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Author has written 21 stories for Ben 10.

"Mr. BG is currently in the process of writing his own original LN. Cheers!"

Mr. BG's guide on how to write an instant best-seller:

- Awkward, antisocial, and completely inept female protagonist desperate for love. Like disregard family, friends, and own personal well-being desperate.

- Really, really hot stalker male love interest. The hotter and creepier he is, the better. Sparkles and whips optional.

- Cliche romance lines that would make even Shakespeare shake his head in disgust.

- Female protagonist does something incredibly stupid every now and then. Male love interest conveniently saves her every tome. Readers mistake protagonist's stupidity for female empowerment or some shit.

- Sex. Kinky and disturbing sex.

- Extremely forced and pointless one-sided love triangle with completely uninteresting third wheel abs guy. Turns out he's half-chipmunk or whatever. Still uninteresting.

- Pointless fight between two dudes over girl hides subtle bromance as fanservice for female readers (that would be 99% of all who read the book).
- Everything is resolved with totally convenient plot device that showed up out of nowhere.

- Predictable happy ending you probably saw a 100 or so pages ago. Screw third wheel guy. He can go be uninteresting by himself -- or he could totally wait a few years to bang couple's firstborn, somehow rapidly aging vampire child. Err... what?

- Profit!

Update 12/8/13: Dear fans, I regretfully inform that I have to bid farewell to Fanfiction. The reason being that I no longer have any strong interest towards the Ben 10 universe, or will I have the ability to continuously write for this site. I thought the massive shift in writing style to a more anime feel that helped conceived Changes would help keep my enthusiasm at bay, but it didn't last long. The biggest reason for me quitting is that I'm adamant on writing my own original story with characters I can call my own. In order to do that, I must say goodbye to the copyright nature I'm forced to abide by until now. One of my life goals is to have my story be worthy enough to someday get animated. It's a stretch, but I'd like to think I can. Thanks for sticking by me fans through thick and thin. Fanfiction has been a joy to work with for all the years I've been involved.

Footnote: Parental Guidance was one of my fave stories to write. I'm still torn that I haven't been able to get around to finishing it. And my sincere apologies to those who enjoyed it. But, as much as I want to, it's just not possible for me to finish.

Update 10/18/13: I'm still in the process of churning out the next chapter of Changes. Some of the keys on my laptop don't work on the moment, hence why I can't write. Trying to convince my folks to get me a new one. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am not in anyway abandoning Changes.

Update 8/18/13: Chapter 6 of Changes finally out. Yay!

Update 7/21/13: New characters' models added for Changes in my deviantart profile:

-Catherine Alicia Thornton

-Natsumi Inaba (I forgot to draw her glasses on. My bad.)

Ben 10 Fic: Changes

I'm giving you guys the pleasure of seeing some (to me) decent drawings I made for the characters (so far) in the story. Sorry for any quality check (drawing or the picture) but I hope you guys will enjoy the works I made. I'm sorry, I'm not very good at drawing anime yet.

Chapter 1: Complex

1. Erika Misaki marks the second time Ben has been acquainted with a Japanese girl - although in this story, Julie does not exist.

2. Misaki means 'beautiful' 'blossom' in Japanese.

3. Chapter 1 hopefully marks possibly the longest word count I've ever written for a chapter: exceeding 9000 words.

4. Ben stands at 5'10 1/2; Gwen 5'8; Erika 5'7

5. Erika was meant to have a minor role for this chapter and for the story in general, but as I kept writing, her character diversified for me.

6. The Omnitrix will NOT make an appearance in subsequent chapters.

7. I chose Colorado was random. lol

8. The fic was originally going to be about Ben's newly acquired perversion, but I scrapped the idea and shifted towards Gwen's new...behavior.

9. As it is implied in this chapter, Ben is not very good with words and socializing.

10. Ben's secret identity is not known by most of the world in this fic.

11. Ben's new found love for black-on-black attire is inspired by my own preference to wear almost entirely dark clothing.

Chapter 2: Confusion

1. I was to have Erika make a small appearance via phone call in this chapter, but unfortunately, I couldn't write her in.

2. Gwen's, er, 'talent' was to appear in this chapter, yet, again I couldn't manage to write it in.

3. Gwen loves Pandas!

4. So far, Ben was harassed by Gwen a total of 5 times. One of those times was not addressed.

5. Strawberry panties! Gwen's motto: No panties, no life!

6. Ben is known as "Champ" inside the Plumbers' main branch, but is more commonly addressed as "Hero" by most other personnel.

7. Ben has had numerous surgeries and a few permanent injuries that happened during his hero days up to this point. Some are:

- Metal plates screwed into his neck.

