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A little longer then...

This is my account profile thing.

If you're here then it means that you have nothing better to do. Or you have read one of my stories and would like to see my others but have been distracted as I so often am with what the Author, in this case me, is saying. Or typing. As such. I will now remind said people to look at the stories instead of this. Alternatively, this may be rather amusing at some point. So if you are one of the people who have nothing better to do, or if you were looking for a story of mine but decided this will do for now, read on...

A basic overview of my personality would be bordering on eccentric insanity, along with a childlike curiosity that comes out at the worst times and a case of acute OCD. It results in me. I can be lively and playful one second and then be brooding the next. It also doesn't help when i see myself taking a pool cue to the back of a random strangers head. That's the OCD.

Ask my friends about me and they'll say what most friends would. the top three being Gay, Dickhead, Bastard. Although I tend to use the last one more than them. Quick point, I'm fairly sure I'm not currently gay though I can be rather the dickhead when I'm brooding. They'd also say Vegetarian. Which I actually am all the time. But they say it as an insult. Funny really. Though vaguely annoying at times. Finally, they would call me a ladyboy. This odd notion somehow managed to evolve when I didn't join them in fantasizing over a picture in the back of a Final Fantasy Guide. They've stopped using that more recently. Oh, they'd also say Hypocritical. But who isn't, really?

A major problem with my mindset is the lack of common sense. Well, I say major. It's really more minor in my eyes. I have bounds of intelligence, but supposedly, not a drop of common sense. Two results of this are; half a finger missing when I tried to cut carrots with a bread knife and finding a rather good recipe for Rhubarb Crumble. Sort of even themselves out, almost.

Anything humourous yet? Anyhoo...

I say eccentric insanity because that is the closest I could come to describing it. It's more that i have varying periods of almost complete insanity, but in a good way. I also have the eccentric vocabulary that causes me to use big words but say them in such a way that the mean something entirely different than was originally intended for them when created. These two traits mingle, hence the description. I am most fond of the word prevalent. To me, it means frequent. According to my mates, it means something else. I can never remember what. I have also had an argument with the baptist church. Not the people of it. The actual building near my house. It has a bible quote written on the side of it and I asked what it meant. The church didn't answer and I got a little angry. I spent ten minutes trying to get it to explain. The sad thing is that I think it won.

The childlike curiosity is more or less coupled with the insanity. I can act anywhere between the ages of four and sixty depending. Mostly it's nine. I have bouts of hyperactivity that lead me to spend half an hour scrupulously searching a matchbox for some sort of door. I also find colouring in childrens' colouring books extremely satisfying. You should try it.

I have a poor attention span too. I love to read or write about what I want to. The problem is, while writing, I will become distracted by a game of minesweeper. This has the upside of me having a fastest time of one hundred and seventy five seconds of expert but the downside of not being able to complete much work or stories. Unequivocally frustrating.

This has been a brief yet mediocritally in-depth view of some of my mind. I may add to this in future. Or I might not.

I was listening to a mixture of Muse, Freezepop and Flyleaf while writing this.

Meanwhile, the best thing I've done of note lately is to sign a piece of a bench that we broke.

Oh wait. I also want to learn Japanese, does anyone have any suggestions as to a good way?

That's it for now. I want to thank anyone who has reviewed any story. I'm sure I read the review and appreciated it.

(Mastermind) is what the best correction suggestion is for nevermind. Huh

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