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Konnichiwa, minna-san! You have just come across the page of the NyaaShi Futa!


~ Q & A ~





Q: What does NyaaShi Futa stand for?

A: NyaaShi Futa is actually short for 'NyaaShi no Futago', which literally means 'NyaaShii Twins'.

Q: Who is in NyaaShi Futa?

A: NyaaShi Futa is made up of a pair of besties - Ame-chan and Mii-chan. Everything about us is the same... from our height to our weight, from our love of anime to our love of fanfics. Even our birthdays are almost the same! Both our signs are Gemini, whose sign is actually a symbol of twins, and this can't be a mere coincidence!

Q: Why 'NyaaShi'?

A: Well, sometimes, when characters speak japanese, they have certain idiosyncrasies. For instance, Kenshin Himura from Samurai X likes to say 'gozaru' at the end of each sentence. Ame-chan and Mii-chan have developed idiosyncrasies of their own. Ame-chan likes to end with ~nyaa or ~nya nya at the end of each sentence. (eg, Genki desu~nyaa) And Mii-chan prefers to end her speech with the use of 'shi. (eg, Genki da'shi). Therefore, the NyaaShi Futa is born!

Q: What inspired us to make NyaaShi Futa?

A: One day, when Ame-chan and Mii-chan were discussing manga, we came across PEACH-PIT! Just in case you don't already know, Peach-Pit is a duo who made excellent mangas such as Shugo Chara, Rozen Maiden, Zombie Loan... etc... Since Peach-pit is comprised of two people drawing together, we decided to create our own duo - of twins!

Q: What sort of things will NyaaShi Futa do here?

A: Well, since this is a joint account, we will be writing some joint works, as well as some individual works.

Q: Who is Ame-chan?

A: Ame-chan is a nickname for 'Serizawa Ame'. She likes to say ~nyaa or ~nya nya. Ame-chan is what most people call her. Since the word 'Ame' is literally translated into 'rain', this shows that Ame-chan loves rain very much! She is infatuated with red and everything she owns is red! If you want to know who Ame-chan is, look at the red girl in our avatar. Her works will include stories from Naruto and Gakuen Alice. Ame-chan refers to herself in the third person a lot, as well as Mii-chan. Ame-chan prefers to use really polite terms whenever she speaks japanese, such as 'watakushi', which is a polite way of saying 'me'. Ame-chan is an avid manga and anime fan. She also reads monthly serialised Ribon, which she tries to get every month, if luck is with her. She absolutely loves Naruto. Ame-chan can speak japanese very well, so you can speak japanese with her! Ame-chan absolutely loves animals and is against animal cruelty!

Q: Who is Mii-chan?

A: Mii-chan is a short term for 'Fujioka Midori'. Midori can be literally translated into 'green', and this tells everyone how much Mii-chan loves green! Practically everything she owns is green! If you want to know who Mii-chan is, just look at the green girl in our avatar. Mii-chan loves to write stories for Gakuen Alice, and so, she will do that. Mii-chan refers to herself in the third person, and when she is not referring to herself as 'Mii-chan', she will use the word 'ore', which is a masculine term for 'me'. She reads Nakayoshi and tries to get it every month. Mii-chan likes to speak japanese and reads japanese comics. Mii-chan as well as Ame-chan is devoted to reading manga and watching anime. Mii-chan would like to use informal slang to speak japanese, and that is how you can tell us apart! Mii-chan also has an interest in saving the wildlife (and its green colour!) and she is against animal cruelty too!


To add Mii-chan and Ame-chan in other places:


Ame-chan: cgxy_302@hotmail.com

Mii-chan: animeotaku209@hotmail.com


Ame-chan: x-souseiki-x

Mii-chan: WinterAngel209


Joint email: NyaaShi_Futa@hotmail.com


What you can call Ame and Mii


1) Ame-chan (mii-chan calls ame this >xD)

2) Ame-sama

3) Ame-onee sama

4) Ame (mii-chan calls ame this >xD)

5) Serizawa-san


1) Mii-chan (ame-chan calls mii this >xD)

2) Mii-tama

3) Mii-nee

4) Mii (ame-chan calls mii this >xD)

5) Fujioka-san


Coming soon!

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