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A little bout me...

Well, um, hey, lol.My name's Evie, (Evelyn for full but Evie for short), sixteen years of age. Brown hair, hazel eyes, relatively normal height, go to an average school, nothing unnormal for me. Chose my name "Tasogarewolf" because I love the dusk n I love wolves, lol. Been writing for a few years (nothing up here) I love writing, it's really my passion in life. I'm hoping to publish books in the future, (I'll never be as good as Stephenie or J.K but a girl can hope... A girl can hope.) AU is kind of my specialty, I love writing characters out of their universe, it opens so many oppurtunities while staying with the same cast, just adapting their characters to a new world. It's so fun! I don't mind lemonish stuff, as long as its with the right pairing, lol. Yes, one day I'll write one... And explode of embarrassment ten minutes after uploading it.


I've got a wide taste in music, I listen to basically everything and that kind of helps me out with my writing. Listening to lots of types of music kind of inspires me for different things concerning my writing. It's a weird thing. I'm the same with movies, I'll watch pretty much everything (Yes, I even went to the movies to see WALL-E) except for horrors. I can't stand horrors. I'm a chicken, lol. I could barely sit through Cloverfield, that's how much of a wuss I am XD

I'm a gamer. Not the hardcore lock-myself-in-my-room-until-I-finish-this-stupid-game gamer, the one who'll buy whatever game catches my interest and play until I can beat it. For example i bought Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess in January, finished it about two weeks later. And I did not use any cheats or walkthroughs, I don't believe in those. (when I'm having a good day XD)

I'm also a huge anime fan, (mostly the swords and guns stuff, ex Gundam, Inuyasha, FMA) and I'm obsessed with that kind of stuff. I love the Japanese culture, I'm learning the language very very slowly! I've got no life, rofl. If I'm not watching anime I'm obsessed with criminal television, like CSI, Law and Order, Bones etc, etc... I live a sad sad life...

Like I said before, writing's my passion, and reading is my secret lover to speak metaphorically. I was introduced to Twilight from a mad friend (who's crazier than I am) and she lent me the book for the week. I had it done by the end of the day of course, and kept it for the week just so I could read it over and over again. I ran back to her demanding the next book, and repeat the process to Eclipse, lol. Now I'm counting down the days to the movie and Brekaing Dawn, and I'm a faithful visitor to Stephenie's website. (Those quotes are driving me insane) and I have to say, as a reader, Stephenie is driving me mad and I'm getting frustrated with the teasing, but as a writer... She's a genius, a bloody genius, and I love her rofl. I shall end my rant here, unless I find something else to write about later, lmao. See you around the web!

Future Message: Hey, sorry to disappoint you all (or my few readers, lol, if I have any) But I'm taking a break for awhile due to personal issues. So don't expect any updates, I apologize for the absence.


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