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Take this kiss upon the brow!

And, in parting from you now,

Thus much let me avow-

You are not wrong, who deem

That my days have been a dream;

Yet if hope has flown away

In a night, or in a day,

In a vision, or in none,

Is it therefore the less gone?

All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar

Of a surf-tormented shore,

And I hold within my hand

Grains of the golden sand-

How few! yet how they creep

Through my fingers to the deep,

While I weep- while I weep!

O God! can I not grasp

Them with a tighter clasp?

O God! can I not save

One from the pitiless wave?

Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream?

-Edgar Allan Poe

Top twenty things you learn from studying anime:

1) Almost every anime has a furry talking animal. (do not hesitate to better acquaint yourself with the animal nearest you!)

2) If you are alone at night, you see someone approach you with stylish apparel and their face concealed, you draw a weapon on them, and you see them maintain a perfectly calm demeanor (despite the fact they do not seem to have a weapon themselves), apologize, then flee. Chances are they will kick your ass if you do not have help with you.

3) Bandits, grunts, and random extras die from mild cuts. Protagonists are able to withstand evisceration before they go down.

4) Avoid confrontation with nude, ominous-looking young girls. They will tear you apart before you are given a chance to complement on their body figure.

5) Anything that glows is bad.

6) If the main protagonist is getting pummeled near death by any kind of antagonist, sit back and watch the emergency-activation power awaken within the protagonist, while quickly followed by the protagonist miraculously changing the tides of the battle and wailing the bad guy to a pulp.

7) Ninjas always come in packs of three (antagonists may vary).

8) If you see an incredibly elegant-looking vampire, be on your best matter what.

9) If someone has long hair with an unnatural colour, do not go picking fights. (It's over NINE THOUSAAAAANDD!!)

10) If someone is glowing with an evil-colored aura, chances are that they are having a bad day.

11) Gravity? There is no such thing! XD

12) If gigantic sweatdrops trickle down everyone's heads around you right after you speak, you probably said something stupid.

13) If a group of people approaches you with killing intent, do not panic. You still have a chance. All you must do is look as calm and cool as possible while maintaining either a sport or emotionally expressionless face. The series you are in will think you are incredibly tough, and you will probably win the fight without breaking a sweat.

14) There has never been such a thing as an anime girl with an imperfect figure... (takes a deep breath)...ever.

15) If an anime character is flustered, you will know it by picking up on their ridiculously comical expression.

16) If an anime character is really flustered, their head will increase in size ten fold.

17) Nobody says that it is impossible to fly until you try! (pray that the writing staff likes you.)

18) Dattebayo is the new way of Japanese slang.

19) What happens in Japan does not always necessarily tend to stay in Japan.

20) I am most definitely going to make a T-shirt based on this list.

Warning: possible spoilers below for future stories, but unless you are really smart (or just a relentless snoop), you will not find the relevance behind any of the names. However, I will give you the first one, just. Because. I am nice. I will reveal the real names and why the names I have given them suit them so much over time as I make progress with my stories. I CANNOT WAIT!! (Subscribe a universal character to me, and if I know him/her, I may include him/her.)

8/9/08: So I am currently working towards assembling a Rea Orga (that is Reality Organization) of universal characters, so be looking to some major crossings. All of which characters remain the same and are not owned by me.

What is 'Rea Orga'?

Rea Orga is an organization established of people who are presumed dead. All members have special powers and abilities in addition to the ones that they carried when they were alive. They wear apparel similar to each other, mostly consisting in poor-looking rags and stitches of dark cloth. They usually tend to cover their faces with disturbing masks or hoods, should they choose not to be seen. It is rumored that when a person who holds potential is on the verge of death, current members, usually in twos, come to see you and offer you a place in the organization. To others, however, it is often seen as the worst type of luck should they choose them. Most members joined the Rea Orga for the classic reason - 'unfinished business'. It can be assumed that this includes meeting a loved one that they left behind, or a reason that they hold classified to anyone else.

They are very rarely seen, and when they are seen, they usually tend to wander randomly in pairs or small groups. When you see the tattered rags, it is best to typically avoid them, especially if you are by yourself. You have no idea what they might be after.

