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Hey there everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile! (I apologize to all of my readers and those who have commented on my works. My life has just been absolutely nuts lately and I haven't been able to put as much effort as I'd like to into my fics. Rest assured, I am not dead and I will return as soon as this tornado settles down. I thank you profusely for your continued patience.)

NOTE: For any fellow authors that might be interested, I am happy to create avatars for anyone who wants one. Just send me the still that you want to be used and tell me what text you'd like on the avatar (if any) and I'll be happy to whip up your request! :)

Yeah, the name's Alex and I'm a complete and utter film industry nut.

My screen idols are:

JON STEWART & STEPHEN COLBERT. They don't even need an explanation from little old me. They are just THAT awesome.

RDJ (Robert Downey Jr. for those of you not in the know ;) ) is my hero and all-around inspiration. What a comeback! 2008 was truly the Year of Downey! My favorite RDJ movie is a tie between Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/Iron Man. And his album The Futurist is definitely one of my all-time favorites.

Batman himself ... Christian Bale!! I absolutely adore CB (stares adoringly at my TDK shirt) and I cannot believe how good of an actor he is. All of his films are incredible, and I'm getting more and more anxious for the releases of Public Enemies and Terminator Salvation. He's a brilliant actor and an all-around great guy. :)

I'm an aspiring actor/director and if you ask me what my favorite movie is, I probably couldn't tell you ... there are far too many to choose just one.

I'm also a rather obssessed fan of the USA series; Burn Notice. I absolutely adore everything about the series and I have fallen head over heels for Jeffrey Donovan as black-listed agent; Michael Westen. I've taken the plunge and ventured into the Burn Notice Fandom with my story; Up in Flames. So far, it seems to be eliciting a positive reaction and I couldn't be happier!

Do check it out if it strikes your fancy ;).

Another of my recent obsessions includes Joss Whedon's work of genius: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! I cannot believe how creative people can be in the middle of a writer's strike! May I just say: Neil Patrick Harris is incredible and his singing is stunning ... here's a link to the site where you can watch the show for free!

Check it out NOW!!

Anyways, I'm a writing nut but it seems that whenever an idea pops into my head, my schedule is crammed full of stuff I can't put off. My muses (Tony, Michael, Klaatu, etc.) tends to poke their heads into my line of sight at the most inoportune moments and they don't leave until they've passed their messages along to me and I've jotted down a couple of lines to get me started.

I've been a fan of the original Iron Man comics for some time, and way before the new film, but I feel that Jon Favreau did an admirable job with the reboot. RDJ blew me away with his portrayal of Tony Stark and I can't help but think he was born for the role.

I've written fan-fiction for around 5 years now, but I've just gotten around to setting up a profile on recently. I've also just recently accepted the LiveJournal Pepperony 100 Challenge! Want to join me? Here's the link complete with instructions on how to get started: .
Hope to see you around the "Iron Man" fandom soon!

Themes conquered:

32. Tease

41. Fire

91. Sight

99. Believe

64. Mission

49. Explosion

97. Protect

Currently On-Hold:

89. Heal

73. Promise

63. Hero

If anyone's interested, here's a visual for my piece "Through the Darkness": . For some reason, I was simply inspired by the shot and thought it fit the piece rather well.

Anyways, cheers!

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