of the 13th Cycle

Never Lost

Pokemon: Unova Chronicles (Yep I misspelled the title the first time. How come nobody told me?)

Pucca: Ninja Shots

Crash Blue: Robotnic Rumble

Kirby Quest

The Phone

Super Smash Brothers Battle Royal

I Miss You, Too

Their Thoughts on Him

It's All In the Hat

A Kingdom's Downfall

Don't Underestimate a Friend

C.T.K: I also have a list of stories that I think only need minor edits.

Minor Edit List:

His Thoughts on Her 1 and 2

Her Thoughts on Him 1 and 2

C.T.K: Now this is a list of stories I will be forcing myself to update.

Update List:

Magic Books, Runes, and a Little Hope

Pokemon: Unova Chronicles

Bastion: Before Too Long

Crash Blue: Robotnic Rumble

Kirby Quest

Invader Zim: Fall of Irk

Super Smash Brothers Battle Royal

C.T.K: And finally, a list of stories that are DONE! I got nothing left to do with them. My creativity for these is dried up.

A Scribe's Work

Nanaki of the 13th Cycle

The Adventures of Crash And Clix.

Pucca: Ninja Shots (Will be undergoing name change.)

C.T.K: Well, that's pretty much it. I don't think anyone reads these things, anyway. Anyway, thanks for all the support guys.

Ghost: Bye, Folks!


C.T.K: (Sitting on swivel chair, looking at computer. Dark bags under eyes.) Date: March, 3rd, 2013. Time: (He types before pulling out a pocket watch out of his hat)

Ghost: You keep a pocket watch in your hat?

C.T.K: (glaring at him) Do you see any pockets on me? (turns back to pocket watch and stares at it for five seconds)

Ghost: You could just look on your computer?

C.T.K: Shut up! (Puts watch away) Time: 8:37 AM.

Ghost: (Brow raised) How do you type with those hands, anyway?

C.T.K: (Through gritted teeth.) Difficultly. Now, do you have a reason for being here or are you just trying to annoy me.

Ghost: You brought me here, remember.

C.T.K: (shakes head.) Sorry, Ghost. (Reaches for 2 liter of Mountain Dew on desk)

Ghost: You okay? You seem a bit stressed.

C.T.K:(After chugging 2 liter) I fear my endeavor may be the end of me, my friend.

Ghost: Why?

C.T.K: (Sighs and turns the chair towards Ghost.) Have you ever heard the phrase "writing evolves"?

Ghost: Yeah.

C.T.K: Yeah, well let's just say that my earlier stories are barely single-cell organisms.

Ghost: That bad, huh?

C.T.K: Bad doesn't even begin to describe it. (Flops back on chair.) I started thinking i could just give them all some editing and then I'd be satisfied, but no. Most of these need complete overhauls. It's like I was building a house and after laying down a concrete foundation, I started building it with uncooked pasta. It's brittle and flimsy. There are so many mistakes. There's bad word choice, the sentence structure is all the same, dialogue is atrocious, all the characters talk like me, and the flow, OH GOD, the flow, it's like swimming through bricks! Not to mention the many mistakes in grammar. (Facepalms) I was in High School when I wrote most of these. How did I do well in my English classes? Seriously, how? Not to mention the fact that so many titles were misspelled. "Super Smash Brothers Battle Royal" should be "Super Smash Brothers Battle Royale" and "Pokemon Unova Chonicals" should be "Pokemon Unova Chronicles". (Sighs) But, you wanna know the worst part, Ghostwriter? The worst part is I was actually proud of these sins against nature. That I actually believed that I was a good writer. (Turns back to laptop) Every mistake makes me want to slam my head into my computer. I haven't felt this bad since I lost the first Ghostwriter.

Ghost: Yeah, see, I'm still kinda in the middle of an existential crisis, so thanks for bringing that up.

