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I've had a few people PM me about this for a while. So I'm going to say it here.




So I haven't updated for a while. There's a reason for that. Lately all the fun of writing has just disappeared with the HSM fandom. It hasn't been there for a long time but I tried to carry on in the hope that it would come back to me. It hasn't. I've now run out of chapters for Crazy Wild Thoughts. And to be honest, I actually cannot write anything. I sat there for an hour trying to come up with something but nothing was happening. And I'm so sorry - unbelievably so, but I just don't know whether I'll be able to carry on writing for this fandom. You may have noticed that lately I've been writing for the Twilight fandom - I've posted a few stories on here. But right now I've decided that I want to write for that fandom. My mind has been busy with Twilight ideas - and nothing for HSM. I'm apologise because I hate when authors do this, but the fun of writing has gone. And quite frankly I can't get the words out for Crazy Wild Thoughts. I feel really wierd right now - and kind of weepy. But I need to do this because right now I just feel too constricted and unable to enjoy my writing any more. It feels more like a chore and honestly - nothing is coming out. I just can't get the words down. So I'm so so so sorry. If you are interested in seeing more work from me I've got a new account which I'll be using. Some of my stories - like Wrong Side of Town for an example are ridiculously bad and I just want to start over fresh. Otherwise, I guess this is the last time I'll be on this account. I might come back and try my best to see if I can post a few chapters of Crazy Wild Thoughts if I ever get anything down - but for now, it's goodbye. I would like to say a massive thank you to some people who’ve been reading and reviewing and others who I’ve gotten to be good friends with.

ElectrifyingChemistry, ZizzyBelle, carebear044, Captainimpalerrox, HisDelilah, JennCorinthos,, TracyEvansLuvsHSM, LaurFoSho, uniquegrl7, live . laugh . and . love, Luadmun, Zanessa Whorex3, MarCha, marebear11, smartgirl231814, WildHorses93, Line 101, Splitster7, AnneCecilleHSMfan,

I know there are so many more - I just can't name you all. I've loved the experience I've gotten from writing in this fandom - and I love some of the people I've met. I'm not going to be closing down this account or deleting any stories. And I still have the e-mail constantly open for this account - so if you do PM me I will recieve it and I will reply. I just won't be posting anymore on this.


I got bored of my old profile and felt it was time for a re-vamp. Some of it was so old I was like wtf?? I figured you guys really couldn't give a shit how sexy I think Robert Pattinson is, how I hyperventilated at 'Twilight's' kiss scenes and how fucking awesome I think Taylor Lautner's muscles are...and how good I think Zac Efron looks without a shirt on

Ok, so a bit about me...

I swear a lot so if you can't handle it then it might be a good idea to tell me if you decide to PM me. I tend to keep the swearing down in my fanfictions - mostly Crazy Wild Thoughts. My one shots often will have cursing in depends on the nature though. But as indicated from above (that bold text right at the top of this profile) I curse.

Right now I'm completely crushing on Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, Jesse McCartney, Alex Pettyfer and of course Taylor Lautner. So don't be surprised if somehow, somewhere, their names turn up in some of my stories.

I tend to be very random - often saying some of the most wierdest things and coming up with wierd ideas in the middle of the night. Just a few days ago I actually was lying in my bed gazing at my Zac Efron calender (because that's just what I do) when this brainwave hit me. So it's like 11:30 (I had to get up early the next day btw) and I'm texting everyone how I think I should make a calender of all my celebrity crushes... the above people included. I got some texts back questioning my sanity.

I love talking so PM me. Even if it's to say 'hi - you don't know me but...' I tend to look at someone profile, see they like something and then PM them saying 'Wow! I adore '...' as well...'

