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Uh, hi. I'm DarkLordKardos. That isn't my real name of course, but you know.

Wow...it's been a year or so since I've edited this page or spent any significant amount of time on this site, and I like to think I've changed (or at least decreased in nerdiness) since then. i figure since people are starting to actually read my writing, now's as good a time as any to revise this.

I'm a guy who writes stuff. There.

Just kidding. Let's see...I'm 14 and I like to draw, write, read, play video games, listen to music, hang out with friends...mostly basic teenager stuff. I have somewhat of a reputation as the quiet smart kid. However, I have a mean sarcastic streak that rears its head now and then.

I haven't written very much fanfiction, and the stories I have written have little in common. I more often write really random comedy, partly because I'm just not that great at writing Long Serious Stories, and partly because I don't really see the point of putting a lot of work into writing Long Serious Stories about property I don't own and never will. (That doesn't mean I don't respect those who do, however.) Maybe it's just because I have a really lazy work ethic. Yeah, probly that one.

Anyway, mah fics:

Where is Snape?: A sorta funny and really random little six-part Potter Puppet Pals story that I wrote for my Nerd Camp friends, and eventually decided to upload to this site. Other people seem to like it as well. Who knew?

The Twilight Problem: Another PPP fic in which Hermione becomes diagnosed with the common female affliction of Twilight addiction. I get to poke fun at my worst enemy Stephenie Meyer, her book, its fans, and write a PPP story at the same time! And it's even randomer than the first one! Yay! This is the fic I'm currently working on, and probably most popular, though neither of those are saying very much. I also frequently appear in it, usually as some sort of deus ex machina. Or maybe it's to feed my enormous ego. Who can say?

The Hunted: A Metroid fic, set immediately after the Prime Trilogy (although you really don't have to know much about the series to read it). Samus is being hunted down by Sylux from MPH, and meets up with Olimar and the Pikmin in the process of trying to survive. I'm also trying to include all the rest of the MP:H hunters, cuz they're cool. Er...Haven't updated this in awhile. Not sure where I was going with some of it...

The Return of Drawcia: Er...My first fic, and it shows. It's set in the Kirby universe, where the notorious thieves known as the Squeaks discover a painting containing the trapped soul of the Dread Witch Drawcia. Yeah...Clearly I wrote this awhile ago. I might come back to it eventually, or take it off and edit it. Or more probably do nothing. It's not on the top of my priority list.

Darth Vader vs. Neo: This is a purely humorous Matrix/Star Wars crossover where Neo and Vader have an unconventional battle to the death. I wrote it at STEP "Nerd Camp" 07 before I even knew about this site. My friends there liked it a lot, so I thought I would post it here.

And that's it. I might put more on this page once I write more stuff that people will actually read. Ciao!

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Potter Puppet Pals: The Twilight Problem reviews
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