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Fanfiction is weird. Well, truth be told, I'm more of an amv editor than a fanfiction writer... but wow, this is certainly fun stress-relief for when u just need to gush about sasusaku goodness for a while. Rima can't really say why you're reading this, and there are probably countless reasons for all, but for those who cared, or for those who are simply bored, here's a few fun facts about me. Oops, have you noticed that Rima tends to randomly rant sometimes? And talks in third person? Because she does. kay? :)

For those annoying individuals who always skip the first paragraph, i'll condense it. Rima is Rima's name.

Sorry, I'm kinda grumpy right now... but I'm also exceptionally bored. But heck, it's 3:30 in the morning, and I don't feel like sleeping... do you know that, if tortured to stay awake, a lab rat can last for two weeks?

When I read that, I searched very thouroughly for a name... the name of the idiot who tested them. Because I honestly want to see those sort of people dead. Yep, i'm an avid 'tree hugger'... even the slightest form of animal cruelty rlly gets me.

But on a lighter note, let's talk about school life.

Rima's 14 and I'm a freshmen... before high school, i attended a sheltered private school with fifteen students in my 8th grade class. Now I'm with 450 others my age. Kinda a big jumpp, huh? but little steps are no fun. Anyways, because of this drastic change and the academic advantage that came with my private school, i'm taking mostly junior classes this year... thus, some say 'wow, she's smart', but for the most part they just stare and label me a freak. Give or take. But still, I've managed to find a few close friends in the swarm.

As for sports... well, I've tried them all. I played basketball and volleyball for a year each in middle school, and I've been running track and cross country since fourth grade...though i stopped this year(because high school sports are overly-competetive death matches.) Actually, I guess you could say I'm a bit like Haruhi from the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya(but i'm more anime than alien obsessed). Well, I suppose we share the plain brown hair and brown eyes. boring -_- Currently I'm playing tennis, though I'm toying with the idea of taking a fencing class(how awesome would it be to learn pirate techniques and legally encouraged to stab people with long pointy objects?! XD)

I don't play any musical instruments, though I took piano and voice lessons for a few years... jeez, I'm starting to sound like an overachiever... but I'm really not, i swear!! DD: Actually, particularly when it comes to homework or something important(updating fanfiction included -_-), I'm a complete procrastinator... but, with 4-5 hours of sleep a night, I pull through okay! :D besides, I make up for it on the weekends... I rlly can't help it. I suppose you could call me partially nocturnal (and that's only because if i was fully nocturnal, I'd never get to see my friends, and that would be very sad.) Have i successfully scared you away yet? :3

Clubs? I'm a very unactive member of Mu Alpha Theta(the math club) because my parents forced me to join and want me to become your typical doctor/lawyer. HA. Not gonna happen -_- (that would be sooo boring. x_x ...well, i suppose being a doctor could be fun, but I'm not particularly excited about the 8 years of medical school with the majority of my peers only in the buisness for the money.) ) Other productive clubs? I always meet the minimal requirements Key Club, a service club(they offered me cookies on the first day, and i was sold... but 5 service hours a quarter rlly isn't that hard to obtain, and it colleges will be happy. tch.) Oh, and I also joined writing club, but disappointingly it turned out to be nothing more than a mess of idiots stringing big words together, so it's rlly not very fun. Are people actually still reading this? o_O well, if you are, i'll keep rambling away then... I joined a 'historical film society' where all we do is watch interesting historical movies and eat m&m's(yum). And, saving the best for last, Rima's an active member in the anime and manga club, and yes, for your information, they're quite different. In manga club, we actually draw manga(I'm more of an artist than a writer... but all i rlly like to draw is anime and my talented art teacher is a psycho slave-driver who insists we draw from observation >/) In anime club we just watch anime and eat pokey, and this year the manga club's actually going 2 publish a book with our work! i'm going pro! _ (lolz)

I'd sat pretty much sums up my life.. stalker information to suit your heart's desire. i hope that was at least mildly entertaining to read... geez, it almost feels rude ranting about myself for so long... if you actually read all that and ever wanna talk, don't hesitate to message me about whateva... i'll listen :)

Well, it seems i've managed to bore myself as well as you, 'cuz Rima's getting getting kinda sleepy... going to bed now... -yawnz-

goodnight and thus farewell... i bid thee adieu and pleasent dreams


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