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Poll: The First Plane is a samurai-themed world, Plane 10 is a citadel and 12 and 13 are my decision, but which theme do you want for Plane 2? Vote Now!
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Author has written 5 stories for Legend of Zelda, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Pikmin, and Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance.


AS OF 03/07/10- I've uploaded SubversEd, my newest fic about the kids being trapped in a video game. And I've fixed the linespacing issue on it. HALLELUGHIA.

NOTE AS OF SOMETIME SOMEWHERE- Due to lack of updatorship on my part and thusly a lack of interest on behalf of the readers, I have deleted Eddementals and Final Exam. Though some may not like this, I think I wrote very badly on these and don't like them at all.

I'm Lieutenant Shroom, probably the first person to ever consider Plants Vs Zombies fanfction and I'm writing it probably as you read. I'm a Warhammer 40K player, a Nintendo fanboy and an anti-flamer (so I don't have s4 ap5). Alright, here's my faves thang.

I rate stories according to the Fungo-Meter, which represents how good the story is in relation to a mushroom's cap. How I rate-

0/5- Zombie Chow- Someone planted this story at the edge of the field and gave it little to no offensive power. LAME! Please come back and write better next time.

1/5- Puffshroom in Daytime- You have potential. Oh you do. But this potato mine has been planted at the front of the lawn with no time to arm itself. It may have good ideas, but very poorly executed.

2/5- Peashooter with 500 Sun- Come on, you can do better. This is the worst rating of all, as it shows you CAN, but you DIDN'T. Don't plant a Jalapeno in an aisle with no zoombehs!

3/5- Scaredy Sniper Shroom- You hit home, but you're fudging it a little too much. It's fine reading before your second coffee of the morning, but once you start to look in it flakes away bit by bit. All sniper shrooms could do better- and it would really make you popular!

4/5- C-Cannon with a Tall-Nut- This is some darn good writing. It's enjoyable, and has plenty of good qualities to its execution. It's by no means infalliable though, and it could use some tune-ups. Good author, good!

5/5- A PERFECT CAP- Operation Confligration- Amazing! Outstanding! The legendary Perfect Cap award is a great merit for those who acheive it. Such a story will be nigh-infalliable, and ill have nothing for zombies/flamers to eat before being pulverized!

Hobbies - Plants Vs Zombies, 40K Tyranids and Tau, Pikmin, Screwing up nice and happy worlds with my mind, writing.

Favorite Music - I don't have any preference. Spend most my time funking out to techno.

Favorite Book - Dunno. Have a lot.

Favorite Video Game Characters - Meta Knight, King Dedede, Captain Olimar, Loiue, Every Single Damn Pikmin, the Arachnorbs, the Empress Bulblax, Malleo and Weegee, Blue Toad (Yellow can burn in the fires of hell!), Zelda, Link, every single Zelda boss, Chancellor Cole, the Happy Mask Salesman, Flat and Sharp, Shas'La/'O Kais, a lot of others not coming to mind.

Favorite TV Show - When Cats Attack

Favorite Animé & Manga - Bleach, Sgt. Frog, Project ARMS, all the Zelda mangas, MAOU Juvenile Remix.


"I remember the Zombie Wars back in '76," says Imitater in a raspy, old-man's voice. "Back then, we didn't have all these fancy peashooters and jalapenos. All we had was guts. Guts and a spoon."- The Almanac, on the Imitater

I wanna explode," says Cherry #1. "No, let's detonate instead!" says his brother, Cherry #2. After intense consultation they agree to explodonate.- The Almanac, on the Cherry Bomb

RAN RAN RUUU! - Ronald McGiygas

"Oh come on, who just HAD to shake the earth right now?" - Sgt Keroro, Keroro Gunso



Last Days of Bryyo- The downfall of Bryyo, told from the viewpoints of the Reptiliucs Korthygis and his heirs. Beware the minor blood.

The Chaos God Show- The Ultramarines, Grey Knights and all other forces of the Imperium have had enough. They have decided to ally with the Eldar and Tau and even make an uneasy truce with the Orks and Necrons in their pursuit of an end to Chaos. With the Emperor's spirit encased in a new necrodermis suit, carrying a weapon capable of blowing apart a star system, they have sped into the Eye of Terror, deep into the Void and to the four Thrones of Chaos. However, what they didn't expect when they fired the weapon was the four Gods to be stripped of their powers, transfigured into human bodies and sent deep into the primitive planet of twenty-first century Earth. Now stuck in the present, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh must learn to live life in modern-day Earth- from getting a crappy apartment, to working at the local McBurger Monarch for 7 an hour, to getting rid of the garbage cluttering Nurgle's bed-closet. The Chaos Gods have never felt less godly.

That which Stands in the Way- A White Pikmin, son of a politician in the subterranean metropolis of Piktopia, is arrested when his father is murdered on suspicion of doing the deed. When he is rescued by a group of assassin Black Pikmin, he takes up the mantle of an assassin to track down the killer of his father. Part of the Tales of Piktopia series.

Soldiers of Fortune- Osbulb is a Purple Pikmin, warrior of the Winter Valley tribe and mercenary for hire. When his small band of mercenaries is paid by a red pikmin to exerminate a small tribe of yellows, the mighty warrior faces a challenge between morals. Oneshot. Part of the Tales of Piktopia series.


SubversEd (working title)- The Cul-De-Sac kids are sent strange disks for a game called "Shadowsun", that was canceled years ago when production mysteriously stopped. Once activated, the game allows a player to enter a bizzare space called the "Subverse", composed of thirteen "planes" or levels. When the game's opening destroys the real world, however, they must progress through the Subverse and defeat the Final Boss in Plane 13 to open the Gate, which will return the world to its former state. However, should they fall in the game, then they fall in the real world, too. Will the Cul-De-Sac kids escape the Subverse and repair the universe, and will they all make it out alive? Expect chapters of 6000 words plus. Chapters 1 & 2 up.

Rosa Rubicundior, Lilio Candidor- After Edd buys a book for Ed from an antique bookstore, the town of Saint Ivalice is transformed into the thick jungles of Western Ivalice, or, as the inhabitants call it, "Lustria". Eddy finds himself in the nest of a huge bird, wearing strange clothes and carrying a blade. After a brief enconter, Eddy starts a clan, hoping to find his friends and escape from this world. But what perils will the three-haired hero have to face to accomplish such a task? Chapter 1 up

X1924- As Hocotatian Marines are shot down in a war in neutral territory, they land in the ruins of a vast empire. They must endure nature to find their ship and escape before nature kills them all. Meanwhile, the Pikmin are in civil war, with each colour attacking their different-hued brothers. Can the Marines escape the planet before they are killed by the oxygen in the atmosphere, the true horrors of planet X1294, or the feuding Pikmin? Chapter 1 up


Four Seconds- Short, angsty Zelda angst. I don't like it much, but it's one of my best early works.

The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Destiny- Just what it says on the tin. Hundreds of Zelda characters come and beat the everloving crud out of eachother.

Bleh. Now read.

No, I'm serious.


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