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As mentioned in chapter 88: Click here for the Heart of Silence playlist

And also some links to various Delerium songs/music videos (buy their albums):

Playlist with Everything
"Stopwatch Hearts"
"Flowers Become Screens"

I suppose I should write something for this page. Make me easier to relate to. Anyway, I'm EtherealMutation. Yay for redundancy. I'm currently attending college at the moment, although I don't know what I want to do with my life afterwards. My interests lie mostly in well done, subversive fiction, but this hardly means I can't appreciate some good old fashioned entertainment. Anything is fair game if it's well done.

I play a lot of video games. Most genres are fine, but I used to pretty much play RPGs near exclusively (outside of the usual killer apps) when I was younger. Not so much now, but I still appreciate them. Lately, I've been playing the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series, having gained quite a bit of skill in both. Still not quite expert "Jordan" or "Through the Fire and Flames" level yet, but maybe someday.

As for music, I like most modern genres. I hate country and other lackadaisical, "three chords and the truth" genres, but I believe that anything in any genre can potentially be good (hell, there's even a soulless boy band song that I admit is fun). Personally, my favorite genres are progressive rock and heavy metal, but my iPod playlists include everything from rock to hard rock to instrumental to pop to R&B to jazz and much, much more. My favorite band at the moment is Muse (although they're kind of straying away from that raw sound of insanity I love with each new album), but I also like Blue Oyster Cult, Pink Floyd, Queens of the Stone Age, Yes, Iron Maiden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maroon 5, Steely Dan, and other such bands. My tastes are very eclectic.

I decided to try writing fanfiction, mostly for practice. I hold little interest in "shipping", mostly because I don't think it's really that healthy. I suppose that statement has made me look a lot less interesting to three quarters of the members of this website, but meh. I'm more interested in either continuation of my favorite fiction or dark parody rather than in just writing pieces to satisfy my fantasies and fetishes. This is not to say that anything written for those purposes are automatically uninteresting, but I believe a piece should work on its own merits. As you might notice from my current fiction, I'm also a bit cynical. Don't let that fool you into thinking that I'm not a reasonable or nice person, though.

I'm interested in meeting people. I guess the other reason for starting this is because I'm sort of lonely and would like to meet people. Please feel free to send me private messages. I'd be interested in proofreading and reviewing your stories or just simply talking about whatever. Don't be shy. Also, feel free to add my stories to whatever C2 you wish. Even the negative ones. I'm a good sport and won't complain if you put my stories in a "Worst Mary Sues" or "Biggest Defecation on the Canon" or whatever category. P.T. Barnum has taught me that negative publicity is still publicity. Just send me a private message telling me when you add them (even if it's a highly negative category). On that same note, don't be afraid to hurt my feelings in your reviews. If something is wrong or not working, I want to know about it so I can avoid it in the future.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for reading my profile and be sure to check out my personal webpage. It's a work in progress, but maybe once I have enough material, it will be interesting.

My list of "favorite" stories/authors is mostly sponsorship of the people that support my writing. I can't really say I think they're "great" or anything (as my reviews within them will reveal), but I feel they deserve exposure and I encourage others to read and give full critiques. Negative remarks with substantiation on the faults and how to improve is a lot more valuable than all the praise in the universe.

Yes, I am a prat when it comes to reviews. Through my prattiness, however, I offer methods of improvement. If one feels I am too harsh, note that I wouldn't bother writing the review in the first place if I didn't see some genuine potential for improvement. I do not subscribe to workshop mentality; unmitigated praise without substantiation on what does or does not work is the most damaging thing you can do to an aspiring creator. It leaves them smug, self-satisfied, distrustful of criticism, and unable to grow. I aim to be that one dissenter, that one person that says "no, this is not flawless and here's why". I am that person one may not necessarily want to hear, but desperately needs if they want to move further.

If I were one for pretentious comparisons to mythology, I am Shiva the Destroyer: with my chainsaw comes growth and renewal. A muscle does not become stronger without first becoming damaged. Go to my gym of literary improvement and bench press my almost-too-heavy barbell of criticism. You shall find yourself stronger, fitter, and overall better for the experience.

If you absolutely HATE profile spam and want to let the whole world know, copy this AND ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER PROFILE CHAIN MEMES into your profile.

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