Films, TV shows, Books...entertainment

So my screenname is 'luv2watchtv'. That said I don't actually watch TV anymore. I made that screenname up like 4 years ago when I did watch TV. It's stuck with me and is something I use for everything. I would want to change it but then people won't know who I am anymore...and I can't be bothered. So just bear in mind - my name is luv2watchtv (technically my name's Nicole but whatever) but I don't actually watch that much of TV.

I do watch shows on the internet though - 90210 and Gossip Girl are the one's I watch mostly. I used to be a huge O.C. fan.

I love films! Chick-flicks are great but I appreciate a good war film as well as gangster films (don't ask - I once had to talk to my superviser at my work experience about what films I'm into. When I said chick-flicks and war films she smiled and said 'well that's a big contrast')

Some of my fave:

Twilight, A Walk To Remember, HSM... they're the one's which have been favourites for the years it's been out (obviously Twilight as been out for a few months but I think that with my obsession it'll stay a favourite for a LONG LONG while)

I am a reading freak! I read everything! I don't have a life - I spend quite a bit of time reading on here. I need to read something everyday or I feel incomplete. A book, a fanfic...a leaflet.

Some of my fave:

Noughts and Crosses series, Twilight series, The Luxe series, Princess Diaries series...

I love music. I honestly can't live without it. I wake up to music. I carry my iPod everywhere (except for school - someone's been going around stealing shit). I walk into my room and there's music on. I study with music. I write with music. I read with music. Sometimes I even shower with music (I really would like to get a shower radio - now I just take my iPod in there but apparantly the steam can damage the screen or something - at least someone told me that so I don't tend to do it that often)

My music taste is a mixture of everything. I like mostly everything - except hip-hop. I mean, some of it is ok. It's just quite often I find that it can sometimes be quite degrading to women (at least that's my interpretation for a lot of the songs). I listen to a lot of bands that some people have never heard of.

Writing (The reason I'm on here...and I'm assuming why you're reading my profile)

I've actually been reading fanfic on here for a while - I just never got round to signing up. It was always ‘Yea I'll do it tomorrow...' Eventually months and months went by and I still hadn't registered!

I've been writing fan fics since I was 13; however, have posted on different sites. I've always liked writing, although my first few stories were pretty bad... not to mention I was obsessed with everything being all happy in the story. I soon realised that I was better at writing out drama rather than fluff...

I'm now writing for HSM - I've become obsessed with the movie! I usually like to get quite a bit of the story done before I make a post - otherwise I found that I would sometimes leave people waiting for a while between posts. For the first stories I wrote I posted as I wrote - and either it ended up quite rubbish because I wanted to make sure that I gave my readers a post; it was too short - there would be times when I just posted 100 -200 words; or I would struggle and eventually end up posting ages later.

I don't tend to go crazy for real life fan fics though - sometimes I feel that it just gets too personal. However, that's not to say that if there's a good story out there I will not read it... I've read fantastic cast stories.

I also tend to have a thing for really sad stories (both in reading and writing) - I don't know why since it is kind of depressing but it shows that life doesn't always have a happy endings. And I like that. Because whilst there are happy endings in life - there are a lot of sad endings. And I enjoy writing those (don't ask why - I'm a weird person)

I also listen hell of a lot to music when I'm writing. I've got a whole playlist of depressing, angsty, music (think early Avril Lavigne, some Pink, Kelly Clarkson, The Veronicas, Evanescene e.t.c) for when I'm writing angst. I find that it really helps you get in the mood and the songs are often my inspiration.


Some pairings in HSM I am not too serious about; however, I am madly in love with Troyella! I don't really like Troypay or Ryella.

I'm not too concerned with the others though - I tend to go for Chaylor, Jelsi and Zekepay and sometimes Ryartha. However, I do also like Chadpay - after reading a few fics I saw that those two would actually be good in the whole love/hate department! I also like Ryelsi - even though in the movie it's Jelsi, I sometimes prefer Ryelsi as I feel that they are better suited together.

