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Author has written 17 stories for Marvel, Prince of Tennis, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Ai no Kusabi.

Civil Name: Sofia A.

Country: Portugal.


Nickname: Fia

Likes: Food; books; pets; children; cheese (because it's a lot more than just food); dark chocolate (see behind); photography; talking (like a parrot); writing; drawing stick figures; PET ROCKS; fluffy things; anime/manga; comic; cinema; music (everything); piano; singing; DRACULA...

Delikes: People who mess with my twin sis (ayam692001)... it pisses me to no -ing end... only I mess with her; spiders; being sick; toothache; headache; stomacache... ANY ACHE; phonies (Salinger FTW); thinking too much...

More: I'm usually a very nice and cuddly person (you could trust me your baby siblings and all), I love people, like some russian twin friends of mine used to say 'People ARE Friends!' So if you're bored, come and talk to me, we'll be 2 bored people. Need an opinion on your fic? Hey come and ask, I'm here for you! Oh, also, I'm too damn lazy... oh yeah i'm VERY lazy...

I'm mostly a shojo type fangirl, but I eat pretty much everything that makes sense (even yaoi and yuri)!

Before this account I had another one (had problems with it though... wonder why) and I've been writing fanfiction for years... of all kinds. I obviously don't post much, because I see so many good stories of other people, I always think mine won't bring anything new. That'll change with time. So yeah, I'm pretty much an old hag around fanfiction XP

Also people tend to think I'm smart... well... I think too much, thats truth (blame it on college), but I'm normally very dense and only get smart when I'm in the mood, so have no fear, I can be the nicest and most cleuless person around. So... did that make you feel confortable? No? Well, then there's no use in saying I'm dyslexic either (and don't I know has problems with those people!), right?

Disclairmer: I don't tend to write original stories so this disclaimer will do for evey fanfic were I'll forget to put it in (or doesn't let me which was the case with BN). Nothing here is mine, the characters belong to whomever pays more for them and the story to those terrible plot bunnies, I just write them!

Projects: Right now, I have quite some hard projects at hand. First there is this huge thing I've been doing on Ai No Kuzabi (what di I get my imaginative little self into?!). Believe it or not, I already have some more chapters written, but I'm not updating until my sister reads a bit more of the novels. Three reasons for this, first I'm slow and only write when I feel like it, second I want to be accurate and third I'm writing mainly for my sister Aya (and the kind people here also, but she gets to read them as soon as they're finished).

Another thing that has been consiming all of my time is a project of mine on rince of Tennis. But that one will only be published when I have a lot more credibility around here... I just don't want people to get the wrong idea of my writing style...

Other than that, more and more challenges and one-shot stories to my sister and friends! (One side note to my 'on-goings': Even if I realy want to update, I have a real life outside Believe me, I wish I didn't have to worry about all my real-life problems, they cloud my mind and make my writting a lot less efficient. All this just to say that I might, shamelessly, write some one-shots, or even start some other thing, without updating any of my other stories. It's absolutly nothing against you (In truth, I couldn't love you all more than I do), but I don't believe in writing without inspiration... or at least when the atmosphere is pleasant enough.

That said, congratulations on surviving through this little intruduction on myself, have a terrific day (or night, it's past 2am here), see ya!

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Walking Along the Tracks reviews
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