- Permanent nerve damage to his left arm, making it somewhat weaker than his right, and tends to numb up under heavy strain.

- Two missing knuckles in his left hand.

- Twice dislocated his left shoulder.

- A hidden scar on his back.

8. The extent of Gwen's injuries were not addressed, but then again, she's living energy, so who knows?

9. Max is impossible to wake up unless he willingly does so himself.

10. Gwen has forcibly kissed Ben twice up to this point. No tongue, though.

11. Ben never finished mental conditioning with the Plumbers, claiming it was "boring and a total waste of time." He's paying for it now.

Chapter 3: Companions

1. Erika Misaki has spent much of her childhood in Japan before she and her parents moved to Denver, Colorado, thus why she still unintentionally mixes in her native language whenever she speaks.

2. As was stated in the chapter - Ben is incredibly dense; to the point of still believing Gwen is not completely serious about her confession to him.

3. Despite her immense popularity in her school, Erika is not very sociable, and, thus, only have a handful of close friends - Irine and Hailey to name a few. That is, until Ben showed up.

4. Erika receives about an average of 2-3 confessions per week.

5. Erika's overall good-nature prevents her from being blunt or direct towards anyone - even the people (girls included) that confess to her. Ben may be the only exception.

6. While Erika's father has a great hate for Ben for a lot of personal reasons, Erika's mother, on the other hand, is fond of him - excessively.

7. Erika does not handle pressure well.

8. Ben's close ties with Erika has somewhat made him a hated figure in his school - especially from the boys' side. It has, however, caused a reverse effect on some of the girls who became curious and somewhat infatuated with the mysterious 'conqueror of the school idol'.

9. Ben's soccer prowess does not give him much of a reputation in Evergreen Colorado University.

10. Erika has discovered Ben's sleeping habits on the school's rooftop after receiving various complaints from his teachers about his unexcused absences.

Chapter 4: Continuation

1. I apologize for not mentioning Gwen's headphones earlier. I actually failed to describe Gwen's appearance in the very first chapter and again in her next appearance. I've already had her look in mind before I wrote the story, but I was only able to squeeze it in in Chapter 4. You can see her art design for this story in the deviantart link on top.

2. Yet again, Gwen dons a fresh new personality in this chapter. How is it tied to her previous one? What ever happened to the old Gwen, though?

3. Inaba's real age is a mystery. She looks like a teenager - heck she looks about the same age as Ben - or is she actually one? Wait, isn't employing a teenage maid illegal?

4. Inaba was also meant to be a minor character in pre-development but i decided she's interesting enough to usurp another character - so, unfortunately, I'll have to reduce one of the character's role. Oh, well. Moe maid Inaba!

5. Inaba has light blue hair -- classic anime-style characterization. She stands at 5'7 1/2.

6. She's also a megane = "glasses wearer". Another classic anime element.

7. Gwen seemingly enjoys having her head stroked.

8. As you can already tell, Inaba is Japanese.

9. What is the "Garden of Eden" exactly? Where is it located? Questions like that answered very soon.

Chapter 5: Conflagration

1. Inaba-san's real age is still up for debate.

2. Gwen seems to not wear underwear when she sleeps. How long has this been going on?

3. Despite Erika's uber cuteness, Ben admits that, blood-relations aside, Gwen is the cutest girl he knows.

4. But that doesn't discern the fact that he really likes Erika.

5. Erika would always try to spoon-feed Ben -- much to the chagrin of a long list of people (Erika's father included).

6. Ben's first and only kiss happened in middle school... and it didn't go so well.

7. Max seems to not mind Gwen clinging to Ben so much... I wonder why...

8. Gwen is a heavy sleeper when she has to be.

Chapter 6: Combustion

1. Inaba is actually Natsumi's surname. Most of the hotel staff refers to her as "Natsumi-chan".

2. Ben doesn't know the fomer of the two facts.

3. Shinohara Shino dislikes her own name. Laziness is apparently genetic.

4. Shino is her first name. She stands at 5'11

5. Most of the young male guests in the Garden of Eden harbors a crush on Inaba.

6. Inaba is so cute that all of the guests are intimidated to approach her.

7. Except Ben, because he's Ben Tennyson - the oblivious idiot.

8. Before this chapter, Inaba tried her best to act formal to impress Ben and co. But now, after gaining confidence around Ben, she's back to being her usual clueless self.

9. All of the staff are aware of Shino's laziness except Inaba. All of the staff are also aware of how scary she can be - except, again, Inaba.

10. Shino is proficient in the art of the broom... ironically.

11. Haruka Ayumi is related to a character in this story.

12. Ayumi likes to cosplay as her favorite animals.

13. She is also very straightforward and can be rude. She stands at 4'1.

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