All characters I list should be considered anime by my accounts. These will include:

Akasuna no Sasori (fell to insanity) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Kyuuen

In the early years, Sasori's tragic childhood led him to Akatsuki, but little to his own knowledge, he would find himself led to something even greater. Year after year, his collection of human corpses piled as more and more shinobi met their ends at the hands of this possibly psychotic puppeteer. He even went so far as to convert himself into a human puppet, as few did know, to assure that he would not rot away before his task in the organization that he is loyal to could be sated, and his revenge on the village that he abhors, completed.

One day, he, as well as over half of the 'Akatsuki' organization, received an order from Pein, the acting leader, to abduct Naruto, the Nine-Tailed Fox. It was informed that he would undergo an important retrieval mission with a squad against a group of Sound nin for Itachi's younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke. A week later, they inevitably crash into both rivaling ninja parties, and eventually Tayuya of the North Gate, the only kunoichi in the Sound Four, is left to deal with Sasori, while Kimimaro escapes with his master's future vessel.

The one-sided fight carried on for well over half a day, Sasori easily dodging or repelling all attacks that Tayuya tries. Soon, she finds herself out of breath, and he eventually scares her out of the tree that she was battling on high above the ground. However, much to Tayuya's surprise, she finds herself saved by the puppet master, who had caught her with his battle-type puppet, Hiruko's tail.

They both shrug it off, and continue fighting. Tayuya, in Level 2 Cursed Seal mode, stood a better chance against Sasori than before (even going as far as nearly killing him when she almost punctures his core), but was still little match against an S - Class. After a while, Sasori gets even more bored and openly insults Tayuya, as well as Orochimaru and his village. Tayuya's anger gets the best of her, and she undergoes a painful third transformation, breaking her flute into two pieces in the process. Sasori is left with the impression that she is a jinchuuriki.

Tayuya goes ballistic on Sasori with inhuman speed and strength, decimating the puppet that he hid inside, and forcing his true form out into the open. She prepares to then attack that form, but is interrupted by another violent seizure. Her teammates, Ukon, carrying his unconscious brother Sakon, Kidomaru, and Jiroubou all make an entrance, sensing that something had been unleashed through their own cursed seals, and aghast at what the mysterious Sasori had done.

He easily dispatches them in their wounded conditions, and proceeds to capture Tayuya, knowing that there was nothing she could do about it in her current painful state. However, Orochimaru soon appears with reinforcements (apparently sensing Tayuya's chakra as well), and Sasori begrudgingly disappears at the sight of his former partner, vowing that he would kill him very soon.

It is later revealed as he meets up with the other members that the only reason that their mission failed was because everyone except Sasori, Zetsu, and Tobi of course, used Pein's jutsu to create copies of themselves with 20 percent of their normal capabilities to fight for them. Sasori refuses to accept defeat in capturing Tayuya, strongly believing that she is one of Akatsuki's precious demon containers. Receiving Pein's permission, he heads off to Otogakure to kill Orochimaru and kidnap the red-haired girl...

?? (fell to insanity) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Lysander (shown as avatar image)

?? (fell to corruption, became the White Testament (oops, another hint), and then fell again) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Weiß

?? (fell to Henceforth to be known as Eerie Keror

?? (fell to corruption) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Symbiote

?? (fell to insanity, time and time again) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Punchline

?? (fell to corruption) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Dökkálfar

?? (fell to insanity) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Zelmite

?? (science...enough said) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Animator

?? (dismembered horribly) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Lionstrength

?? (fell to corruption) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Fog

?? (fell to insanity) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Fear

?? (fell to corruption) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Childer

?? (fell to corruption) Henceforth to be known as Eerie Starkiller

Search for hints in my stories.

Welcome to the ultimate storyline I am developing. Crossovers galore! My final story will be a serious cross between the universes of all of my previous stories and more!

As far as I have thought on, the universes revolve around at least all of the following:

Naruto (Sasori/Tayuya, Hidan/Anko, Madara (Tobi)/Kin, Zetsu/Kurenai, Suigetsu/Isaribi...etc...)

Kingdom Hearts

The Legend of Zelda (Link/Zelda, Dark Link/Midna)

Rosario+Vampire (Tsukune/Moka)

Teen Titans (Malchior/Raven)

Claymore (Regaldo/Claire)

Dark Chronicle (Maximilian/Monica)

Highschool of the Dead


Others may come later...

Note: Reading specific stories beforehand is not essential, but it will tell you about who that character is, and how that character came to join 'Rea Orga'. So if you are familiar with any of my story universes, please read them and enjoy. If not, then go and get yourself acquainted with the series/game and then read!!

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