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okay. so i decided to re-do my profile... here we go...

Okay, so i have to talk about myself now. Well. the first thing you should know is probably my name.
So, My name is melissa.

i am actually 15 years old this year. sweet sixteen the next.

can't say that i am really looking forward to it, cause that would mean that i would have to take my o'levels and take on a whole lot more of responsibility. but there are perks i guess. I can have access to NC16 shows. So that something nice.

I use to like writing stories a lot. But now it seems like i am kinda dead cause i can't get pass this writer's block. So what i like to do now is think of plot. I guess i have better plots than before now. Or so they tell me. But the thing is that, now i can't write.

So, it's like going back to square one. Sucky stories.

okay. urm. since i am a 15 year old, so you would probably guess i am a secondary school student. I am. Also taking one two part time jobs to get some extra cash to buy my stuff. My dad encourages me to work and earn money, but shakes his head when i spend all of it away. so ya...

My family is pretty great i guess. My parents give me just the right amount of freedom in exchange for me being able to look after myself. So that means i can go out alot. and i usually do. I also have one elder sister and one younger sister. They're fine i guess.

My elder sister can be a pain in the ass sometimes and try to bitch me around. But i usually don't take her shit. But i do get annoyed at times. But i guess it is only life to have a elder sister to bitch you around sometimes.

My younger sister is adorable. Growing up too fast, maybe. But still adorable none the less. But sometimes i feel bad for taking out my anger on her.

I really do.

Anyway, stuff in school can be stressful. My pure sciences and additional maths are killing me. But i still manage to juggle them loosely. For now.

My friends are great.I really love them alot. But nothing much to elaborate here. We are cool.


So i guess that's a kinda brief profile of me already.

So yupp.

Oh yeah. One thing you should know is probably that i am crazy about NARUTO. Out of all the animes that i have seen, naruto is still the one that captivates me the most.

my favourite character is sasuke uchiha.

I like his cool demeanor and his asshole personality. I have a thing for assholes. I believe that is still something between Naruto and him. so yupp.. i guess.

I don't really know who my favourite girl character is. i really don't. But if i had to guess. it would be hinata cause all the fanfics i read are all hinata as the main girl character.

and so, my favourite pairing is of course,


nothing can beat that.

but i also have something for shikatema. these are the only two pairings i will read.

Others, i can stand. But won't really go read a fanfic specifically for that pairing.

The two pairing i hate would be sasusaku and nejiten. I totally hate that pairing and won't read any stories with them. I don't know why, but i just HATE them.



update next time i guess...

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