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Hi I'm PuddlezOnThaMoon

Welcome to my profile!!

About Me: So i'll begin with the basics. I live in Australia where it's hot. I have a lot of pets for your average, suburbia family. I love anime, animals, reading and my friends. I have an awful 'Gutter Mouth' A.K.A i swear A LOT. And my friends always hit me when i do. So FanFiction is a place for me to let my true language out. According to my friends i'm a bit of an emo (which i completely disagree with). I really like rock music, especially punk rock and emo rock. I attend a Catholic school however do not believe in God or faith or any of that stuff. But i do respect those who do, such as most of my friends. In my opinion science is the answer to everything, and i'll argue one hell of a point too. Anyways i love going bush and using slang (half the times my friends don't understand me) so if i ever do i promise to write a translation.

Anyhows please check out my stories and if you like em' of have advice for me please review!! Also if you just wanna' chat drop me a line! A.K.A pm me.

Location: Australiar

Fav things to do: I like to horse ride, draw, watch anime, read, listen to music, hang out with my friends and write fan fiction.

Fav Animes (not in order of preference):

1. Death Note

2. Naruto

3. Air Gear

4. Full Metal Alchemist

5. Black Cat

6. Gravitation

7. Ouran High School Host Club

8. Fruits Basket

9. D.N Angle

10. Wolf's Rain

12. Sailor Moon

13. D Grey Man

14. Vampire Knight

15. Bleach

16. Soul Eater

Fav Books (in no particular order):

1. Vampire Academy series

2. Twilight series

3. Phantom Stallion series

4. Warriors series

5. Eragon Series

6. The chronicles Of Narnia

7. Inkheart Series

8. Death Note another note: the loss angeles BB murder cases

9. Hush, Hush

10. Tomrrow When the War began series

11. City of Bones series

12. Nightshade series

Fav Artists/Bands (in no particular oderder)

1. Fall Out Boy

2. Linkin Park

3. My Chemical Romance

4. The all American Rejects

5. The Offspring

6. Three Days Grace

7. Blink182

8. Bowling for soup

9. Breaking Benjamin

10. Evanessence

11. Greenday

12. Good Charlotte

13. The Red Jumpsuit Appartus

14. Skillet

15. Amy Meredith

16. Short Stack

17. Rufio

18. Muse

19. The Monster Goes Rawrr

20. This Century

21. Breathe Carolina

22. Mindless Self Indulgence

23. Mayday Parade

24. All time Low

25. Amely

26. Savage Garden

27. The Cranberries

28. Cute is what we aim for

29. Finch

30. Panic! At the disco

31. Escape the Fate (okay no more you get my general drift of music now right?)

There's a hellova lot more so i'll just keep it at that now,

Well thats enough about me, drop me a line any time!!

Stories i am currently writing/ have written

1. The Challenger - Completed

2. The true Terrors of High School - Deleted

3. Little Chicka - Deleted

4. Shadow's Diary (sequel to The Challenger) - Deleted

5. Easter With Matt & Mello - Completed (One-Shot)

6. Cursing - Completed (One-Shot)

7. Hide And Seek - Deleted

8. Kurenai Sensei's Deadly Jutsu - Deleted

9. Until Death - Chapter 7

10. Just Another Day in my Average Teenage Life - Chapter 4 is up!!

If you like one of my stories please review it! Thanks

If you have a suggestion for one of my stories please tell me, i might just add it to the story.

NOTE: I'm a terrible updater. Especially when school is on. Please forgive me for this. Also please don't nag me to update but i don't mind it if you don't send me a message to remind me if i'm taking too long!

I am a yaoi fangirl (yesh i finally admitted it) it's a perfectly healthy and sane addiction. A lot of my stories contain yaoi or hint towards yaoi. If you don't like it go jump off a bridge and pull your finger outta' your A-hole.

Fav Characters/parings

Naruto charas:

- Hidan


-Sasuke (before chapter 380, i'm going to kill that *&$#$)

- Naruto (he is the only 'good' character who makes my top five)

- Deidara

- Kakuzu

- Kisame

- Pein (he still scares me but i really like him WHYY HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO ME BRAIN??!!)



- Gaara (Panda-chan)



- SasukeXNaruto (i will forever love the hotness that is Sasuke grinding against the hotness that is Naruto)

-KakashiXIruka (it's so cute!!)

- KakuzuXHidan ( i know don't why i like this i mean Kakuzu is freeeaaaky, and Hidan is sooooo hot, but i love it for some odd reason mah my brain confuzzles me)

-ShikamaruXTemari (my fav non-yaoi paring Temari is so kickass!)

-LeeXSakura (Lee is devoted woman dammit Sasuke's Naruto's and vice versa!!)

- SasoriXDeidara (Another WTF do i like this paring, the only explination i have is i hate seeing people pair him with Tobi or the stupid pink haired bitch, plus Sasori deserved more screen time)

- ItachiXSasuke (Gods i have commited a crime UCHIHACEST!! What is wrong with me?? It's a bad addiction tehe *googles ItaSasu* =P)

- ItachiXNaruto (Itachi is hot. Naruto is hot. Need i say more?? It's supposedly taboo which makes me like it even more *see above paring*)

Ouran High School Host Club Fab Characters

- Hikaru


-Tamaki (Tama-chan)

- Mori

- Honey

- Haruhi


- TamakiXHaruhi (it's cute! Tama-chan's such an emotinal spastic)

- HikaruXHaruhi (mah if Tama-chan and Haruhi don't work out this is my next fav paring)

Death Note Characters

- Mello (me loves mello, he eats chocolate, doesn't follow the rules and has a freaking gun. Mello owns the world)

-Matt (i love Matty and his death was unjust, best 10 second character ever!!)

-Near (emotional retarted child. Near shows the world your never too old for toys)


- Ryuk

- Beyonf Birthday (hehe jam!)

- Sidoh


- MattXMello (very first yaoi paring, will always be one of my all time favs)

- LXLight (on and offs with this paring but i'll put it up here)

Fullmetal Alchemist Characters

- Edward

- Alphonse

- Roy Mustang

- Maes Hughes

- Winry


- EdwardXWinry

- RoyXEdwward

"Only cool animes have goggles!"

Thanks for visiting my page!!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Is it Life or Art? by lilac-bramble reviews
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 26 - Words: 163,867 - Reviews: 65 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 38 - Updated: 10/9/2017 - Published: 2/24/2009 - Deidara, Kisame H., Hidan, Kakuzu
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 21 - Words: 47,893 - Reviews: 343 - Favs: 403 - Follows: 186 - Updated: 11/5/2012 - Published: 10/16/2009 - Sasuke U., Naruto U. - Complete
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-SasuNaru- Ache: verb, noun 1. To suffer a continous, dull pain. 2. To long, to yearn painfully. 3. A painful sorrow. After bringing Sasuke back to Konoha, Naruto must not only live with the boy from his past, but be handcuffed to him. Literally.
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Doesn't the title say it all?
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Just Another Day In My Average Teenage Life reviews
What if all the Death Note boys attended the same high school? Matt's the no-hope gamer, Mello's the resident emo, L's the geek, Light's the school president and Near's the anti-social nerd. Well who said life was boring? T for language/suggestive themes.
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One quiet day in Konoha Sasuke is forced into discussing 'Safe Sex' with his older brother and having his sexuality questioned by his family. One-shot.
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Does God like video games? well according to Matt he does. Just a short one-shot. Rated T for a very colorful string of language. Read/Review. Enjoy!
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