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Hey everybody! Thanks for visiting my profile. I figured it was about time I actually made one, even though there's not that much to say about me. LOL.

My name is Rachelle and I live in a small town in Canada Ontario. I have a pretty big family, although not all of them are around here anymore.

I LOVE music...all kinds, with a few exceptions, such as opera, and most jazz and bluegrass. Other than those, I listen to any genre, new or old. My song lists are quite odd, going from one exteme to the next. LOL.

I don't really watch much TV, but I do have two obsessions...One Tree Hill and American Idol (or Canadian Idol, whichever is currently airing). My vote (if Canadians could vote) would go to Adam Lambert all the way. And I'd love to see Alison in the finale as well. I also love but don't freak if I miss an episode, Criminal Minds. (You just gotta love Reid, right?) And I'll occasionaly watch Law and Order.

I love writing, but tend to be all over the place with my ideas. 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' is not only the first fanfiction I write, but also the first structured story. It's a real challenge for me to focus on the chapter at hand and keep things going in a realistic order when I know exactly what I want to happen way down the line. LOL. But it's a good kind of challenge and I imagine there are probably other writers who can relate. I'm telling you right now, it's going to be a very LONG story. Hehe.

I've tried not to bash any characters in my fic because I don't want to offend anyone who love them. However, I've recently discovered that I have no problem giving faults to my beloved and favored characters, but for those I'm not too keen on, I'm trying so hard not to let my own views on them show, that I've made them practically perfect, with little to no flaws whatsoever. LOL. However, I'm working on that. It's still a learning process so please bear with me.

I don't ship the traditional couples. I can't stand Naley and hate that the show paired them up for all of eternity. Well, for all seasons. LOL. As for Lucas, I can't say I dislike him, but I've never seen his appeal as a man, so never really understood all the hype surrounding him. However, I really like him in the brother, son, uncle, friend role, but as for his love life, I just don't care who he's with.

Nathan/Brooke: Love them. I know they've never been a couple, but they would have made a good one. At least, I think so. They were so alike in season 1 that it would have been so much fun to see all the trouble they could get into together. I always found it funny that they weren't at least close friends since their characters were so similar.

Nathan/Peyton: Even though they weren't together very long, they will forever be my all time favorite OTH couple. They have fire, spark and amazing chemistry. I know they fought alot, but there is so much passion in arguments. The way I see it is, if a couple doesn't argue, then they are basically indifferent to each other. I never believed their relationship was just about sex, (although, naturally it was a big deal) because they're both gorgeous and could have gotten that elsewhere, from anyone. We didn't get to see it, but it is said that they were always going back to each other, so there had to be some feelings there. If not, they would have given up on each other long before they did. I've been recently watching some Pathan videos on fanpop and that is only feeding my obsession with them. Now I want to make one, to go with my story, but I don't know how. LOL. If anyone does and doesn't mind taking the time to explain it to me, I would be forever grateful.

So, I guess I lied when I said I didn't have much to say. LOL. So yeah, another thing about me. I can be a HUGE rambler, and mostly about insignifant things. Hehe. But hey, the authors whose fics I review don't complain one bit. LOL. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for those of you who are reading my story, I hope you're enjoying it.

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Buzzworthy reviews
Nathan has been in the limelight for a while. Peyton is new to it. The paparazzi have invaded their lives. Everyone knows the tabloids aren't the truth. But sometimes they're close. All core characters involved. Endgame couples: Nathan/Peyton, Lucas/Brooke, Clay/Haley/Chris K.
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