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Ya'll dont know how to review. Fine with us. That's the only reason we took down Boy Troubles.
It's really sad for a writer to not get reviews. We try our hardest to write you stories that entertain you, and what do we get in return? Nothing.
At least tell us if you dont like the story. We'll stop. Seriously we will.
It's also sad to know that, just cuz our Pen Name isn't popular in whatever section you're reading you dont read OR review our story.
Or, you review the stories of your friends (some of which arent even well written) just because you're friends. As friends you should point out the flaws in the story.
Yes, I'm talking about a specific person for this one.
But seriously, just because we're not the popular writers, doesn't mean we dont give the same amount of effort as the others do.
(Hell, Pixie's struggled to get her name popular among the SasuIno readers, she really tries. And yeah, she's one of the more popular writers so I guess her hard work paid off. But I guess she wasnt agressive enough to get what she wanted because she still feels as if her work is passed off as nothing. YES. It's True.)
It's very biased, the giving off of reviews. It doesn't do justice to the content of the story. Absolutely not.

Okay, I'm one to talk, the only person I give reviews to is Pixie. But I do that for motivational purposes (or if, there's an inside joke behind the story) honestly, I dont read A LOT of stories on the website. I load them to my iPod and read them there. I was just (seriously) pushed and influenced by my best friend to make an account and write stories. Because, I have these whacked out ideas that could turn into good fiction, but I dont know how to write it out. That's where fanfiction came in. It's my training. And I'm glad I even get reviews (over on my account).

I bet if some popular author posted our story it'd get reviews.

Whoever's reading this and you're getting pissed at it or you think we're talking about YOU. Dont be so conceited. These are just my observations.

I take full credit for this whole section.


I don't know if we're posting a story next.
We drifted VERY far from Naruto Goes Hollywood,
so dont expect any updates for that.
I dont know if we have a new story.
But whatever. You wont care if we had 5 new stories
or if we had 1 new story, anyway.

Yes. This is a full on tantrum. I wish I could UNCENSOR myself right now.

xoxo; T.

it's high time we tried this out. -sighs- kay, here we go.
J-sizzle. Mizz T

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