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Author has written 4 stories for Card Captor Sakura, and Sailor Moon.

My name is Jess.
I'm 21.
I live in Ontario, Canada.

My favourite season is Autumn.
My favourite movie is The Blind Side
My favourite TV show is The Office
My favourite singer is Leona Lewis (amazing)
My favourite hobbies are reading and writing
My favourite food is shrimp.
My favourite book is Eclipse from the Twilight Saga (although all are amazing)

I'm currently in college for Physical Geography / Earth Sciences.

My fanfics result around anything.

My ships float as such:

Usagi // Mamoru - Sailor Moon
Senshi // Shittenou
- Sailor Moon
Katara // Zuko -
Buffy // Spike
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Syaoran // Sakura
- Card Captor Sakura
Edward // Bella - Twilight
Susan // Caspian - Chronicles of Narnia

I'm also hoping to write some one shots since it lets me get rid of all the ideas roaming around in my head.

Story Updates:

HOMH: My newest story which is coming together quite nicely and quickly.

NNTSG: is put on hold for an unseeable amount of time.

T&S: IS DONE!! Took forever, (I know), but at last I can change it's status to complete.

'9 Months' will be an upcoming story. It is in the editing stage. Here's a teensie preview for those that actually read my profile lol:

Minako took her friends hands into her own. “Usagi, please listen to what I say. As Queen, you do have many important decisions and issues to face and maybe sometime along this road you will choose a wrong one, but it’s not going to be the end of that road. You’re the Senshi of Love and Justice, which is how you will run your kingdom. We love you, the people will love you, and Mamoru, the man waiting for you at the end of this aisle, will always love you.”

The music cue for Minako came and she lowered the veil on the bride’s face as she smiled with a tear gleaming in the corner of her eye.

“We’ll still be there when this is all said and done Usagi, besides, if it helps, you can just use the Luna pen and transform into an innocent little bunny if you're in trouble.” The dirty blonde joked as she flashed her signature ‘V’ then smoothly walked through the doors.

Standing alone, the doors closing for a brief second before her entrance, Usagi looked at her roses and smiled. They smelt just like they did on the day Mamoru gave them to her. They had to, since he had magically produced them for her on their one year anniversary of dating, and they had stayed in pristine condition. He was always a romantic and now she would have him forever.

Finally breathing calmly, Usagi noted the music change and the wedding march start up. The thick doors that had originally scared the small bride now seemed like a thin sheet of glass. Strolling through them, she waited for the guests to stand before beginning her march down the aisle towards her tearful friends, family and future kingdom.

Hope you all enjoy it!


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