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"He that takes a single day out of his life to call it Hell has but once blinked at the real thing."


I just went cruising back around my profile and realized that it was just a blank page. Years back I created an idea that I thought was brilliant, and I slapped it here. Now that I've harshened my senses a bit, I realize just how old and stupid it was. So I did the most mature and responsible thing I could: got a canister of kerosene and torched the whole page. ...I think this might be part of why kids never want to grow up.

At any rate, I figure anyone - even someone who's had ideas they're ashamed of - deserves a second chance.

Hello. I am the Eerie Enigma. In spite of my corny name, I am a very principled writer. Allow me to elaborate on that with some parameters I set upon myself:

1) I will never go back and forcefully change my stories, other than to apply the occasional tweak or typo fix. I sort of perceive setting work on this site as scratching lines on the wall to see how tall you're growing. Looking back at my oldest work has the potential to make me physically ill, but we all have those ugly high school pictures we must nevertheless accept. A friend taught me that.

2) I will never forge my own reviews. To me, an honest (and respectful) review on this site is the most gratifying aspect that FanFiction has to offer. If I were to tamper with tradition in order to boost my self-esteem or puff up my work to look bigger than it actually is, I would be discarding a very significant part of my ethical identity, coincidentally resulting in a permanent loss of satisfaction for every time that little notification in my e-mail goes off and tells me someone cared enough to let me know what they thought.

3) I will never solicit another author publicly. This is not to say I never review, because I do, but I don't send shout-outs. Authors, the quality of your story is reflected BY the story -- not by who notices it, and certainly not by someone hoisting you up on their shoulders to give you that extra buff you think you need. In the marketing world, that tactic is common sense, but on a site where you write for fun, it's much more sporting to see how your work can stand on its own.

4) I don't set deadlines for any of my stories. Those of you who follow me understand this very well. I tend to leave the radar for a good long while -- sometimes up to a few years. If there was some magic I could use to do this in a way that didn't make you guys feel left hanging, I would start chanting right now. But aside from the fact that I lead an outside life (so to speak; I hate leaving my house), I've experienced in the past how a rushed deadline can compromise the integrity of my work, and I'm sure I garner a lot of sympathizers on this. What I can promise you is that I will deliver the absolute 100% of myself I can muster if and when I actually post. (Though the value of 100% tends to obscure depending on how far back you go to read my older stuff.)

Business face off, I am a Theater graduate still searching for a life purpose. Let me support that stereotype by adding that my main skills don't leave the realm of Fine Arts -- I write, I draw, and I act. My cozy little triumvirate of talents. I don't consider myself a savant for any of these, but I do pride myself in caring enough to evolve my techniques quickly.

Here are some brief need-to-knows regarding the content of my ongoing stories:

What Love Takes. My Rosario Vampire work. I don't know what makes this story so popular, but because of its popularity, it's the story I spend the most of my time with. There are early aspects of this story that I would give my left nut to go back and change. For instance, years back when I first posted this thing, I had no idea how much people had it out for OCs. And while I can't address the issue by erasing it and pretending it didn't happen, I give you my heartfelt promise that they will not become the focal point of the story. The work is primarily a focus of Tsukune and his endeavor to cope with new issues alongside the girls as he rejoins the school, although it does take a good few chapters to get going.

The other big mention is that this is a Dark Tsukune story -- so all of you character sticklers griping about how Tsukune "isn't Tsukune anymore" have your warning. The story has revenge in it, and not all revenge tends to be stars and sunshine.

The Severed Link. My Legend of Zelda work. I committed a sacrilege just this once and rebooted a story because I didn't like how it took off -- yeah sue me. As my other Dark MC story, you people who likewise prefer the cheerful protagonist side of things might again want to look away. There are some slight OCs, and as I mention atop the Prologue, it encompasses many worlds and characters in the LoZ universe. How well will it work? Hell if I know, but I certainly won't if I don't try.

The Weakness of the Akatsuki and Nothing to Fear are both on the back-burners, and will remain there either forever, or until the spirit of nostalgia calls me back.

I know I don't have much in my stock. I try to only work on a few projects at a time, because I don't like my brainwaves interfering with each other and getting tangled. Or whatever shit happens when you've got two plots stuck in a cage together. But please, I hope you enjoy what I do write. I love discussing ideas with fellow authors regarding either their or my work. If you have an itch of doubt you can't scratch or an idea you're picking at that you need a second opinion for, shoot me a message, and we'll put our heads together.

That about covers it! Stay frosty, everyone.

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