For real life I am a proud Zanessa supporter! My friends all know that as the moment I hear of Zanessa moments I'm excitedly yapping to them - they all get sick of it! I've been cursed to have found friends who are HSM/Zanessa haters! Only two of them like HSM and they are definitely not as obsessed with it as I am - sad really as I don't get to talk that much about it! They just roll their eyes or tell me to shut up as soon as I start a conversation about HSM!

I am not and never will be a Zashley supporter!

I also don't really mind about the other cast - as long as Zanessa are together I am happy!

For the O.C. I always will be a Ryan/Marissa supporter! Those two are the best and when Marissa died it just ruined it for me - no more O.C. for me!

I am not and never will be a fan of Ryan and Taylor. I don't even know what the producers and writers were thinking of getting those two to hook up! It was all 'Oh yeah Marissa's gone so now we're just going to have Ryan fall for Taylor who tried to ruin Ryan and Marissa!'

I do love Seth and Summer too - I loved them both on screen and off screen and was kind of sad when Adam and Rachel broke up...

I think with Gossip Girl, I love Dan and Serena together. It's really hard though because a lot of the couples aren't like a constant. With the O.C. you knew that Ryan and Marissa were meant to be together (before Marissa died and Taylor came into the picture) and same goes for Seth and Summer.

I've also got a thing for Jacob/Leah from Twilight series. I don't really like the whole Jacob/Nessie thing - I think it was just too neatly wrapped and everything.

Stories right now

I had a stories right now thing on here...but if you want to know more about my fanfictions just scroll a little bit down and read them...

Stories that I plan on posting

Like Sand and Sea

Being a MOB princess whilst dating an FBI prince can be a tricky thing. So how do Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton cope? Based off my four shot ‘Like Tyre’s and Nail’s’

This one is just an idea I have. I only have an outline done. I haven't started writing any chapters or anything so I doubt that this story will come out any time soon - although I don't know, I could suddenly be in the mood to write a lot of it..

Before It's Too Late

After a knee injury leaves Troy unable to play basketball, he becomes the East High basketball coach. He and Gabriella live happily together until Troy receives a chance to achieve his dream of coaching pro. But will the new challenge break the couple apart or prove that love truly conquers all?

This summary was done by HisDelilah. I had originally posted a few chapters but took it down because I noticed a few glitches.

You're My Guardian Angel

When socialite Bella Swan sneaks out of a party she finds herself wandering the streets of a rough neighbourhood lost. However, when she meets local Edward Masen, her high society world starts to spiral out of control… AU AH

This is an idea I've got for a Twilight fanfiction. I've written the first chapter and know a few things that I won't take place. It's currently one that is on my mind though and to be honest I'm a tad scared because I haven't written proper Twilight fanfiction before so this would sure as hell be an interesting story to write. I did think of using the idea for High School Musical but the characters didn't seem the same. I don't know why - it just felt that the story wouldn't be the same with Troy and Gabriella in it instead of Bella and Edward.

And then there are about four different one shots which I've got swimming around in my head. Hopefully I'll finish some soon and will be able to post them soon.

Anyway please check out my stories and make sure you review - I love reading what everyone has got to say...

I would also like to ask that you give me constructive critisicm - it really helps me improve as a writer which is basically my aim. If you're going to flame...well don't. I have zero respect for flamers and I think if you flame you're nothing but a piece of shit and I won't really give a fuck. I once got flamed and I was so hurt about it until I realised that the only reason I was flamed was because I had a trailer...not because of my writing. If you can only point out the bad points in a mean way designed to hurt then I really couldn't give two shits. I like constructive critisicm and actually appreciate it - but I can't stand people who flame for the sake of getting off because they think they've hurt someone's feelings. It's pathetic.

Xxx Nicole xxX

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High School Musical - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 27 - Words: 92,551 - Reviews: 608 - Favs: 87 - Follows: 83 - Updated: 6/18/2009 - Published: 8/29/2008 - Troy B., Gabriella M.
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