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You know, in retrospect, I probably should have thought of a penname that was a little bit easier to remember. Oh well.

Yeah, so, if you've been on my profile before you might have noticed a whole lot o' clutter of randomness 'round here. Obviously, I've decided to do some spring cleaning. I'm going to try to keep things nice and simple here, I guess, and you'll probably see some more spring cleaning around here if things get all messy again. Anyway, is this the part where I say stuff about me?

Well, I play guitar and piano and am obsessed with all things music. I do actually think I would suffocate and die without it. I also run, swim, do karate (yes, I am a blackbelt), and bike. Occasionally I play some volleyball, but I've been hit in the face enough times to make me similar to Miley Cyrus when she got hit with a tree trunk as a baby because ol' Billy Ray forgot she was in his little napsack on his back when he was riding in the forest (true story. read it in Miles To Go). And as for the more imaginative sides of me, I love drawing and writing, and I keep a lot of journals with sketches and ramblings. Journals, also, are vital to my existence.

So, I've made up a rule for myself that I'm going to review more. Because honestly, I think everyone who has the guts to put their work out here in the big bad world of Fanfiction should at least get some feedback. I'm not making any promises, but I'm definitely going to try.

June 3rd, 2009 - WINNER!! - Maria won the category of Best Canon Pairings at The Cullen Clan Awards!! (http://the-cullen-clan-awards./)

June 15th, 2009 - VOTE AND NOMINATE YOUR FAVES!! - I've been nominated for Best Author on the Immortal Cookie Awards! Nominations close July 18th and winners are announced on August 1st. Time's running out, so getcher freak on over there - http://www.immortalcookieawards.moonfruit.com

July 5th, 2009 - VOTE AND NOMINATE YOUR FAVES!! - Youth, Caesar, and the Neverending Needles has the been nominated for the Indie Twific Awards in the category of Best Alternate Universe Human (WIP) Check that out, vote and nominate, and whatever else you wanna do right here- http://www.theindietwificawards.com/



Just for clarification...the sequel to Maria is not up yet. It's more of a mystical idea in my head than an actual on-paper (or on-computer-screen) idea. Sorry if that was unclear. The epilogue-type thing (it's more of a extra fluffy chapter, if you will. Consider Ch. 23 as the actual ending...) is up. Stop by and drop me a review! You know how I love 'em.

SEQUEL (5/22/09) - alot of you sharp-eyed readers noticed that I did, in fact, leave some things unanswered in Maria. But have no fear, because I intend to answer those questions in the sequel. This was just for clarification, because some of you were still asking (which is reasonable, considering I wasn't very good at notifying you all of my little plot-plan). Also, once I finish I'm Gonna Bite You OR Youth, Caesar, and the Neverending Needles, I will try to put up the first chapter of the yet-to-be-titled sequel. I'll tell you, though, that the sequel follows Bella's and Edward's relationship further (as most sequels do) and also follows Maria's changes into a teenager (gasp). So yeah, I'm excited about it, and I hoped I've cleared things up a bit.

MARIA TRANSLATED INTO SPANISH: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5140614/1/Maria


For Chap 3 of Youth, Caesar, and the Neverending Needles: Alice's outfit at Speedway was recreated by Joss17 (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1809766/Joss17) and is truly amazing and totes Alice-esque and awesome-esque so you should check that out right here -


For Chap 5 of Youth, Caesar, and the Neverending needles: another amazing recreation, again by Joss17 - http://www.polyvore.com/alices_outfit/set?id=9344340

MOREEE! (again by Joss17 a'course XD) - http://www.polyvore.com/alices_outfit/set?id=9529488

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