C.T.K: So, now I had to add a second phase to my plans. I've finished all the stage one editing. Stage two is the refinement stage. (Shakes head.) I swear, I'm going to have to take a sledge hammer, a blow torch, and a nail gun to all my stories just unearth a speck of quality.

Ghost:(Nervous) All your stories?

C.T.K: Hmm? Oh, not yours, Ghost. Yours is actually the bench mark of my standards. To be fair, some of them aren't completely bad, they just need some fleshing out in areas.

Ghost: So, I guess this means your updating your list."

C.T.K: Right, so listen up, readers! Those updates I promised, yeah, their going to be a little late.

Ghost: You never promised any dates.

C.T.K: Don't make me kill you and bring you back with blood rituals like last time.

Ghost: I thought you said I was brought back with science.

C.T.K: Science and ancient blood rituals. Now, shoo. I need to put out the list and I'm sure our readers have gotten tired of reading a manifestation of someone's creativity and his O.C. bicker. Here's the lists:


Be His Brother

What's In A Name

Nanaki of the 13th Cycle

Never Lost

Pokemon: Unova Chronicles

Pucca: Ninja Shots

Crash Blue: Robotnic Rumble

Kirby Quest

The Phone

Super Smash Brothers Battle Royal

I Miss You, Too

Their Thoughts on Him

It's All In the Hat

A Kingdom's Downfall

Don't Underestimate a Friend

Ghost: You just copy and pasted the previous list.

C.T.K: Quiet, you! Anyway, I'll take one off the list when it's done. The Minor Edits list is completed and are already posted. So, yeah, that's it.

Ghost: What about the Avatar thing?

C.T.K: Oh, right. If some one is willing to offer up their drawing skill, I want a better avatar. One of me, like, typing, preferably from the front, maybe have Ghost looking over my shoulder if they can swing it. That is all. Bye.

Ghost: See, yah.



C.T.K: Ghost, my friend, grab the fire works.

Ghost: What for?

C.T.K: Why, for a celebration. I finally have some progress to report.

Ghost: Oh, goodie. And it only took you two weeks.

C.T.K: (Frowning) Can't you just be happy for me?

Ghost: (Smirking) Where's the fun in that?

C.T.K: Whatever, just read off this list. (Hands him a clipboard)

Ghost: There's only four stories on here. you mean to tell me that all this time you've only gotten four stories done?

C.T.K: You see, what had happened was that I would start and then half way through my creativity would go 'You don't pay us enough. We quit.' Anyway, just read the list.

Ghost: (Clears throat) The list of stories that are done with massive revisions. Number one: A Kingdom's Downfall

C.T.K: Massively updated. It was one of my earlier stories so it needed a lot of work. Expect more depth in this version. I really worked hard to flesh it out.

Ghost: Number two: Kirby Quest Both Chapters

C.T.K: Surprisingly this one was decent to begin with. No big improvements here, just some better word choice.

Ghost: Number three: Pucca Funny Seduction?

C.T.K: Same as above, nothing big just better word choice and flow.

Ghost: That's it.

C.T.K: Ah, see you think that my good buddy, but I have a little surprise for everyone. A preview for Chapter 2 of Magic Books, Runes, and a Little Hope.

Ghost: Oh cool.

C.T.K: Now it's not a complete chapter, I still have to torture Ghost some more before it's done.

Ghost: Wait, what?

C.T.K: But I feel I should give you guys something so expect that soon.

Ghost: No, seriously, what do you mean by torture?

C.T.K: No time for that, Ghost. See Yah, readers!

C.T.K: New update for 4/13/2013!

Ghost: What, no funny banter between us?

C.T.K: Couldn't be bothered with it. Anyway, at time of writing, I have posted the revised editions of The Phone, Crash Blue: Robotnic Rumble, I Miss You Too, and all chapters of Super Smash Brothers Battle Royale. These revised editions hopefully have more depth and better descriptions. Review and enjoy.

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