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Heya :D

My names Amy ... I live in South Wales (UK) .. I'm 20.

Brown hair ... green eyes ... just your average female.

I'm a major Harry Potter fan, and since thats the way my muse tends to sway ... there will be more Harry Potter fanfics than any other on here.

Here's Where I Give A Big 'ALOHA' to my fanfiction fanatic friend Catwin. :D waves

You've got Catrin to thank for any Bones, HIMYM or Buffy fanfics that head your way! It's thanks to her that I love they've become by three fav TV series'!

There is a possibility that I'll write a FRIENDS or a Twilight Fic too ... depends which why my imagination flows!

Well thats all I gotta say for now, if ya wanna kno more (within reason ofcourse!) just drop by with a message! I'll always reply!

Rachelle Bleaker

Rachelle's MY own character. At the moment, she's only been placed in the Harry Potter world; but who knows, she may appear elsewhere.

She's had many names ... at one point during her creation her name was simply Megan Johnson and she was just an ordinary Muggle. Shes also been Maddison Crosswire, but thanks to an idea I had that she would be R.A.B instead of Sirius' brother, she became Rachelle Anne Bleaker and its kinda stuck. That's the name I know her as anyway, even though she goes by quite a few names ... read my fics and you'll understand, can't give away too much. lol.

More often or not shes a relation to Harry's, though that's not a nessessity. She's going to be placed in every Harry Potter generation eventually. I suppose, in a weird way, she's like Snape; but she's more evil than him and she's more good of heart than him. That makes no sense I know. I love Rachelle, and as she develops I hope you do too.

You Know You're Living In 2009 When:

(1) A life without a computer seems unthinkable.

(2) You have more friends that you never met, rather than ones you have.

(3) You would rather search the house from top to bottom for the TV remote rather than press the buttons on the TV.

(4) You get shocked every time you look at your computer clock by the amount of time that has passed.

(6) You start to use words like 'LOL' and 'LMAO' in your everyday speech.

(7) You can remember eleven-digit mobile numbers, but struggle to spell an eleven letter word.

(8) You nod and smile as you read this and think of sending it to your friends.

(9) You were far to busy to notice number 5.

(10) You scrolled back up to check for number 5

Now send this on if you fell for it, we know you did!

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Untold Story Of Rachelle Bleaker
She was Bellatrix Black's best friend and Sirius Black's one true love, yet there was so much more to Rachelle Bleaker than her confused and damaged heart.
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