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01/8/15- OMG I ACTUALLY UPDATED! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? Alright. So, hello everyone. As once previously stated on my profile, I told everyone that I had fallen out of the anime world, and the consequences of those actions were that I lost inspiration for my Ode to Sin story {which is crazy I'm still recieving follows for that story to this day.} Well, you can thank a certain show called 'Shingeki no kyojin aka; Attack on Titan for my sort of...spark back into 'some' animes.

So what does this mean? It means that I will be active again on this account! With potential new stories, and even have an update on Ode to Sin. Which I know; that dead story that's just been rotting away...I sincerely apologize for that. But yes, like Madison Montgomery, I'm ready to thrive again on this. So yeaaaah let's do this!

Take care

So instead of pulling a cock tease and updating a two page paragraph answering questions on Ode to Sin, I decided to answer them here on my profile page! At least ones that won't really spoil anything.

So let's start the Ode to Sin Q&A! *May contain spoilers*

Question: About the beginning of chapter seven, will we ever find out what Ode told Greed what she wanted?PlasticStarz

Answer: Ah yes...Chapter 7. Well you see, I hadn't exactly thought about what it was going to be as I was writing that chapter. I had a few ideas but they were all terrible. But when I finally thought of what it would was kinda too late to fit it in the story. What I plan to do is in the future, go back and re-write a couple chapters and try to fit Ode's little gift in. And what did Ode want from Greed? Well she wanted a mirror. A little mirror she could carry around with her. That's all I can tell you, but who knows? Maybe you'll guess why. :)

Question: Why does Ode want to leave a group of people who keep her safe? And what will happen to her now?A general question I seem to get.

Answer: You'll just have to keep reading and find out when the updates show up. :3

Question: How do you pronounce Ode's name?Mochalulu

Answer: The same way you would pronounce 'Ode to Joy' or a lyrical poem (Ohd) or ( ōd) Hope that helps.

Question: Did you notice that Ode is kinda like Osaka from Auzumanga Dio?SamAzoth42

Answer: Who?

Question: I was wondering will Ode met the reborn Greed, the Greeling?amillo

Answer: In the beginning I had a fun little paragraph at the top of every chapter, stating how I will be following the brotherhood plot. So whatever happens in brotherhood, it will most likely happen in Ode to Sin XD

End Q&A! More will be posted if there are some questions I think are safe to answer lol

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